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Maybelline New York - The Colossal Kajal [Review+Swatch]

Maybelline New York's "The Colossal Kajal" is a talk of a town. It claims 6 hours Black, Bold+Smudge resistant. Isn't it quite eye catching? Being a person with oily lids and who loves kohl-d eyes, I always look around for pencils which are bold and smudge proof. 
Maybelline New York - The Colossal Kajal [Black/Noir]

My experience:
Let's start with the packaging first. It comes in yellow plastic mechanical packaging. It is eye catching, because while searching for a pencil in the makeup stash, especially when in a hurry, this pencil always catches the eyes because of the color. 

Being a kajal/kohl person, I look for a kajal/kohl that is creamy, smudge proof and has staying power. Maybelline The Colossal Kajal claims 6 hours black, bold + smudge resistant. I would agree with what it claims, but for only lining the lashline. It is black and bold, smudge proof and stays put for 5 to 6 hours. I am not too happy with the how it appears on my waterline. It is not as black and intense as I would like for my waterline. I prefer it to be intensely black. You need to rub back and forth for the black color to show. For my water line, Maybelline Eye master Drama works amazingly.

Coming on to the texture, it is smooth but a little dry; not creamy as I would prefer. The main reason for it is not to be as black or as intense in the water line is the dry texture. It is not as dry, but not as creamy. The texture gives you a hold while lining the lash line. On my oily lids, most of the liners smudge; especially pencil liners. This is the second liner pencil that doesn't smudge on my lids. It stays put for 4 - 6 hours without fading. This one is a HIT for my upper lash line but a MISS for my waterline.

Some wouldn't prefer it to use as a liner because it is sometimes hard to work with a mechanical pencils, especially for a fine or winged line. I myself like my pencils sharp and pointed, but it isn't that difficult to create a fine line with it, and wing it out. There is always another end of the tip which is sharp.

All in all, Maybelline The Colossal Kajal is a HIT for my upper lash line, and a MISS for my waterline.  

Price: PKR 375
You can get this from all the leading supermarkets. To shop online, log on to Just4girls. For more info, check Maybelline New York - Pakistan on Facebook.

  • Smudge proof.
  • Great staying power.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.
  • Eye catching packaging.
  • Cannot be sharpened.
  • Not blackest black/deep for waterline.
  • Not too itense for the waterline.

                 Did you try this pencil out? Which Kajal is your favorite? 


Disclaimer: PR Sample(s) sent for review, however this has not affected my review. The review is based on my personal experience after using the product(s). For more queries and information, head over to the Disclosure Policy.


  1. Great review! is the master drama available? I havent noticed it in stores.

    1. Thank you, Sidrah! Yes, Master Drama is available. I bought from Agha's

  2. For the price ,it's a decent product . Wish it was little more black .

  3. Nice review, yes ur right its failed on my water line as well :(

  4. nice review but I have heard that it breaks often !! Is it true ?

    1. Didn't hear about that, but it can happen if you twist out the product too much. xx

  5. In my opinion Maybelline master drama eye pencil is better than this one in terms of color intensity and it does not contain carmine either(a big plus point).
    Try that.
    One suggestion for you "Please do mention ingredients while reviewing any product." As a muslim we cannot wear any makeup that is available in market.
    Thanks and keep it up.

  6. Looks really like a nice eyeliner!
    Thanks for the review!

  7. That is such a intense eyeliner. Totally in love with it :)


  8. im looking for something for my water line so this wouldnt be a great pick i guess :)


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