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Karachi Beauty & Fashion Bloggers Salon Meet Up!

As always, blogger's meet-ups are ALWAYS fun. You get to meet new and old bloggers and get to know them more - the face behind the blog you read. 

30th August, 2013 - Bloggers Salon Meet up at The Raintree Mini Spa
We were totally 9 girls who attended that meet up. Initially they were 12, but only 9 showed up. Following are the bloggers who were present at the meet-up:

Maliha Rao of The Curious Red Alice
Rakhshanda Khan of Rakhshan's Blog
Nida Moughal of Glitter Smitter
Naimal of Peachy Pout
Shaheen of Cherry Cross
Marium of Marium Says
Cenam of Cenam'z Beauty Blog
Jadirah of Jasmine Catches Butterflies

The exciting evening started at 4:00 pm. The moment I entered that place, it seemed SO calm and soothing. I was awed by the serene exterior and interior.  If you've been to that place, you would know what I am talking about and a few pictures will tell that too. 

First things first, "A BIG thank you to Maliha for arranging the amazing meet up, to Lubna of Raintree Mini Spa for giving us the place, her time and for all the lovely food, drinks, pampering and 25% discount vouchers, along with a free blow dry for 3 lucky girls and for the goodie bag filled with two yummy cupcakes and a gift voucher."
Food and drink - courtesy Raintree Mini Spa
Girls getting their nails done!
My magnetic nails and Rakhshanda's fur nails, with cute arm candy!
Girls enjoying their drinks with nail art.
Myself and Maliha Rao
Lubna - Owner of Raintree Mini Spa 
Moving on to the meet up, after everyone reached we introduced ourselves to each other. A few knew each other, and a few were new to each other. After the introductions, started the pampering; drinks along with nail art, which included caviar, fur and magnetic nails. We did a lucky draw for a free blow dry at the Raintree Mini Spa (courtesy Raintree), after everyone was done with the nails. The three lucky winners were Naimal, Jadirah and Marium. 
Free Blow Dry Winners
Products up for swap/sale
The evening full of fun moved onwards to Hi-tea, chat sessions about blogging, makeup and random things, laughs, photo sessions and a mini blog sale/swap (which was fun). It was an amazing two hours of laugh, chat and knowing each other.

Lubna, the owner of the Spa joined us in between. She shared about how she started Raintree and everything related to Raintree and herself. It was a nice knowing what Raintree offers apart from Spa services.  She is extremely sweet and polite; pampering us with SO many things plus giving a space to us shows what a sweet person she is.

About Rain Tree Spa:
Lubna is the owner of the spa; expertise and trained in Hair and Makeup. The spa as the name says mainly focuses on all kinds of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Initially when it was opened, it was a spa, but since they moved to a new location there is more to it. 
While talking to Lubna, she told us how she started and what she is now offering. Not only do they offer salon services, but other services like makeup training, grooming sessions for young girls, fitness activities and lots more. Visit their Facebook page (HERE)  for more info regarding the salon & spa services.

The bloggers I met for the first time were Cenam, Shaheen, Marium and Jadirah. It was nice knowing them. It is always good to meet and know the face and personality behind the blogs. Looking forward to more events and meet ups like these in the future. Also, looking forward to meeting more bloggers. 




  1. Lovely bloggers and after reading all these meetup posts (lol$ I wished I lived in khi :)

  2. Wow this looks so fun! Everyone looks pretty<3 xx

  3. Sam's Place next time or maybe Sattar Buksh :P

  4. Hey good to see so many known n some new faces :)U girls look pretty :)

  5. Exactly lucky girls. Everyone is happy MashAllah.
    Been Alam
    Salon B

  6. I liked the way you put together everything, there is certainly no need to go any further to look for any additional information. You mentioned each and everything that too with much of ease.Salons in delhi


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