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Scrub "that" Dead Skin Off | SCRUBGLOW by Salina Taqi Cosmetics

The winter wind calls for dry itchy skin, which needs extra pampering & moisture. The skin of my body becomes pretty dry as soon as winter winds start. It's a must for me to use some kind of oils post shower to prevent itching due to dryness. I prefer oils because it sinks into the skin for a longer period of time, but I have to use body creams after a few hours when it gets dry again.
Salina Cosmetics about Scrubglow: SCRUBGLOW is specially formulated to exfoliate, soften and rejuvenate the skin. It’s made with premium blends of minerals, salts and natural oils to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.
Benefits of SCRUBGLOW are the following:
- Exfoliates: Gently rubbing the skin in circular motions with SCRUBGLOW removes deep layers of dead, dry & flaky skin, revealing the moist, shiny skin hidden underneath -Detoxifying: Magnesium that is locked away in SCRUBGLOW reduces skin inflammation, and flushes out toxins from the skin -Facilitates Blood Circulation: The abrasive action with SCRUBGLOW revitalizes the skin and helps improve blood circulation giving your skin a natural GLOW -Skin Rejuvenation: SCRUBGLOW promotes regeneration of skin cells. Overtime the skin gets firmer and younger looking. In addition it reduces skin discoloration, evening out skin tone and improving skin texture (excellent for dry feet, elbows and knees)
When I first opened - with oil on the top
After mixing & using for 3 weeks
My Experience: After using quite a few scrubs, this scrub was a surprise in a jar which not only exfoliates dry skin but works as a moisturizer and skin brightener. Initially I thought it's a sugar scrub, like any other scrubs, but later, after using in a shower & getting the taste (not actually tasted it) it was salt - yes, I didn't read the salt part in the ingredients.

The first thing to notice and smell after opening the sealed jar, is the rich smell of pure coconut oil. FYI: The rich smell of coconut oil doesn't linger after you are done scrubbing. I'm a sucker for coconut oils & anything coconut. Before I used the scrub in the shower, I gave a good mix to the scrub with my finger since the oil was on the top - that's something you should remember if the oil in your jar is on the top.

After smelling the coconut oil, I knew if not anything else, it will definitely moisturize my skin. It's been three weeks I am using this scrub & trust me, I'm sold! There is no going back. If someday, I don't use it, my skin feels sad. I use it twice a week or sometimes thrice just because I love how it deeply moisturizes my skin after the shower. Post shower, you don't need extra oils or moisturizers to moisturize the body till you shower again. It not only scrubs and moisturizes, but also softens my skin. My skin feel baby soft

The brand claims that Scrubglow reduces skin discoloration, even out the skin tone and improves the texture - I will agree to the claim after using it for at least three weeks now. No, the change is not very drastic which I am okay with, but with time and using it, I can feel the change. SCRUBGLOW has to be the winner of "Best Product of The Month". The product I will keep on purchasing.
Rating: 5/5
Price Tag: PKR 900 Order this mask on their Facebook page mentioned below.
• Instagarm: @salinacosmetics • Facebook:

What is that ONE product that you love? Share in the comments below. Rabeeyah x

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