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MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick "Impassioned" [Review+Swatch]

MAC, a much raved brand is a centre of attention among most of the ladies worldwide. Being one of the ladies, it was on my wishlist forever. Especially lipsticks and foundations. I had to get it to know why it is raved SO much. After going through A LOT of swatches and reviews, bought my first ever MAC lipstick "Impassioned".

MAC Impassioned - Swatches
My Experience:
MAC lipsticks come in 8 different finishes; Amplified Creme being one of them. Impassioned is a shade of an Amplified Creme finish line. To describe it, amplified creme is a creamy+satin finish lipstick. Basically, they are full coverage lipsticks, with creamy soft texture. 

My description about the shade Impassioned would be, a bright neon-ish pink with a tint of coral in it. It is a shade that will brighten up your face. In my opinion, it will suit every skin tone. On my lips, it stays put 4 to 5 hours. Let me tell you, it stains your lips. I like stained lips, because it looks natural sometimes. As it is a bright shade, I had the idea of staining and staying power. The texture of the lipstick is soft and creamy, and is smooth on the application; feels like a butter on the lips. It is highly pigmented and give an opaque coverage lipstick, with an amazing color pay off in a single swipe.

What I LOVE about MAC lipsticks is, the scent of it. As soon as you open the lid, you can smell the sweet vanilla scent, which is absolutely divine. The packaging is the classic sleek black bullet packaging, which I adore. Castor oil and Jojoba oil being one of the ingredients of these lipsticks make it soft, creamy and moisturizing.

What I don't like about MAC lipsticks is, that you can't actually tell the shade from the top if many MAC lipsticks are kept together. You have to take them out and search for all the shades.

I heard about MAC lipsticks being too soft and they melt in a hot weather that you need to keep them in the fridge. They definitely are soft enough to melt and can melt if kept in a very hot place, but it didn't melt in my makeup drawer, even in the past 3 VERY hot days. 

Overall, I now know why MAC lipsticks are raved. I know it is on the expensive side, as it is a high end brand, but worth having in your makeup stash; at least one of them. I am saving up to buy some more colors.

  • Soft, creamy and buttery in texture and application.
  • Long lasting.
  • Opaque coverage on a single swipe.
  • Lead free.
  • Has a sweet vanilla scent.
  • HUGE range of colors and finish to select from.
  • For some it might be pricey, but at the same time it's worth it.
  • No color swatch on the top or at the bottom.

I got mine from Ayesha's Blog sale for PKR 2300.
You can now get Original MAC products, here in Pakistan from MAC Addict page on Facebook. I got another MAC lipstick from MAC Addict for PKR 1900

        Do you like MAC lipsticks? Your favorite MAC lipstick shade?



  1. Stunning shade! I need more MAC lippies in my life!! :D

  2. Vanilla scent is my fav thing in Mac lipsticks . This looks gorgeous on you

  3. I WANT THIS! Cant stop staring at it on your lips!

  4. MAC lipsticks are without a doubt the best!!! I want to get some more as well since I am in love with mine! <3

    1. I think I can't get enough of MAC lipsticks now :D

  5. gorgeous the creamy finish

  6. lovely shade.. after reading a lot of mac products reviews,i finally ordered my first mac lipstick from the same facebook page that you have mentioned.. eagerly waiting to get it.. I have already planned to get few more shade :D

  7. such a lovely color! Def worth saving up for

  8. ohh such a gorgeous shade rabeeyah n its looking such a pin up gal on you with it u can wear winged eyeliner n u will be gud to go to evening hang out :) n i also love the vanilla scent of it :) i think i need many more lappies in my vanity :) thanx you for this review

  9. Totally agree with u about the similarity between shades, other than that its a gorgeous colour. xx

  10. Lovely color.. Without any doubt MAC is awsome but you have to be very carefull when buying MAC in pakistan.. There are a lot of stores who sells fake MAC.. Great review :)

  11. Oh super lovely shade, i also order this to Ayesha, but you get first ;) <3

  12. Omg this makes me wanna get one <3 Love the swatches <3

  13. It looks gorgeous on your lips Rabeeyah! <3

  14. ah amazing review I just reviewed this too, i love it. I hope you can check out my beauty blog too xx
    UK Beauty Blogger


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