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The Lipstick Tag!

Someone tagging me for a Lipstick Tag isn't surprising for me. I proudly say I am a lipstick hoarder. Even though going through Sarah Ali's Lipstick Tagpost, I think I am not yet.

Moving on to the tag, I was tagged by the lovely, cheerful, fun-loving beauty blogger Maliha Rao of The Curious Red Alice

Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Lipsticks [Review+Swatch]

Being a lipstick person, I usually prefer matte lipsticks. The reason being, matte lipsticks have a better staying power than a satin or glossy finish lipsticks. Not everyone can make a good matte lipstick, was Color Studio Professional successful in making a good matte lipstick? 

Pakistani Beauty Blogger's Eid Swap.

Picking up gifts, and sending someone a box full of surprise always excites me. Receiving the box full of surprises excites me even more, and when the box is from someone you don't know and have to guess, is even more exciting. Yes, another secret swap by Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community.

This was the second secret swap, that was arranged by Pakistani Beauty Blogging Community. After the success of the First Secret Swap, PBBC decided to arrange another swap for all the approved Pakistani Bloggers. As Eid was approaching, the theme was Eid Secret Swap. This swap was hit too. 

Being one of the admin of Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community, we admins decided to gift each other since we paired up the other bloggers who participated. As admins were paired together, my partner was obviously Sarah Ali from Glossicious Beauty Blog
Sarah Ali is one of the sweetest bloggers, she is one sweet person and always surprise me. The present arrived packed cutely in black tissue paper, filled with…