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Red War - Red Lip colors for Valentines Day!! #RabeeyahsRedWar

Yesterday, I asked a question on my Facebook & Twitter about what's next that's coming on my blog. I thought it was an easy question, but it wasn't that easy. Only one of you answered it right, and that person is Zubia Rizvi. Congratulations, Zubia! Please inbox me your details.
Red Lipsticks for Valentines Day
No girls, it isn't something about L'Oreal Paris Red Matte collection but, the reds I own and the reds for Valentines Day!! There is a perfect red for each one of you to pick, be it Valentines day or not.

Let's see perfect reds for each one of you on this valentines day. Let's start with my favorite out of all.

1. Color Studio Pro Matt Lipstick "Predator"
It's my favorite red out of the lot that I own, because it is a perfect red shade I like and looks flattering on every skin tone. I've always been complimented or asked if I am wearing Ruby Woo by MAC. Yes, it's a perfect dupe for Ruby Woo. See the detailed review on it HERE.

2. MAC Matte Lipstick "La Vie En Rouge"
Even though I received this baby a week back, it was love at first sight. When I swatched it, it looked deeper pink, but, when I put it on, it is a beautiful red with pink hues. It might appear differently on every skin tone I think. Even though it's a matte formula, but it's creamy and non-drying, and stay put for hours. 
Comes with a price tag of $16, but if you order online it might cost you from 1900 to 2400 depending on which page you buy from. I got for PKR 1950 from Vardah Asif.

3. Essence Lipstick "Adorable Matt!"
Adorable Matt is a mixture of deep red, hint of pink and hues of berry. When applied, it shows it's not that red red but definitely a sibling of a good red. It's a matte formula, but non-drying. Stay put 5 to 6 hours.
Price: PKR 580

4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick "Fire & Ice"
Fire & Ice is a bright true red color, the blood red. It's an orange undertone red. It's a creme finish lipstick, glides on effortless and stay put 3 to 5 hours. What I don't like about orange toned red or any other lipsticks is, it can make your teeth appear yellow.

5. Covergirl Lipstick "Hot Passion"

It was my first ever red lipstick. And, I was in love with it for years till I bought another red. I still love it, because it appears true red on my lips.
Detailed review on it HERE

6. Makeup Atelier Paris "Vermillion"

As the name says, it's a bright red with orange undertones. It's a liquid lipstick, sticks to your lips and they feel like a bed of velvet, like literally. Even though it's not my kind of wearable red color, but the feel of it is amazing. It doesn't come off unless you cleanse it properly. Doesn't crack or make your lips dry. A perfect bright pout for Valentines day for those who prefer this red.

7. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick "Love That Red"

Love that Red is a bright red, with blue undertones and pink hues. For some it might appear pinkish red, whereas on some it might appear deep blood red. It is a creme finish lipstick, which helps it glide on effortlessly. Since it has blue undertones, it looks flattering on most of the skin tones and doesn't make your teeth look yellow.

8. MUA Lipstick "Shade 13"

MUA Shade 13 is another tricky deep red with blue undertones. For some it appears maroon whereas on some it appears true to its color which it shows in the tube. It is the cheapest lipstick out of the lot and I actually love the color pay off and the finish. It is creme finish pigmented lipstick, and stays put 3 to 4 hours.
Price: PKR 200

9. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm stain "Romantic"
Last but not the at least, and my all time favorite and every day lip color. It doesn't even count in this list. It is on the top. It's a lip stain as you know, and is a great everyday color to give your lips a natural color, if applied lightly or you can build it up. I love it sheer, and how it stains my lips with additional points of the minty smell and taste (NO, I don't eat it).

That's all folks for the REDS in my life till now. And, I don't plan to buy anymore reds. What are your favorite reds that you own? Do share with us!!

Lots of LOVE


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