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BB CREAMS selection and comparison [Review+Swatch]

The topic about BB creams is as hot as this weather. Finding the right one for this weather is much of a debate. To end the debate, and to find the right one I tried three different BB creams from different brands; Maybelline, Rimmel and Garnier. To make your BB Cream shopping spree easy and to pick the right one for you, I came up with this comparison post. First I will start with the one I bought first.

Truck Art: A New Sentiment in Fashion/Pakistani Jewelry

Unaware of the exact phenomenon behind the fusion of truck art concept in glitzy jewelry, however, upon your notice the embellishments are pretty, and so are the designs engrossed. Besides, calling such creativity ‘an ingenious art’ wouldn’t be wrong. 

Flashing back in memories I recall my Swedish friends had been in awe for a couple of days after observing this form of art painted on local means of transport.

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick "Impassioned" [Review+Swatch]

MAC, a much raved brand is a centre of attention among most of the ladies worldwide. Being one of the ladies, it was on my wishlist forever. Especially lipsticks and foundations. I had to get it to know why it is raved SO much. After going through A LOT of swatches and reviews, bought my first ever MAC lipstick "Impassioned".

Color Studio Professional - Matt Foundation HD Stick "ASIA" [Review+Swatch]

When it comes to foundation, I prefer liquid foundation more because of the easy application. To me, stick foundation are pretty hard to work with plus I feel they give you cakey finish - which I don't like. I've tried few foundation sticks, didn't like - do I like this one?


Finally, a wishlist for this year 2013 is now ready. After A LOT of thinking, and research and reviews these are the top 5 picks. I wanted to do 10 like last time, but I didn't want to make JUST a list, but a list of things I REALLY want. 

This is my final Wishlist 2013

1. Urban Decay NAKED palette.
It was on my previous wishlist too but, I couldn't buy it. Eventually it moved to my new wishlist and is on the top priority. I have ordered this palette, and I think when I will post this wishlist, it will be in my makeup stash.