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Harmful & Non-tested Fairness Products | Awareness

Do you know the ingredients of the products you use on your face? Do you know which ones are good and which ones are harmful in the long run? Is your product clinically tested? Do you know there are products that are harmful, that are not tested? Do you read the ingredients in the skin care products; especially skin lightening? These are a few questions you should ask today, to know what you are using.

Variety Box by Kakes BY Karimi | Food Review

Before I start with the review, I'd mention I am a person who doesn't have sweet tooth. If I do someday, it will be only for chocolates. If I will have any dessert, it will be just a spoonful.

Mr.Burberry | Launch & Meetup

“Mr. Burberry is our most significant men’s fragrance to date. Inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat and by London, a city of great contrasts and contradictions. It is traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine. It perfectly encapsulates a mood and an attitude that today’s Burberry man will recognise as his own.” -CHRISTOPHER BAILEY, CHIEF CREATIVE AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, BURBERRY.