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Luscious Cosmetics Ather Shahzad Master Makeup Collection - Lip Palettes [Review & Swatches]

Unlike others, I was thrilled and excited too, to see the new launch by Luscious Cosmetics; the Master Makeup Collection, especially when the launch was a collaboration with the makeup maestro Ather Shahzad.
Luscious Cosmetics Ather Shahzad Master Lip Palettes
By now you all know what does the collections consists of, if not check the post [here]. Today I will share my experience after using the lip palettes.

Luscious Cosmetics about their Lipstick Palette:
A collection of 5 high-fashion lip colors created by celebrity makeup artist Shahzad Raza for a multitude of looks from natural and pretty to bold and dramatic. Each shade is named after the supermodel who inspired it. A lightweight formula with an intensely pigmented, long wearing matte finish, each color can be worn alone or mixed together to create your own signature hue. Achieve a precise application with a full-size lip brush and mirror for touch-ups on the go.
Price: PKR 2250 - $23.38

Luscious Cosmetics about their Lip Gloss Palette:
A collection of 5 super creamy lip glosses created by celebrity makeup artist Shahzad Raza in a variety of shades and finishes for day-to-night wear. Each shade is named after the supermodel who inspired it. Try a different one each day or layer them together for customized color. Achieve a precise application with a full-size lip brush and mirror for touch-ups on the go. 
Price: PKR 2150 - $22.34

My experience - Lip Palettes:
I'll start with the packaging; it is a sturdy, sleek, black plastic palette with a decent mirror and a lip brush - a total travel friendly palette. Unlike most of the lip brushes, that comes in the lip palettes or brush rolls this one is broad and flat. It helps in filling the lips in no time, with precise application. Each lipstick and lip gloss palette contains 5 different colors named after Pakistani renowned models. The shades are assembled according to the most worn colors along with keeping Asian skin color in mind. 
Luscious Cosmetcis Ather Shahzad Master Lipstick Palette
Luscious Cosmetics Ather Shahzad Master Lipstick Palette Swatches
Luscious Cosmetics Ather Shahzad Maste Lipstick Palette Lip Swatches
Lipstick Palette:
The color selection of the lipstick palette is gorgeous - all are my favorite! It has from the lightest nude (Iman) shade to darkest red shade (Meesha) to flatter all the skin tones. All the colors are highly pigmented, gives the opaque coverage on a single swipe, and stays put 3 to 4 hours (eating & drinking included). On me, it starts fading after 4 hours, keep in mind, I am a lipstick eater. The texture of the lipsticks is semi-matte to creme finish. It applies effortlessly with the brush you would love to use for all of your lipsticks, at least I do.
Meesha is the darkest shade in the palette. It is a red toned shade with orange undertones.
Mehreen is a muted brown shade, a flattering and everyday shade.
Nadia is a gorgeous coral/peachy color - not too orange to make the teeth look yellow.
Iman is a nude color, it is the color that definitely needs a gloss because of the streaky application.
Cybil is a fuchsia color with hues of blue.
Luscious Cosmetics Ather Shahzad Master Lip gloss Palette 
Luscious Cosmetics Ather Shahzad Master Lipgloss Palette Swatches
Luscious Cosmetics Ather Shahzad Master Lip Palette - Lip Brush
Lipgloss Palette:
Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lip glosses palette has five different shades, that are mostly colorless when applied. What I like about the lip gloss palette is, the glosses are not too thick to be sticky or too watery that will bleed from the fine lines of the lips, but a perfect creamy non-sticky consistency. The colors in the palette are good for a makeup artist like me who needs a travel friendly palette. It is also a perfect teenager palette, who starts with a lip gloss (just like I did and I am sure most of you did). Rachel is the darkest shade in the palette, it is berry color that gives color to the lips when applied alone.

What I don't like about the lip gloss palette is, it has a weird scent which reminds me of old lipsticks. Two shades in the palette have a very strong old scent, which lingers for a few minutes when applied. I wish it had some sweet or fruity scent instead.

The collection is now available nationwide on their website [here] and on all the leading supermarkets.

Overall, I like the lipstick palette, because it has some gorgeous shades. As for the price tag, for glosses it is a bit high as for lipstick palette I think it's fine since we are getting 5 shades plus a brush and a mirror.

Did you buy anything from the collection? Which one is your favorite color?

Rabeeyah x


  1. I love the shade Mehreen too! :D Lovely swatches Rabeeyah!

  2. I am loving the lipstick palette :) gorgeous swatches Rabeeyah :)

  3. This is one awesome mehreen and nadya

  4. All the shades are so pretty! Love your swatches! :) x

  5. Lovely swatches.....I am also in love with the lipstick palette.....xoxoxo....^_^

  6. loved it. Great review


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