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Sexy Hair - Soy Renewal Beach Spray [Review]

Having naturally curly hair is sometimes hard to manage. Especially in summers, when I cannot straighten them. That's the time when I look for a product that can keep my hair in the same texture and manage. I don't like to use hair mousse a lot, because it makes your hair stiff and crunchy.  I was looking for sea salt spray, something that can give texture and natural bounce to my hair. 

Maybelline New York - Pakistan "Beauty Bloggers Event/Meetup"

It is always fun attending Bloggers events/meet ups, and meeting gorgeous bloggers; the faces behind amazing blogs with whom we only interact via comments. Also, the faces behind those emails that we get from PR companies.

Recently, we were invited to Maybelline Color Show Bloggers Event/Meet up. For more pictures and event update, read more!

Jewelry by Desire Accessories.

I am sucker for jewelry pieces, especially bracelets and necklaces nowadays. I usually buy jewelry online, because the ones I like are usually not available in the stores. This is my first experience with Desire Accessories.