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What's cooking for Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014? [Sneak Peek]

As Fashion Pakistan Week is coming near, let's get a peek into what's cooking behind the doors of talented & hard working designers. Let's get to know what they will be showcasing, and what we will get to see on the ramp of the Pakistan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014. Some of the sketches and a little about the story behind the collection.

Emraan Rajput
Starting with Emraan Rajput's Military Inspired collection 'ALPHA'. Emraan Rajput took his inspiration to another level. Alpha is the first alphabet in Military's dictionary, meaning the one who commands.

The collection is influenced by his research with modern sequel pieces; the army green brown prints, black linings covered a slew of tough-looking fall 2014 pieces, including coats, belted jackets, trousers and even hoodies.

From combat boots to military jackets, Emraan has rounded his favorite military-inspired pieces that everybody will try to get their hands on.

I was completely wow-ed by his jackets in the last Fashion week.

Deepak N Fahad
Deepak N Fahad
Deepak n Fahad collection is all 'Monochrome', as they say. It ranges from gowns to capes to jackets to shirts to suits. We have used embroideries and prints. Silhouettes are straight and flowy We have used cotton, chiffon, silk, cotton silks, leather and suede.

Ishtiaq Afzal Khan
Ishtiaq Afzal Khan
Ishtiaq Afzal Khan
Ishtiaq Afzal Khan has taken inspiration from the shades of Morning. He named his collection 'Aurora', which means The Dawn. He says, "I am playing with pistachio green, orange and carbon blue. I have used chiffon, leather, jersey and silk. Silhouettes are very feminine. The collection is very sober, strong and classy." 

His collection is SO me. From colors to the style Ishtiaq Afzal Khan mentioned in his sneak peek. Definitely looking forward to ALL of them.

More sneak peeks coming everyday!!


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