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Most loved and used Makeup products of 2013!

31st December, 2013 last day of this year! It's the time to pick and gather all the favorite products of the year that is about to end. If I like one routine and product, I stick to it for months until I give another product a chance; the reason why I didn't do monthly favorites this year.

OPI Meet Up at Amethyst By Roohi.

Sorry for the delay in the post, but better late than never.
As I always say, meetups are fun! I love socializing and meeting new people and old ones too. 

On 23rd November, Cosmo Group once again arranged a Meetup for bloggers and editors sponsored by OPI at Amethyst By Roohi. Cosmo Group is one PR company who arrange exciting events for Bloggers.

Products & Tools used for Flawless Foundation Application [Tips & Techniques]

My previous post "8 Steps to Flawless Foundation Application", covered the steps to achieve a flawless finish. In this post I will share the products and tools I use to achieve the flawless foundation.

Note: It is my current skin care + foundation routine. It changes with time and according to the weather. The products I am listing works for my skin tone and type. You can take an idea and use the products that works best for your skin tone and type.