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AMBROSIA - Food Review

 There are very few fine dining restaurants that actually make you a happy person when you leave the place after having the food. Ambrosia is one of those few. Starting from the ambiance, hospitality to food, everything was just perfect! 

The decor of Ambrosia is classy & beautiful. They have both indoors & outdoors for food & drinks. I had my dinner inside & later enjoyed the tea outside in the garden with warm lights, soft music & beautiful exterior. 

Moving on to the food, we started with the soup. I had Tomato & Basil soup with perfect seasoning; a perfect bowl of warm flavors for this weather. I tried a spoon of Cream of Mushroom & Minestrone as well, they were pretty good too.

In the starters we were served: Tiger prawn Tempura, Frito Misto The Spicy Cigar & Garlic Spicy Crabs. The winners & something you cannot miss at Ambrosia are Garlic Spicy Crabs (I can still taste the garlic herb flavor) and The spicy cigar; thin crusty layer with bolognese filling inside served with spicy sauce. Frito Misto was the assorted platter of deep fried seafood fried that had calamari, fish & shrimps served with two dip sauce out of which Jalapeno was BOMB. I've had calamari at a few places and they are mostly rubbery, however, these were cooked perfectly. However, the tempura needs a little working with the covering. Prawn was just perfect though.

For salad; we tried Quinoa and char grilled chicken salad & The Garden Salad. Both were equally delicious. Quinoa salad was more of a clean flavor salad with juicy chicken, olives, baby tomatoes, pine nuts & rocket salad. The Garden Salad had a lot of textures & bursting flavors of the roasted nuts, crunchy & fresh veggies boiled egg, beef bacon, blue cheese and juicy chicken. I've never enjoyed salad as much as I enjoyed "The Garden Salad" at Ambrosia. I know now where to go for a good salad.

For the main course, we had: Beef Steak, Mediterranean Fish, Pesto Pasta & Baked Chicken. Beef Steak was tender, juicy & tasty for me to eat it without the sauce - yes, that's how juicy the beef was. Mediterranean fish was grilled perfectly, however, needed a little bit of seasoning, zesty herb sauce was taking over the taste of the fish. If you are pesto & Parmesan person, you will love this Pasta. I loved it, also because the pasta was not overcooked & chicken was juicy with perfect seasoning. Baked chicken was juicy, baked perfectly but had too much going on top.

Moving on to the desserts, they are on the next level. They were too pretty to dig in and after digging in, it was too hard to stop! Tried Cannelloni, Lemon Tart & Banoffee Pie, all three were super delicious. Cannelloni was something I tried for the first time.Crispy roll, with cream filling, topped with Kiwi caviars & fresh strawberries and blueberries. It was not too sweet, just the way I like my desserts. Banoffee Pie was delicious; crusty base, toffee sauce, bananas & cream -every bite had textures & flavours balanced perfectly! Lemon Tart's sourness was balanced with fresh fruits, strawberry caviars & meringue! I'm not a dessert person, but this place is definitely my dessert place now. 

I'd like to highlight the drinks here too. I've had mojitos & margaritas at most of the places, but Apple Mojito & Pomegranate margarita served here were perfectly balanced -  not too sweet, nor too citrusy. 

In short, Ambrosia made me a happy person, especially desserts & salads, will be going more for that! The entire course meal would cost between 2000-2500.

Presentation: 9.5/10
Ambiance: 10/10
Service: 10/10

For info & address details: AMBROSIA on Facebook

They are opening today, and you MUST visit to enjoy a good dining experience. Share your experience after visiting. 



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