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Showing posts from February, 2016

Scrub "that" Dead Skin Off | SCRUBGLOW by Salina Taqi Cosmetics

The winter wind calls for dry itchy skin, which needs extra pampering & moisture. The skin of my body becomes pretty dry as soon as winter winds start. It's a must for me to use some kind of oils post shower to prevent itching due to dryness. I prefer oils because it sinks into the skin for a longer period of time, but I have to use body creams after a few hours when it gets dry again.

Har Rang Apna by JDot | Lawn Launch

On 4th February, city or I'd rather say the entire country was decorated again with "lawn" billboards of JDot. As much as some men hate them, most of the women love it, including myself. It's the time of the year when "Lawn Festival" begins in Pakistan - what they should name it now.

Har Rang Apna by JDot | Lawn Frenzy

As much as I dislike Summers, I get excited & look forward to "LAWN" season; though it's something I wear all year round but new prints, new launch excites me. Lawn being the most wearable & favorite material in Pakistan, every year it's like a festival when different brands start launching their lawn and designs. It's like a festive season in Pakistan.