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MAC Sheertone Shimmer Powder Blush "Peachykeen" [Review+Swatch]

M.A.C - the much raved brand! Finally, I got my hand on one of the products, the one product which was on my wishlist and I had my eyes on, for long. Is it worth it? Read more to find out!

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush - Peachykeen.
M.A.C describes 'Peachykeen' as, very baby peach.

My experience:
'Peachykeen' is my first MAC blush, and it's been two months now since I am using it. The reason why I chose the sheertone blush - one because of the shade and two, because sheertone blushers are easy to work with. It was really hard to pick one shade from the entire collection. After going through many reviews, I finally thought of picking the shade Peachykeen. Peachykeen is one of the best sellers blush from MAC powder blush collection.  

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush - Peachykeen "Swatch"

'Peachykeen' is a sheertone shimmer blush. Shimmer? No, it doesn't have big chunks of glitter which makes the pores prominent. It has tiny gold reflex in it which highlights the cheekbones and gives a nice glowing pink-gold-shiny look to your cheeks. It is a peachy-pink shade. At first, I thought it will be something like NARS 'Oragasm' or Sleek's 'Rose Gold', but no, it's not; they are more towards peachy tones with lots of gold specks in it, whereas it is more towards pink tones. This shade is something you can carry at the day time, as well as at the night time. Daytime, because it is a pink peach blush, which looks flattering at the daytime; whereas, the shimmer at the night gives a glamorous look. But, it is not something you can wear everywhere; I can not. It's more of a RICH shade for special occasions, like lunch or dinner parties.

It is a sheertone blush, I was expecting it to be light and very sheer, as the name says. It is build-able and blends effortlessly. Compared to NARS 'Deep Throat', this blush is more pigmented. This blush is perfect for fair skin tone. I am MAC NC 25 in liquid foundation and NC 30 in powder, it still doesn't show that well on me whereas, it looks really pretty on my cousin who is fair. Sheertone blushers are easy to work with, and can be built up according to the color you desire. 

It is not powdery, neither I noticed any fall outs. What I loved about MAC blushers is that, the pan does not get messy while using it. I swirled the brush into the product, and didn't notice any extra powder sticking to the pan. The brush picks up the right amount of the product. It's been two months, and still it looks new. The texture of the blush is very smooth and velvety. 

About the staying power, compared to other blush, they do last longer. After a couple of hours - say 4 to 5 hours, I noticed a little fading and change of color. The experience was in HOT humid weather. For me, 4 to 6 hours are perfectly fine. You can always retouch it, it doesn't look blotchy. 

This shade is not something I reach for all the time. I prefer MAC Sheertone blush 'Peaches' more over this shade, and I reach for that blush every time, because that is more wearable+matte.

  • Can be worn anytime of the day and anytime of the year.
  • Not too shimmery.
  • Blends effortlessly.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Long Lasting.
  • NO fall outs.
  • Not messy after use.
  • Too sheer for Olive skin tone.
  • Pricey, if you get it from here.
Overall, I like this blush. And, other blushers by MAC that I have tried. I am definitely going to try some more shades.

I got mine from the MAC U.K. If you are interested in buying MAC blushers, they are available at Ebco, The Forum, Karachi and Ebco has MAC counters, you can swatch and buy. The prices are same, whether you buy from Ebco or any Facebook page.

DO NOT buy MAC products from the local cosmetic shop, or any page that you are not sure about. There are lots of Fake MAC everywhere. 

Do you own a MAC blush? Which shade do you have?



  1. very pretty color.. i like MAC blushes too,MAC fleur power and melba are on my wish list!

  2. So gorgeous! I love peach blushes.

  3. The shade is beautiful. And sometimes MAC is worth the splurge. x

  4. beautiful color and all the good thngs you've mentioned make me wanna go get it right now! Great review! X

    1. Thanks! You should get. Ambering rose is also a pretty shade and dolly mix

  5. That's wonderful, I'm currently in love with dollymix :)

  6. i have read so much about this blush , look like gorgeous shade. I agree about buying from non reliable source , so many fakes of mac

  7. lovely color :) happy that you got MAC <3 nice review

  8. WOW! Love the blush :)
    It looks amazing…thanks

  9. Wow this is love at first it some how similar to thebalm fratboy? I so wanna get it.....awesome review rabiyah

    1. Thank you, Mariam! :)
      Even though I don't FratBoy, but it looks more towards baby pink. However, this is more peachish pink. :)


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