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Coral Salon & Spa | Bloggers Meet up & pampering day!!

What's better than a relaxing and pampering day? With a bonus of fun, laughter & lot's of chit chat? That day is called a day well spent with great people.
Coral Salon & Spa invited a few selected bloggers to their salon before they open up publicly. It is located amidst the salon world at Bukhari Commercial. 

The moment I stepped out of the car, and looked at the salon I knew something that will awe me in the first glance is behind the tinted glass door/wall. I was not wrong, as I walked it, I was warmly welcomed by Tayyaba (Owner's daughter/Co-owner) & her mother (the owner) of Coral Salon & Spa. And, it was that first glance in the salon that completely awed me with the classy & modern exquisite interior. 

The salon & spa is spacious, and decorated in a a perfect manner to divide the spaces yet it has a huge space. It is divided into two units. Upper is for all things hair, hands & feet. It is all classic dull gold theme, with paisley patterned wallpaper & dark polish furniture. As for the basement, it's coral themed with relaxing facial rooms, waxing and changing room, makeup room and yoga room. Yes, it's not just a salon, but a place for yoga too. The owner of the salon is a multi-talented women, who is not only the salon owner, but an interior decorator (Yes, she decorated each and every corner of the salon herself), a yoga expert and a mother of well brought up kids (we met only one & it says all).

The facial rooms were clean, with scented candles inside for relaxing aroma therapy while getting any sort of facials done. The waxing room was the best, it was clean with a nice sink in the same room (that's what shows the hygienic place, at least for me). Most of the waxing rooms are so tacky. Rest, you can see from the pictures how well decorated & welcoming ambiance the salon has. They have the best brands of skin care for facials, including Elemis which is my favorite brand. For hair they have L'Oreal Professional. For manicure/pedicure they have OPI & Essie.
Upper Section of the salon - View from the other side
Upper Section of the Salon 
US: Tayyaba Hassan, Sabeeta Syeda, Sahar Islam, Mariam Shahjahan, Maliha Rao & me.
Personalized Goodie bag!!
Enjoying the pampering | Picture courtesy: Maliha Rao
For the day, I chose Essie Spa pedicure. Those 45 minutes were SO relaxing. The girl kept telling me what she was using, and I kept smelling the products which were divine. The massage was just perfect. What I liked was the girl knew how to shape the nails, which most of the salons fail to train their girls about. The only thing that was missing was buffing the nails. Even though she buffed, but I like my nails to be shiny once I get a pedicure done. That's the tiny part, which can be ignored and I did ignore when my feet felt clean & light after the pedicure. I could actually feel them relaxing.

At the salon, it was me, Maliha Rao and Mariam Shahjahan (A few couldn't make it the same day). Apart from us were the owners and the gorgeous makeup artist Sahar Islam and Sabeeta Syeda - owner of Maple Tree Crafts who designed the goodie bags and the things inside it. The day after the pampering treatment was not over, then started another best part which was taking pictures, eating AND chit chat. Hours went by and we had so much to talk and laugh about. Sahar Islam, will be the makeup artist at Coral Salon & Spa. She shared some beauty tips & facial yoga tips with her. Well, looking at her actually made me feel facial yoga works. Time was short, there was a lot to talk but we had to leave. In all, it was a day well spent in a literal meaning.

A BIG thank you to the owner and Tayyaba for inviting us. Lots of love and wishes for the new beginning. You all should check out that salon, they do AMAZING hair. I wish I lived nearby to get all my services done from that salon. I promise, that you will love that salon. Do drop by, and do let me know your experience.

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