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BH Cosmetics 10 Color Camouflage and Concealer Palette [Review+Swatches]

Finding the right concealer, is the toughest job. I have been on the hunt for the perfect concealer, which can cover-up my blue-ish under eye circles perfectly. I did find one by NYX - Concealer in a Jar. That is a life saver. But, I was looking for something that is even more full coverage, for events where I like more coverage. 

BH Cosmetics 10 Color Camofulage Concealer Palette
BH Cosmetics 10 Color Camouflage and Concealer Palette:
Our ingenious new 10 Color Camouflage and Concealer Palette magically blends away any dark circles, flaws or uneven areas. You'll adore the concealer's soothing, creamy base. Cover-up is a cinch!

My experience:
I had my eyes on BH Cosmetics 10 Color Concealer palette since a year. I am a BIG concealer person, because of my dark circles. This concealer palette always attracted me, because of the variety of shades available in one palette, to cover up dark circles, discoloration or marks on the face. Also, as a makeup artist, I was also looking for something that can be used on different skin tones as well. 

The texture of the concealer is creamy and it is easy on the application. All the shades are highly pigmented. You don't need a lot to cover up the imperfections. I would suggest to use your fingers to dab the concealer. The warmth of the fingers makes the concealer creamy in the pan, and while application, it helps the concealer to absorb into the skin.

It has 10 different shades, for the lightest to the darkest skin tone. You will notice it has peachy-orange shade as well, which is a plus point. I use that to correct my blue tones and then apply the concealer over it. It covers up very well, without creasing or cracking. Don't forget to set it with a translucent powder. Another plus point is, if you can't find a perfect shade in a concealer for yourself, you can mix 2 different shades. 

The packaging is sleek and matte black and, travel friendly.

Swatches - From Top row to the Bottom row
Does it cover up? 
Yes, it does! It is a full coverage concealer palette and covers the imperfections very nicely.

What do I do with the shades that doesn't match my skin tone?
The shades that are lighter than my skin tone, I use them to highlight the areas on which light falls; under the eyes, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and cupid's bow. The shades darker than my skin tone, I use them to contour. 

After using the lighter and darker shades for highlighting and contouring, I again use the pressed highlighter, after setting the concealer and foundation with the translucent powder. However, I don't re-apply the bronzer for contouring. But, if you contour very lightly, you can apply the bronzer as well.

Remember, use the cream/liquid concealers or foundations before using any powder. After using a full coverage foundation, I set them up with translucent powder.


  • Creamy.
  • Pigmented.
  • Full coverage.
  • Easy to apply and blend.
  • Multipurpose. 
  • Doesn't wear off or crease.
  • Affordable.
  • None for me yet. For some it can be shades that do not match their skin tones.
Overall, I love this palette and will definitely recommend for both personal and professional use.

If you are in Pakistan, you can get it from Enhanced Beauty ; I got mine when the sale was going on for PKR 1000.
You can also get it from BH Cosmetics website for $16.95

                          What is your favorite concealer?



  1. This sounds like a perfect concealer palette :) Which NYX concealer worked out for you?

  2. @Shang J, NYX concealer in a jar :)

  3. it is looking amazing and prices are so amazing too Girl keep it up

  4. the swatches look so creamy and smooth, love the array of shades included! x

  5. Yes, You are right. Finding the right concealor is the toughest job. I use one by maybelline but I don't like it much!
    Do check out my blog.

  6. The shades look so amazingly pigmented and there is a color for every skin tone..awesome palette and awesome review!!! :)

  7. I had my eye on this for a while because ive heard such good things about it but I like having my concealers to be in a small packaging! This is perfect for makeup artists.

  8. Thanks girls!
    @Sidrah, you're right! It's not a go-to concealer. It's for times when you have a lot of time to get ready. xx

  9. its perfect to throw in makeup kit for professional use

  10. Nice review! I've the 15 concelcealer palette that I bought from ebay last year..I still use it and love it too!

  11. Thanks for the review, I've been looking for something like this. :)

  12. ohh sounds amazing! you are right tho.. i swear concealour is one of those things that is sooo difficult to find the right shade.. and it's SOOO obvious you are wearing the wrong shade too hahaha unlike foundation which sometimes i feel like you can just pass off haha

    i will definitely look into this thanks for this post! :)

  13. wow i think this is perfect when your a makeup artist. you have all the colours you need! they look so pigmented too. really great palette!

  14. WOW! I am so tempted to try it :) xx

  15. wow! I so want this.. I have dark eye circles and my search for that perfect concealer hasn't ended yet!!

  16. Wow great review Rabeeyah! They look so creamy!! And I am still looking for my perfect concealer. The only thing that kept me from getting this was the fact that I thought it might be a bit much for personal use. But like you said even if all the shades don't match you, you can still get use out of them! And the peachy tones are also tempting me because I have major dark circles.

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  18. this looks very promising! i must try it one of these days. :)

  19. am going for it then check my own result on


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