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She Said Yes!! [Sweet Touch England | Bridal Shower]

She Said Yes, and it happened for her...

Sana Sultan from Karachi was one of the lucky winners from thousands of entries, who entered for the grand Sweet Touch England Bridal Shower giveaway. It was not only one of the biggest giveaway done by a cosmetics brand in Pakistan, but also one of the innovative & fun giveaway, plus a huge wedding gift for the bride-to-be.

On a beautiful eve of Karachi, the terrace of Orrery with a serene view was decorated in all pink and white. Balloons, flowers, cake & cupcakes, cocktails, tissue paper, in short, everything was pink & white for that evening. This was not it, it had a backdrop for a photo-booth area with props. Before the sun went down, Sana Sultan with her bridesmaids were given a makeover by Femina. 

When the sun was still bright, Sana's friends & family started walking in. Sana walked in with her bridesmaids and then, the cameras were turned with flashes at every corner to capture the best moments. In no time, the place was filled with laughter & giggles. Cake cutting ceremony was held, hi-tea was served, "how well do you know the bride" game was played and friends left with a note for the bride, and with Sweet Touch goodie bags in their hand to remember the evening. This was not it for Sana Sultan, she was given a basket full of Sweet Touch England products as a part of wedding gift & a basket for her bridesmaid as well.

I was one of the lucky blogger to attend & witness the pretty bridal shower for Sana Sultan. Let's give you a picture tour of how the place looked like.

It all started with getting makeover done
Writing some good wishes
Sweet Touch England paid attention to tiny details from decor to serving the guests & making the bride feel like a princess on the day before she starts the new chapter of her life.
Meet the Bride-to-be -- Sana Sultan
When we asked Sana Sultan how she felt, this is what she had to say,
"I'm very excited that I won among the 1000 entries. The makeover given to me, makes me feel different & good. Thank you Sweet Touch England, for such a lovely & memorable Bridal Shower."
Overall, it was a great idea and initiative by Sweet Touch England to arrange such a beautiful & a memorable bridal shower. Something other brands had never done before in Pakistan. Sweet Touch England always comes up with innovative and fun campaigns.

We wish Sana Sultan a very best for her new beginnings.

Let us know your views about this whole idea and the decor.


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