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First Impression | Essence Cosmetics

We all are picky & choosy about certain makeup brands. I am!! Certain brands don't appeal me for some reason, and some appeals me at the first glance. Things that I look in a brand, before testing out is the packaging, the kiosk and the selection of products and colors. Too busy kiosk, with no price details is a major turn off for me. I hate asking for prices of each product.

Today, I will be sharing my take on Essence makeup products & my first impression with the mini review. 

Essence Cosmetics
My FIRST impression about Essence Makeup:
When I first saw the kiosk at Naheed Supermarket, I found it pretty colorful, girly, clean, spacious and with proper price tags mentioned on every product. But, to be honest, it didn't appeal me to buy the product. Why? I felt and I still feel it's attracting teenagers more rather than the ones crossed their teen age. Why? It's colorful with cartoon-ic characters. My personal thoughts. Still, I gave the single eye shadow a chance and was not much impressed in terms of pigmentation.

My Experience after using Essence Makeup:
In a beauty blogger swap, Marib from Marib's Blog sent me two Essence products. A BIG thanks to her, for introducing me to those products and for letting me know the brand is promising enough. She sent me a Circus Circus Highlighter and a pink nail color. I fell in love with it immediately. The nail color dries super quick, are super pigmented on first application and has a perfectly shaped brush applicator, that makes application easy peasy. The gold highlighter is just perfect to add the glow to the face. That was the time when I knew which brand to look for while picking up the nail colors. 

While I am lipstick person, I like trying different brands rather than sticking to one brand. I heard mixed reviews about Essence Lipsticks. That's when I decided, I should ONLY stick to the nail colors only.

A few weeks back, I was sent a few products (the ones in the picture) to try and test them out. I will be honest here, I wasn't expecting much from the products, especially from the eye shadow and the lipstick. To my surprise, I like most of them, day after day as I was trying them out. It either takes one single swatch for me to love the product, or a few weeks to either like or hate it. The reason why I take so much time to review is because products change with time, plus if I don't like at first, I still give it a chance in different ways for me to like the product or vice versa, before I share my experience.

Products I loved in the first application:
1. Lip Pencil - Smooth, glides on effortlessly, pigmented, stay put.
2. Lipstick - Smooth, glides on effortlessly, pigmented, stay put & creme finish.
3. Mascara - Separates every single lash, lengthening.
4. Sharpener - Sharpens smoothly.
5. Blusher - Light to medium, stay put 3/4 hours, blends easily.

Products which took time for me to like:
1. The Nude eye shadow palette

Product I am still  trying to like/figure out:
1. 3D Eye shadow

Product I loved and now it's a mixed feeling:
1. Lipstick

I've added a few bullet points in front of products I liked on the first application, detailed review will be up one by one OR as per requests from you girls.

Let me know your first impression about this brand & your favorite product from this brand. Also, which ONE product would you like me to buy and use, that you like.

Which one would you like me to review first? 

Much love,

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