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The Body Shop "Glam Up" Beauty Bloggers Contest

The Body Shop - Pakistan arranged a fun makeup contest for all the beauty bloggers Nationwide, on the launch of "Leona Lewis Collection". The contest was named "GLAM UP".

Leona Lewis Collection:
Leona Lewis Collection is a limited edition. The collection consists of a White Musk Libertine Eau de toilette, a White Musk Libertine Eau de Perfum, three shades of glosses, a blush brush and two shimmer palettes.

All the beauty bloggers were asked to re-create a look that was done on Leona Lewis, for the The Body Shop. We were asked either to do for ourselves, or on others. I preferred doing over another person, than on myself. Sheeza was kind enough to volunteer for me. We were asked to pick an outlet, a time and a date. I picked The Body Shop - The Forum Mall. We reached the place at the given time. Swatched products, played with colors and started with the look.

Here is the look I created on Sheeza.

The Body Shop - Pakistan "Glam Up" 
The Body Shop - Glam up

The eye makeup is bold and daring, the colors used says Summer out loud. Obviously, you cannot create this look and go out, but you can play with the same colors and try to create a wearable look. However the lip color and blush is something you can wear, it's not bold at all.

It was a great experience working at The Body Shop, the whole makeup counter was mine and I tried every product before starting the makeup. It was great doing on someone else, and see the result at the same time. The girls at the store were very sweet and cooperative. I personally don't use a lot of The Body Shop makeup products. Overall, it was a great experience and I'm glad a fun event like this was held for the Beauty Bloggers by The Body Shop. 

If I am asked to choose one best makeup product from the Leona Lewis Collection, it will be the glosses; the pink one in particular which I have applied on Sheeza. It was thick, pigmented, opaque and not sticky at all. The shimmer palettes are gorgeous too, and if you are looking for a highlighter that is not too shimmery, these are the ones you should pick.

The one product I didn't like from the entire The Body Shop Makeup collection was the Moisture Foundation. It was streaky, patchy and turned gray - the darkest shade as well. 

Products used to create the look:
The Body Shop Moisture Foundation.
The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer.
The Body Shop Single eye shadows - Pink and orange.
The Body Shop Face Powder.
The Body Shop Baked bronzer - Warm Bronze.
The Body Shop Baked Duo blusher - Coral
The Body Shop Leona Lewis Shimmer Palettes.
The Body Shop dual Carbon eye definer pencil.
The Body Shop Lipstick.
The Body Shop Leona Lewis Lip Glosses.

I hope you liked the look I re-created. Thank you, The Body Shop for the fun event/contest. Thank you, Sheeza for coming. 

For more info, check The Body Shop - Pakistan FACEBOOK page.

Have you tried any product from Leona Lewis Collection for The Body Shop? Which product did you like the most?


Disclaimer: All the products used on the model is from The Body Shop.


  1. The look is sooo pretty!! I hope you win Rabiyah you did an amazing job, the makeup is flawless.

  2. i love it, you've done it fantabulously well! :)

  3. So pretty, lovely work wow... <3

  4. Wooow!!!! You've recreated it much better then the original one Rabeeyah <3 Loved it seriously xoxo

  5. Well done Rabiya! i love this pink look, but specially the pink gloss!

  6. whaooo....well done its just flawless....

  7. Awww,, wonderfully done =)
    Best of luck darling!

  8. WOW! I am blown away! Amazing job and the model is very pretty :) xx Good luck!

  9. omgg! this is amazzing! the colors are soo vivd and true to color ;) best of luck!

  10. My my! You have recreated this look beautifully. Best of luck for the competition

  11. You did a wonderful job and you know I want you to win :) . How cute is the model and love the pink gloss on her <3

  12. great job and ur model is so pretty.. beautiful.. best luck

    btw m missing u on my blog


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