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Color Studio Professional Blush "PINKIFY" [Review+Swatch]

Summer is all about sun-kissed, glowing, fresh and flawless look. Pink color blush is perfect to create a fresh looking face. I was looking for a nice pink blush; the ones I have are either shimmery or on the plum side. I wanted   subtle and matte; a PERFECT pink.
Color Studio Professional Blush "Pinkify"

Color Studio Professional Blush "Pinkify"

  • -Easy to blend with foundation for any skin tone
  • -Long lasting Effects
  • -For contouring
  • -Light weight application
  • -Aesthetic beauty care

Left: Swatch - Right: Blended
My experience:
'Pinkify', is a pretty pink matte shade, with very tiny specks of shimmer in it. It is not shimmery, neither you can see the sparkles on your face. The idea of the tiny specks is to give a glow to the face, without making it look shimmery. The blush has a slight coral undertone, which makes it a brighter pink. It is not hot pink, nor baby pink. It is the perfect PINK, I was looking for. I am happy with this color and this is my go-to blush since I bought it. Pinkify will look good on fair to medium and wheatish skin tones. Keep in mind, do not apply too much of this color; it can make you look tan.

What made me buy this blush, was the smooth and satiny texture of the blush; of course the color was the second choice after I was impressed with the texture. When you feel the blush, it seems like a satin. So far, I have not experienced any blush SO smooth in my entire blush collection - not even NARS (it does have a satin touch, but not like this one).

It is a pigmented blush, good enough to get a perfect color on your cheeks. You don't have to work too hard to build up the color, nor you have to worry about picking too much of it and end up with a lot of color on the cheeks. Just one swirl over the product, and you get enough of it. It is not powdery and is blendable. I don't have to work with it to build up the color.

If you will smell it closely (I smell makeup products always for some weird reason), it has a scent, which is not sweet nor floral and the smell is not over-powering either. 
The plus point of this blush is the size - it is BIG; compared to other blushes (as you can see). It is the size of my palm. This blush will last forever, because of the size and the quality, as you don't need a lot of product.

It is not super long-lasting. On me, it lasts for 3 hours and then starts fading slowly. I can see slight color even after 6 hours, so I wouldn't say it completely fades away, but it starts getting light and is not as fresh. Color Studio should come up with more colors. The color selection is limited. 

  • Pigmented.
  • Satin finish.
  • The size of the blush.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Not very long-lasting.
  • Limited shades.
Price: PKR 550 - $6.00
Weight: 13g.

It is available at Naheed Supermarket and all the other leading supermarkets. It is also availble online, at Just4girls and Mascara Mafia

Do you want to see how it looks on me? Check HERE

Do you own this blush? Or any blush by Color Studio Professional? How was your experience? Which is your favorite PINK blush?



  1. Totally intrigued by the color studio blushes!!! I might just have to get one =D nice Review!!

  2. Have you tried its other colors too :)Very gorgeous color. Nice post

  3. great review :). This is such a gorgeous shade.

  4. such a pretty shade! I love the texture as well

  5. I am in love with this shade after reading your review. Will be buying it soon .Thanks for wonderful review :)

  6. A very beautiful colour. I wish we had Catrice here.

  7. Thank you for liking the review girls <3

    @Zainab, you should definitely buy one.

    @Shang J, it's by Color Studio, and it's available Nationwide I guess :)

  8. this is very pretty color... looks much better in blended swatch


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