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My BLUSH collection!

You know how much I am obsessed with blushes; and how much I love collecting different colors from different brands. If you have only blush in your bag, it will give an instant glow to your face; that's what I believe. What do you think?

I love each and every blush in my collection.

NOTD - Glamorous Face

First of all I want to say SORRY for being lazy and not blogging for so long. I have been BUSY like anything, and I will stay busy till the 20th April. Till then, I will not be blogging so often. But, if you have any questions, you can always email me or write on the Facebook page. I will reply to all the questions. :)

Today, I am wearing fun color, a beautiful blue on my nails, by Glamorous Face - G 42.

NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection Makeup Set. [Review+Swatch]

I was never into 'makeup sets'; for some reason I believe everything in one box doesn't have that good quality, as compared to one single product. Neither they attracted me, so that I buy them. Read more to find out my experience with NYX Smokey Look collection Makeup Set.

Top 10 things on my WISH-LIST!

Unlike others, I have a LONG wishlist too, but, I shortlisted some of the products, to top 10 products I want. They are not just MAKEUP products, but everything. Most of the things I want are makeup. Let's begin.

1. MAC Blush.
Of course, blush had to be on the top, be it any brand. And then, MAC products are always on my wish-list; any product by MAC. Now that I have MAC Studio Fix Foundation Powder and a MAC single eye shadow, next is any blush by MAC. Any, because there are SO many gorgeous colors, so I would pick any color that I don't have yet.

Physicians Formula - Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Blush [Review+Swatch]

Cute packaging always attracts me, and when the product is designed cute too, it attracts even more. I can not resist buying them. By now you know how much I love blushes. The way I like to try different shades of lipsticks from different brands, same goes for blushes too. I like to collect and enjoy every color and different brands, to experience and to see the results of different brands.
Physicians Formula always comes with cute packaging and products - most of them! I had my eye on Happy Booster Blush by Physicians Formula, and was saving up to buy it.