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[Review] Krylon TV Paint Stick - Orange

Makeup not only enhances your features, but also hides your flaws too!
Hiding my dark circles and finding the RIGHT concealer for the under eye circles has always been a BIG task for me. I have tried quite a few concealers, from different brands; none of them matched or could hide my dark circles properly. Until I came across orange corrector by Krylon.

Krylon TV paint stick - Orange corrector

About Krylon:
For 66 years KRYLON Professional Make-up is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film and television around the globe. KRYLON is also engaged to establish their products more towards the beauty sector.

What are Correctors/Neutralizers and How it works? 
Color Correctors also known as neutralizers are used to correct hard-to-cover skin discolorations. They are based on the idea of the color wheel. If you want to neutralize a color, you will place the opposite color over it. If you look at the color wheel, you will understand the theory of opposite colors and their relation with each other. Orange is opposite to Blue, Green is opposite to Red and Lavender is opposite to Yellow. 

Orange hides dark spots, blue under eye circles and discoloration. Green minimizes the redness on a skin with pink undertones. Lavender minimizes the yellow undertones. Everyone's skin has it's own personal mixture of pigments and undertones.

1. Without any concealer. 2. With orange corrector. 3.With foundation over the corrector
My experience:
I've heard about Krylon TV paint sticks, but never used them. I always thought how can the makeup artists hide such dark circles, until I myself did makeup artistry course. When I started to use it, that's why I saw the wonders. 

The corrector stick is just like the tv paint stick. The texture is smooth, but a little dry; not creamy. It is applied the way concealer is applied. It is best to apply it with a flat brush and then blend with your ring finger; the warmth of the tips will help the concealer to melt into the skin and blend in nicely. Don't rub the finger, instead press the ring finger against the skin softly.

What I do is, I apply my favorite moisturiser, apply the corrector with the brush on the areas I need it, then I press my ring finger and blend it nicely. Blending is the key. If you are planning to apply foundation, the next step would be foundation. Apply your favorite foundation with fingers, brush or sponge. Once you are done, you need to apply concealer accordingly. In this way, you will not apply extra product and make your face look cakey.

In the picture of my eyes above, you can see the difference. You can see how dark my circles are, especially in the inner corner. The difference is visible between first and third picture. In the third picture, I applied  Luscious Foundation Stick. You can use your favorite foundation over it, be it liquid or stick and then concealer. 

Sometimes, when I don't want to use foundation, I just use the corrector, concealer and a powder foundation or BB cream. It gives a natural flawless finish. As long as dark circles are hidden you will look fresh and flawless; dark circles make you look tired.

Blended Swatch
Over all, I am really happy to FINALLY find a product that has made my life SO easy. I got mine from Naheed Supermarket for PKR 875.

                           Have you tried this orange corrector?



  1. Wow this is an amazing product. Great review :)

  2. this looks like a great product, though I wish it came in a smaller package. I definitely like using orange tone concealers under my dark cirles

  3. looks grt though i have no dark circles but i think i will go for this concealer stick

  4. No doubt Kryolan paint sticks are great. They are affordable and lasts forever..

  5. a great orange to cut out the bluish dark circles!i used a tv stick some time back in ivory i guess i dint know they had it in this shade too! thanks fr sharing!:) x

  6. Great Post! i use a peachy corrector, it works great for me :)

  7. Nice:)I have always wanted to try color correction.Kryolan have a color corrector wheel as well.Last time i was at Kryolan city i asked about it but they didnt have it in stock.The person at the counter told me to check back in a month.This stick is HUGE though,hope you can use it all b/f it expires:)

  8. Thankew soOoOoOoOo much for introducing us to this great gonna go grab it soon! :D

  9. Great review.Wow!there's a huge difference in the before and after pic. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow this is amazing. I got something new to invest in. =D

  11. Finally, I am motivated to get Krylon TV Paint Stick.I was really in search of an orange corrector.
    Some queries:
    would it work same on little darker tones?
    what luscious stick did u use? Ivory?
    Thanks a bundle for sharing this.

  12. Thank you everyone for liking the post. I am happy that it was helpful for all of you! <3
    Yes, it is quite big, will last me quite lonnng! :D

    @Cheecky Chic, yes it is for anyone who has blue-ish spots or dark circles :) Any skin tone. And I have linked the Luscious Foundation Stick review, click on the name :)

  13. havent tried smt like this before !great share :)

  14. amazing.. never seen a review of this product.. in beauty salons i have noticed beauticians use this product but i was unaware regarding its use ..!! very informative review .. loved it ..

  15. My goodness what a huge difference it is .... Truely amazing product can you tell me from where i can get it ?? :$im new in pakistan dont know much about the shops and stuff xxx

  16. Thank you SO much girls. I am happy that it was helpful.

    @SGwrites, you can get it from Naheed Supermarket, Aghas or any supermarkets or cosmetics store in Karachi. If you are from other city, you can still look for it at any supermarket or cosmetic stores.

  17. I've never heard of a orange concealer before but it looks like it works wonders x

  18. You have no idea how much this helps. i have crazy dark circles was using a mac corrector but it was limited edition so i had to find a new one. been asking around for nyx orange concealer in a jar but this is so helpful. thanks a ton, you are a life saver

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  21. wow I was not sure it will be helpful... but it is really an amazing product... and suites you so well... what do you think will it make the skin bit pale???

    I must say good post <3

    1. No Mahrukh, it doesn't. It just hides your dark circles and then you can use your regular foundation. If you have dark lips, you can use it on that too.

  22. I am SOOO going to get this!!

  23. i read your review and got myself one , wanted to share this...that at some small cosmetic shops if you ask them for a small piece they can cut the stick for you , it's very affordable that way, i got it for 200 rs a chunk ! anyone around meena bazar area in karachi can go to only biggest cosmetic shop there , who sell all krylon sticks in chunks...and they have very cute little white containers they give it in, and they slice it in front of you !


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