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Finally, a wishlist for this year 2013 is now ready. After A LOT of thinking, and research and reviews these are the top 5 picks. I wanted to do 10 like last time, but I didn't want to make JUST a list, but a list of things I REALLY want. 

This is my final Wishlist 2013

1. Urban Decay NAKED palette.
It was on my previous wishlist too but, I couldn't buy it. Eventually it moved to my new wishlist and is on the top priority. I have ordered this palette, and I think when I will post this wishlist, it will be in my makeup stash.

2. MAC, NARS or CHANEL Foundation.
As you know, MAC foundation was on my previous wishlist as well, but I cheated with Illamasqua Skin Base foundation. Earlier I was obsessed with blushers, now I am obsessed with foundations and lipsticks - I just can't have enough of them. Currently I have 5 different foundations. But, I want one of these too now. Actually, all of them, but I can only buy ONE.

3. Versace PINK perfume.
To be honest, I am not a very brand conscious girl. What I love is the scent. I am drooling over this perfume since the day I smelled it.
4. My own NEW Makeup Studio, with a little office for my blog work.
As I am moving to a new place, I want a new re-designed makeup studio, with a mini office where I can work on my blog. I want to work more professionally on my blog now. 

This picture is my inspiration picture, for the kind of studio I want.
5. MORE makeup, shoes, jewelry and bags.
As much as I love collecting makeup, now I am more towards shoes, jewelry and bags. A girl can never have enough of them!

                                        What's on your wishlist?


Disclaimer: All the pictures are taken from Google. 


  1. The wish #4 <3 . I want something similar . Love the Versace perfume

  2. wao i m in love with your own makeup room idea go go gal its awesome n i wish i have more makeup but the one i need :) n one of my wishl fulfilled "the naked palette" i m so happy ALHAMDULLILAH n congrats to u for having naked palette :)

  3. Right now I'm going through a blush phase hahah! Contrary to yours, I've been through the lipstick and foundation phase but as you said, a girl can never have enough! I'm really curious about the CoverGirl Outlast Foundation! It looks amazing in review photos that I have seen so far! And maybe there's something wrong with me, but am I the only one who doesn't have the Urban Decay Naked Palettes on her wishlist? I dunno why but I've never wanted them for some reason! I love theBalm's Nude Tude though! :)

    1. Haha! I can understand, sometimes one thinks why does everyone wants that when I don't? All the new foundations catches my attention! :D xx

  4. Oh great list...
    well now a days my list growing day by day so i need to shut my Mind, eyes for looking all pretty eye palettes. Yes, i was very much into foundations and blushes but now my eyes are looking only highlighter or eye palettes... oh yes one more thing Jewelry addiction :( killing me badly

  5. you pretty much covered everything =)
    Yar I want a Celine Tote and a pair of Christian Louboutins.

    1. I want them too, but I know they can only be in my dream list :D xx

    2. That's true! Until and unless they magically appear out of nowhere in my closet, saving and splurging on them would kill me inside haha.

  6. Perfect wishlist Rabeeyah! I do want to try MAC foundation too, let's see when I get a chance. All the best for your new makeup studio, do share photos once you're all set. xx

  7. MAC foundation is something I myself want to try. Or the Urban Decay Weightless one. It's nice you can even limit your wishlist to a few items. I can't even pick my top 5 that I want to buy first. I just go with the flow haha. x

    1. Oh, I got MAC foundation and I'm loving it. :D I had to limit my wishlist to save money :D

  8. I really want to get the Chanel foundation and naked palette! Btw I love your blog! Plz check out mine!


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