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Shamaeel Ansari - Lawn Giveaway!!

I'm back, and back with a giveaway till I compose some helpful posts for you girls. In the mean time, enter the giveaway in a chance to win a luxury designer lawn dress by Shamaeel Ansari. 

Win this "Shamaeel Ansari" Lawn dress by following these simple steps.

Mandatory Steps:
1. Like my Facebook page - HERE
2. Like Shamaeel Ansari page - HERE
3. Follow my blog.

Extra Entries:
1. Follow me on Instagram and share this picture publicly on your Instagram using these hashtags -> #ShamaeelAnsariGiveaway #RabeeyahsBlog

2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet this picture with the hashtags -> #ShamaeelAnsariGiveaway #RabeeyahsBlog

Please DO NOT tag me if you share the pictures on Instagram or Twitter. Anyone who tags me will not be entered.

Once you enter and follow the entries, mention in the comments all the entries you did along with the names, for e.g. Facebook name, GFC name, Twitter Name and Instagram name.

The contest is open for Pakistan only and there will be only ONE winner.

The giveaway starts today 7th May, 2015 and will end on 12th May, 2015



  1. GFC Rabiya jehangir
    Facebook Rabiya jehangir
    Twitter : rabiya00786
    Instagram: rabiya_jehangir
    Thanks for the opportunity hope I can win something on your page

  2. GFC donia jabeen
    Facebook donia jabeen
    Twitter : doniajabeen
    Instagram: donia jabeen
    Thanks for the opportunity hope I can win something on your page

  3. Gfc: Anaya_zaheer
    Twitter: zaheer_anaya

  4. Twitter :Kayinat asif ali
    Instagram Kayinat77
    Subscribed email!!
    blogvin Towhida sultana
    GFC Rimsha mughal
    sharing on instagram fb , tweeter everywhere u check :)
    Hope too win first time

  5. Gfc. saniyarizwan88
    Instagram . Saniyakrizwan
    Facebook . Saniya k rizwan

  6. Done all steps
    Shared on twitter and instagram too with a hash tag
    Already followed your blog
    Liked both pages as well
    Hope to win from you this time :) feeling lucky :)
    Facebook name : Ramsha Shakeel
    Twitter name : Ramsha Shakeel
    GFC Name : Ramsha Shakeel
    Instagram name : pk_ramshashakeeel

  7. FB: Sania Wasif
    GFC: Sania
    Bloglovin: saniawasif
    Twitter: @saniaakbar

  8. fb: sara bano
    twitter: @sarabano90
    instagram: sarahaque1990
    gfc: sara.haque90

  9. Liked. Shared. Done all steps. GFC: Asifa Majid. Facebook: Asifa Majid. Instagram: @asifamajid45. Twitter: @asifamajid

  10. Fb name : saba Muhammad tufail
    Instagram name : saba_muhammad_tufail
    Twitter : saba_tufail
    Gfc name : saba Muhammad tufaik

  11. Fb:Nida iqbal
    Gfc:Nida iqbal

  12. Fb name : Farkhanda Imran
    Instagram name : FarkhandaImran222
    Twitter : @farkhandaimran
    Gfc name : FarkhandaImran
    Done All steps... Big wish to win...:)

  13. Fb name : Asyia Hafeez
    Instagram : ASYIAHAFEEZ
    Twitter : @asyiahafeez
    Gfc name : Asyia Hafeez

  14. Facebook: Marium Jamal
    GFC:Marium Jamal

  15. Facebook Rabia Akhter
    Twitter @cutegirlsaid
    Instagram @Rabiasbeautydiary

    Thank you

  16. Insta ayesha.memon.779
    twitter memon02yah

  17. GFC Nabiha Qureshi
    Facebook Nabiha riaz Qureshi
    Twitter : nabihariaz
    Instagram: nabihariazqureshi

  18. Facebook name: asma.mehmood86
    instagram name: asma.mehmood
    gfc name: asma M
    twitter name: AsmaMehmood4

  19. Facebook name : Asiya Waqas
    gfc name : aasiya ajaz

  20. instgram wardaclopedia
    gfc wardaclopedia
    twitter wardaclopedia
    facebook wardaclopedia


  21. DONE! :)
    Facebook: sidra hameed
    Instagram: sidra_hameed
    Gfc: sidra hameed
    Twitter: sidrahameed02
    Bloglovin' : sidra hameed

  22. done
    facebook saba saqib
    instagram saba_saqib
    gfc saba sakib
    twitter saba2988
    blogvin saba saqib

  23. Facebook: Saba khan
    Twitter : Saba8985
    Gfc : Saba khan
    Instagram: Saba8985
    Pin : Saba khan
    Blogvin : saba8985
    DONE :)

  24. Facebook..xaharkhanum
    GFC..sahar khanum
    Instra.. xaharjk

  25. Facebook: Rubab Zehra
    GFC: Rubab Zehra
    Instagram: Rubabzehra310
    Done all steps by carefully repost/retweet liked both pages and following you everywhere ^_^ hope to get lucky me!! xoxo

  26. Thanku for the Giveaway :) <3
    Facebook : Sumaeya Sheikh
    GFC : Sumaeya Sheikh
    Instagram : Sumaeya Sheikh
    Twitter : @Sumaeya Sheikh

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. done
    facebook hina rubab ahsan
    GFC Hina_Rubab

  29. Shared on Instagram and tweeted on Twitter. My handles on fb, twitter and instagram: sabahat mustafa

  30. gfc:almas rehman
    instgrm id:almas_rehman
    twitter id:almasrehman87

  31. GFC Fiza Khan
    Facebook Fiza Khan
    Twitter : @FizaStar
    Instagram: @Fizaa.khan
    Done all steps!!
    Thanks for the opportunity bigg wish to win

  32. Facebook: Isma Munir
    GFC: Isma Munir
    Twiter: @IsmaMunir

    Love XoxoX

  33. Facebook: Isma Munir
    GFC: Isma Munir
    Twiter: @IsmaMunir

    Love XoxoX

  34. GFC Name: Sarah Rahman.
    Facebook: Sarah Rahman.
    Twitter Handle: @sarahrahman_
    Instagram: syeda.s.rahmaan

  35. GFC Name: Falak Arsalan
    Facebook: Falak Arsalan
    Instagram: falakarsalan

    liked - shared - following - done :)

  36. Yaayy! Amazing giveaway! Can't wait to win IA, drooling over the beauty of the dress just as ur makeup my makeup diva *_*
    GFC name: Iqra Shaikh
    Facebook: Iqra Shaikh
    Instagram: iqra_shaikh

  37. Facebook: Wajiha Sajid
    twitter: @sizzlinggia
    instagram: wajihasj
    GFC: Wajiha Sajid

  38. Facebook: Jamila Kausar
    Twitter: Jamila Kausar
    GFC: JAmila Kausar


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