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Lioele - Carry Me Blusher # 1 [Review+Swatch]

To see what looks good on you, you HAVE to try it out. I like to try and experience different color lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes. I have many different colored blushes. Blush is one of the beauty products, without which I cannot leave the house. I was looking for a nice PINK color blush, for naturally flushed pink cheeks. Whenever I thought of powder/baby colored blush, I always thought that it will look un-natural and will be too pink for me, until I tried it out. 

Lioele Carry Me Blusher:
This product gives natural makeup on skin without lumping with micro crystal powder and makes skin clear and transparent.
Lioele is a Korean brand.

Lioele Carry Me blusher comes with a price tag of $17.50
My Experience:
Lioele 'Carry Me Blusher' #1, is a gorgeous baby pink color powder blush in a plastic container, with a sponge on the top. Lioele "Carry Me Blusher" has the perfect name to it - you can 'carry it' everywhere. It is the easiest and handy blush I ever had. You don't need anything extra with it; by that I mean a blush brush, because it has a soft sponge applicator. It is a matte blush; gives your cheeks natural pinched pink color. It stays put for good 3 to 4 hours. You can re-apply it again, and it will not cake up your skin. The sponge applicator gives a very natural application.
It is very easy to use, open the cap, dab on the cheeks and you have gorgeous strawberry milky pink / powder pink cheeks. It is a very light pink color and I think it is best for wheatish to fair skin tones.
For more info about this blush - check HERE
The container of the powder is covered with a plastic lid, on top of it is the sponge (which is soft as a cushion) - the applicator. The cap / top lid has a mirror on it; which makes it even more handy blush. Secure the powder with the lid while you are going out, and when you want to apply, just take-off the lid, put back the sponge and shake it downwards- towards the sponge. Even if the lid is not on the top while you are travelling, it still will not come out. I have tried it. In powder blushes, you don't have to worry about it getting shattered while you are travelling.
On the first application, you have to shake many times. The product will take time to reach on the top of the applicator. 
Swatch of the blush
Lioele Carry Me Blusher
I have applied the blush without foundation underneath it. It instantly gives natural looking pink cheeks. In winter, it looks even more natural. I only apply on the apples of my cheeks, near the nose. I have a round face, that is why I want the main focus on the cheeks in the centre.


  • Handy.
  • Easy application.
  • Lasting power.
  • Color pay-off.
  • Pricey. (Yes, I know it is good - but for the price of it, it is quite expensive)
That's the only con. I am using it from almost 2 months and I was never disappointed with this blush. It is my go-to blush.
It's a great blush to have, but is expensive.

If you are interested in buying, you can get 5% off. Enter the code: rabeeyah on the checkout on the website LiliesShop.Net 

Which blush color do you like? What color do you wear the most? Your favorite brand?


Disclaimer: This is a PR sample sent to me for review, but this in no way change my views and the review is my honest opinion after using the product.


  1. Oh the color is really v girly and lovely,

    Currently i am using Lancom and Revlon, but really i had a lot of brands and in future i am going to try those :), cant live without blushes....

  2. this is such a cute blush! I love the packaging, its really handy. The color looks so pretty on you.

  3. seems like an interesting product looks great on you

  4. It looks very pretty on you,but I personally dont like loose powder blushes,I find them very messy...I have a blush by Australis and the packaging is pretty much same.I love my MAC and e.l.f blushes.

  5. Looks great!!! Lovely shade too <3

  6. Korean packaging is always the cutest! The color looks lovely but like you said, too expensive!

  7. Korean packaging is always the cutest! The color looks lovely but like you said, too expensive!

  8. Thank you girls <3

    @Benish, I didn't find it messy yet:)

  9. I love this blush. But I live in Korea and managed to get mine for 7000 won. which is maybe 7 dollars?

    I can't believe how much they hike up prices!

  10. l find it at e-bay for 8.99$


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