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What to Expect this FPW 2014 - Mahin Hussain Accessories

Fashion week is around the corner, and I'm excited and all set to see the new trends and styles for the upcoming season.

Where we talk about clothing and trends, we talk about accessories too. After FPW 2009, Mahin Hussain Accessories are back again on the ramp with the new collection of unique designs and colors to thrill the audience. MHA has always thrilled with unique and artsy designs. Absolutely adore the patriotic line, which not only represents and speaks about our country, but also the legends of Pakistan, like Madam Noor Jehan on one of her collections. 

Mahin Hussain Accessories - Noor Jehan
Label Info:
Mahin Hussain Accessories is an eponymous label specializing in Leather & canvas handbags. The designs are simple yet bold. The label also has a very popular patriotic line of canvas bags that are snapped up twice yearly and feature inspirational quotes from Mohd Ali Jinnah & arresting lyrics from the songs of Madam Noor Jehan. Mahin Hussain Accessories also took out the famous Sequinned Flag Clutch which shone in the limelight when carried by the first ever Pakistani Oscar Winner, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy
Designer Info: Mahin Hussain is a textile graduate from the Indus Valley School, who went on to study Fashion Accessories at the London College of Fashion and is the first Accessory Designer in Pakistan to have won the Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent. Mahin Hussain Accessories launched their Bridal Collection of Box clutches in 2013 and a Showroom in Karachi. The label is stocked in Multi Designer Stores across Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad.
Website: Contact Number: 03242942797 Instagram: MAHINHUSSAINACCESORIES Twitter: Facebook:

These pictures are from her previous collections. Handpicked the ones I am drooling over and for the idea. The collection full of embellishments, sparkles, colors, prints and cultural inspirations; what are you expecting this season at FPW 2014 by Mahin Hussain Accessories?

Mahin Hussain gave us a sneak peek by defining her new collection that would be showcased on the ramp of FPW 2014:

"The Bags, scarves and belts are designed to be our personal symbols of the sisterhood, carrying a torch for all the brilliant, strong women who have lived in Pakistan and who continue to be heard and fight battles everyday big and small."

After the little sneak peek by Mahin Hussain about her new collection and considering her previous collection, I expect a very bold yet feminine collection by Mahin Hussain Accessories on the ramp of FPW2014. Lots of statement pieces defining the women and her power, whilst focusing on bold prints and vibrant colors. Since Mahin Hussain likes to play with textures, focusing on details, it is expected we will see the textures with embellishments but with chunkier detailing. Also, if you notice what Mahin Hussain said in the sneak peek about strong Pakistani women, I am expecting some digital sketched prints of powerful modest ladies that has been a role model for all the women of our community, like a previous design of Madam Noor Jehan, to keep reminding of women power and strength. 

Apart from bags, we are also going to see some scarves and belts as Mahin Hussain shared with us. With her fashionably ethnic prints and designsI am assuming we are going to see some glitzy glam belts and the colorful scarves. Since MHA likes to mix modern and traditional together, I am expecting some edgy and chunky cuts and styles.

Whilst Mahin mixes modern and traditional together, and caters every age with keeping glitz and glam in mind while also keeping decent cuts for those who prefer to keep it staple yet casual. I am assuming we are going to see a mixture of bold in different terms, which will cater all the age and taste, with some spring and summer taste to it. MHA bags are definitely going to make a space in my bag collection. 

For more sneak peek and predictions regarding designers and the collections, follow me on Twitter and search #FPWS2014 to see different predictions by different bloggers.


*Pictures taken from Mahin Hussain Accessories Facebook page*


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