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Color Studio Professional - NEW Pure Matt Lipstick [Review & Swatches]

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, you should by now have seen all the swatches I posted of the 31 lipsticks out of 36 that were launched recently with their color description on how it looks on me.

If you haven't check my Facebook page RABEEYAH.

Color Studio Professional needs no introduction. This brand has taken over the beauty industry of Pakistan and is one of the favorite brand for all the beauty lovers who look for quality makeup. Especially the lipstick-o-holics, who look for a wide range of drool worthy shades along with quality & staying power.

Essence - Pencil Sharpener [Product Review]

No matter how amazing & high end eye or lip pencils you have, you need a good sharp sharpener to smoothly sharpen your pencils. Did I find one?

Fika - All Day Breakfast Menu [Food Review]

Foodie in a beauty blogger is awake again. After a long time, I'm back to food blogging, which is my second love after beauty & fashion. It will not be often as beauty, but I'm planning to share some of my favorite recipes that I created myself along with food reviews of the restaurants in K-Town!

Being a foodie, I love food full of right amount of flavors, and not confused flavors. I have never restricted myself to my favorites only. I love experiencing and trying out new cuisines and to know about different flavors & aromas.

Fika, launched "All Day Breakfast Menu" to cater people to enjoy the breakfast till 4 pm. For people who wake up late on lazy Sundays and for those who enjoy breakfast menu at any time of the day.