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Masarrat Misbah Makeup - First Impression

Before I share the detailed review on Masarrat Misbah Makeup products I tried, I thought of giving a brief first impression on the products I tried & tested.
Masarrat Misbah Makeup
The products I received to test/use were:
1. Silk Foundation
2. Long Lasting Lipstick
3. Lip Varnish 

4. Etheral Glow

The products I tried were almost all of them at Depilex Bahadurabad.

Starting with the testing, I was amazed to see the great quality Halal products with shockingly affordable price range. The entire range starts from PKR 450 - 1150 at the moment. Prices are said to rise after a month or so. These are introductory prices.
MMM Single eye shadows
Eye shadow swatches
Eye shadow swatches
MMM Etheral Glow
Etheral Glow swatches
Eye liner Swatch
Usually the product that lacks in quality in most of the brands are the eye shadows. If they are cheaper, the quality and end results are never satisfactory. Whereas, with MMM single eye shadow, the quality is amazing and the eyeshadows are pigmented. A few are little less comparatively, but can be built up with a wet brush. The swatches in the above picture are the single swipe with a dry finger & the pictures are from my phone, not the camera. The color selection is for our skin tones, and the most used shades. They have all that you need for the brow bone, lids, smoking out and a few fun colors.

The second best thing was the liquid lipsticks. They are in four shades till now, but all the shades are AMAZING! If I have to pick the favorite, it would be "Magento" (its a shocking pink color). After that together would be liner & blushers. For now, they have two eye liners in the shades black and gold - both in brush tip. Blushers are all matte, pigmented and buildable.

Now starting with my first impression about the products I tried:
1. Silk Foundation "Cream" - when it was applied on my face, I liked it but not as much. I was more surprised with how it covered everything on my face, with such a little amount of product. As it settled, I was in love and I am still in love with this foundation. 

2. Long Lasting Lipstick "Marilyn Move" - it's a pretty deep red-ish maroon shade. When I swatched it at the salon, I found it a bit dry, like some of the matte lipsticks. On lips, I tried a few times, honestly I don't like how it feels on the lips. I am still trying different ways to apply, because it's a flattering shade. I have to force myself more to reach for it.

3. Lip Varnish "Afghan Rose" - the color range of this lipstick and the texture made me like it the moment I swatched it. The application is smooth and is buttery in texture. Till now, I love the color I received, even though it's a nude shade which is definitely not me. 

4. Etheral Glow "Radiance" - all the three they have are LOVE. For those who love glowy cheeks, get it!! They are SUPER pigmented, little goes a long way. You have to be very careful while applying.

Out of the four products I've tested so far, I am in love with the three, Silk Foundation being on the top. I have to find a few more ways to test the Long Lasting Lipstick.

Which product did you tried and tested till now? Your favorite? Let me know, in the comments below!!


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