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NYX Cosmetics Round Lipstick - Spell Bound [Review+Swatch]

Again, a lipstick review. This shows how much I am into lipsticks these days, that too bright colors.

After the bad experience I had with NYX Round Lipsticks, I swore I will never buy them again. When I was asked to pick one color from NYX Round Lipstick for myself, I thought of giving it a try once again. I searched many colors online, and picked "Spell Bound". Did I like it this time? Read more to find out.

Color Studio Professional Blush "PINKIFY" [Review+Swatch]

Summer is all about sun-kissed, glowing, fresh and flawless look. Pink color blush is perfect to create a fresh looking face. I was looking for a nice pink blush; the ones I have are either shimmery or on the plum side. I wanted   subtle and matte; a PERFECT pink.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche [Press Release]

An exciting news for all the Lipstick lovers. L'Oreal Paris has released new gorgeous shades of Color Riche Lipsticks in Pakistan - nationwide. Here is the Press Release:

Catrice Cosmetics Lipstick - 140 Pinker Bell [Review+Swatches]

I am addicted to lipstick; especially dark and bright colors. Every time I go, I want to pick ONE bright lipstick; especially pinks. Which color did I pick this time?

CATRICE Cosmetics Matt Mousse Makeup - 050 Sand Beige [Review, Swatch and Application]

Summer has started, with heat waves in most parts of the country. In this HOT weather, I was looking for something for my face; something light weight, matte finish, medium coverage and long lasting; something that does not clog my pores. Compact powders help too, but, they do not last long; neither they have full coverage. Did I find what I was looking for? Read more to find out!

NARS Blush "Deep Throat" [Review+Swatch]

Who doesn't love blushes? If I am given an option to select only one makeup product, I will choose blushes. The one thing without which I can never go out. Recently, one royal blush became a part of my blush family. Yes, it is none other than NARS "Deep Throat".

Catrice Cosmetics at Naheed Supermarket

A view of Catrice Cosmetics counter at Naheed Supermarket. Makeup counters attract you because of the brand name or because of the colorful and cute products on their counters. I was really impressed with Catrice Cosmetics counter at Naheed Supermarket; which attracted me to buy products. Not only the counter is clean and attractive, but the quality of each product is amazing.

The first time when I saw the counter, when it was launched; I was in a hurry and had no time to check things out. But, this time I had time to check and swatch each and everything. I swatched almost every single thing, and when I was satisfied, I thought of taking pictures and sharing it with you girls.

What colors are you wearing on your nails this SUMMER?

Spring/Summer of 2012, is all about NEON and BRIGHT colors; be it makeup or fashion. It's all about mixing colors. It's all about going BOLD this season. Do you like this trend?

I am in LOVE with this neon and bright color trend. I love mixing brights and neon together in my dresses. Not only dresses, but in lipsticks and nail polishes too. See some gorgeous colors I bought.

Why I was MIA?

Hey girls!

I know it's been long, and this post is just to say SORRY for being MIA. I was away and was not posting for almost 2 months. I thought of telling you, why I was away and busy, before blogging again.
All this time, I was busy with my cousin who came down to Karachi for her wedding preparations. She is getting married in December, but she wanted to do her shopping now; in a good weather (which is not good anymore). I was going out every day, and the girls who live in Pakistan knows how hectic and tiring is the wedding shopping. To select colors, material, work, matching and most importantly the BRIDAL dress. I was out almost the whole day and by the time I reached back home, I had no energy to take pictures, edit and write a post. In between I did one review on Catrice Cosmetics eye shadow.