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Antonym Cosmetics | Review

It's always fun trying & experiencing new makeup products. It intrigues me when the products are cruelty free & organic. Honestly, I am not a person who is a pro-organic or anti non-organic makeup person. I always love testing & trying, and I'd love if organic products are worth the money & better than my holy grail products.

Let's see what Antonym Cosmetics has to offer?

Antonym Cosmetics

About Antonym Cosmetics:
Antonym Cosmetics was founded in 2010 by local Miami makeup artist Valerie (Val) Giraud who sought to create a line of makeup and makeup brushes that were cruelty free and gentle on the skin. And the result? A full line of highly pigmented, certified natural & organic makeup. As a certified natural brand of makeup, they took the time to find the right packaging-sustainable and eco-friendly. After several years of initial product development, the makeup line was launched in 2013 at an industry event in Los Angeles.

They have niche presence in Pakistan in 2016, and are available to purchase online from and retailers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad.

Their Instagram handle is @antonymcosmeticspk and facebook:

My Experience:
I was sent three products from the line; Baked Blush, Quattro - Eye shadow quad & Baked Foundation.

I'd start with the packaging first like always. All the three products come in an eco friendly wooden packaging/casing, with a magnet to keep the lid closed and mirror inside. Another thing that I noticed & which I check about every product is the scent. Antonym products that I received has some sort of citrus notes, though not overpowering. The eye shadow qua has a bit of cocoa scent.

Moving on to the products, I will talk about each one separately.

1. Quattro Noisette - Eye shadow Quad:
It comes with four beautiful neutral shades to create a day & night look. A small dual ended brush comes along with it in the palette, with one side flat brush & the other side with an angled brush.

The texture of the shadow is neither buttery, nor powdery but in between. They are not extremely pigmented, enough to get a good color pay off on the first swipe. However, you can build it up accordingly. The three lightest shades are a satin finish, whereas the dark brown is matte. They are easy to work with & blends effortlessly. The only con is, the color starts to wear off & get lighter after a few hours if used with a dry brush. I'd suggest to use a damp brush to get better staying power. Apart from that, it's a great neutral palette to have in your makeup stash.
Price: 3,575

Antonym Cosmetics - Quattro Noisette
2. Baked Blush - Peach:
It's a matte blush. The texture of the blush is smooth & buttery to touch. It blends seamlessly & gives a very pretty natural flushed color to the cheeks. The shade is subtle, however, it can be built up. It's perfect for the days you need a natural color for your cheeks. If we talk about staying power, it stays put for good 3/4 hours.
Price: 3,750

Antonym Cosmetics - Baked Blush "Peach"
3. Baked Foundation - Medium Beige:
It is a dual toned powder foundation with a slight gold tint which gives a very glowy finish to the skin. Even though it says powder foundation, it doesn't give any coverage. You need a concealer or a foundation to hide any spots or any discoloration. However, I like how it looks over the foundation & the way it gives a glow to the face. I even like how it looks over the bare skin for when I want a natural glowy no-makeup skin look. You might notice fall out when you swirl the brush over it. Another thing, it gets a little darker when it settles with time, after an hour or so. So if you are Fair to Medium, I'd suggest go for the lightest shade.
Cons for me would be: Limited shades, fall outs & sheer coverage.

Price: 4,250

Antonym Cosmetics - Baked Foundation "Medium Beige"
Antonym Cosmetics - Swatches [L - Baked Foundation "Medium Beige" - R - Baked Blush "Peach"]
Overall, the quality of the products is good enough, but if you would ask me, looking at the price range it's a bit on the expensive side because it's all organic. If you are a person who prefers natural organic products, you must try them out. I wish they had a variety of shades and not limited to a few shades.

Have you tried any product from Antonym Cosmetic? If yes, which one?


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