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Harmful & Non-tested Fairness Products | Awareness

Do you know the ingredients of the products you use on your face? Do you know which ones are good and which ones are harmful in the long run? Is your product clinically tested? Do you know there are products that are harmful, that are not tested? Do you read the ingredients in the skin care products; especially skin lightening? These are a few questions you should ask today, to know what you are using.

This post is to create awareness about harmful and non-tested products being sold in the market with fancy & attractive tag lines to attract the masses. The focus is on "skin lightening" products. Skin Lightening products are popular among certain cultures and areas of the world, and are mostly sold in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Central America. Not just skin lightening creams, but other cosmetic products too that clearly mention "skin lightening". Not all products regardless of where they are made, or available, are safe. As long as they are clinically tested, have ingredients mentioned, they are safe. But, if they are not tested, have no ingredients mentioned, you need to worry and be careful.

Most of the products available in the local market doesn't have ingredients mentioned on it, are not well regulated or tested. Consumers are at risk of exposure to dangerous ingredients like "mercury". Are they worth spending a few bucks on for which you would have to pay heaps later on? Some of us take skin very lightly & for granted but, skin damage is not funny, it can damage the whole & inner you. Research on every product you use on you.

There is no harm in getting fair, the harm is in the wrong products we use to speed up the process. Most, and I will write in the caps here MOST of the products have mercury in them, and that can be hazardous to your health. Did you know mercury exposure can cause kidney damage, headache, fatigue, muscle weakness, hand tremors, depression, and inflammation of the tongue and gums.

If you experience any such issue mentioned above and you are using any skin lightening creams, regardless of where you purchased it from, check the ingredients. If the ingredients are not listed, get the product checked for mercury content. 

       Say NO to harmful products, do your research & raise awareness!

Do you check ingredients in your products?


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