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My Experience at ANAM!!

I graduated AGAIN!! :D
I completed 13 hours - 6 days makeup artistry course from ANAM.

About Anam:
Anam Falak, the owner of ANAM is a well known makeup artist. Anam Falak is a talented and youngest makeup artist, compared to other popular makeup artists in town. She entered this field 8 years back, at a very young age and did her makeup training from a well known institutions like Illamasqua and London Hair and Beauty Academy (LHA).

She has a Makeup Studio (not a Salon) where she dolls up every girl and make them even more beautiful. She does Bridal makeup, evening makeup, engagement/nikkah makeup and model shoot too. She also offers a photoshoot along with the makeup.
Best thing about her is, she offers TRIAL makeup for the brides too. Isn't that amazing? She also listen to what her clients want, and is extremely friendly with all her clients and students, that one will not feel that they are meeting her for the first time.

e: Please check "Price Menu" tab on the left side of her page ANAM on facebook, to see all the prices along with the services she is offering. Her studio is not a walk-in studio, make sure to take an appointment before going.

My experience at ANAM's:
The moment I saw her page, I fell in love with her beautiful and elegant work and then I saw that she offers makeup artistry course too. Of course! I had to register myself, as I was looking for a makeup course. I was impressed with the course she was offering and all the techniques she was going to teach. Which made me register myself for the very next makeup artistry course. I am more than happy and satisfied that I did it!
After registering myself for the course, I was more than excited to join and learn, as I am a makeup junkie and love doing makeup. I wanted to learn every single techniques and tricks that only trained makeup artists know. I always wanted to learn it professionally and adopt it as my profession but, never got a chance to learn.

ANAM offers 6 days - 12 hours course (2 hours daily); which focuses on basic/day, evening and bridal makeup, with lots of tips, tricks and techniques. From foundation application, to how to contour and highlight, blush application, and every little details connected with makeup. Best thing about Anam is that she does not hide anything from her students at all. She shared all the products she uses, along with the shade names and numbers, and also her tricks. She even did live brides in front of us and it took minutes for her to create amazing looks. That showed, that she doesn't hide any thing from her students.
She even taught US the make up she has done in the past (from the pictures on her page) too.
Many people asked me, that how can you learn makeup in 6 days? But I did. It happens only if the person who is teaching you is helpful, sweet and teach every little thing in detail; which makes learning easy, as well as you learn fast. Anam taught every little detail and technique, which made ME and every other girl (including starters) PERFECT!!
Last day was the FINAL exam :D Yes, we had to do our own makeup and at the end of the day, everyone's makeup looked flawless and as if it was done professionally. Yes, she makes everyone professional, even the starters. Which shows, you can learn in 6 days, but you have to practice too. As said, " Practice makes perfect!"

The fees for the 6 days makeup artistry course is PKR 17,000 (including brush roll and an eyeshadow palette). If you have brush roll and palette, the course is for PKR 14,750

Some of her amazing work. 

You can check her facebook page for more amazing makeover done by Anam Falak.

I will share some of the looks that I created while learning at ANAM's in my next post. I hope you get an idea from this post and I hope it was little helpful for you guys, still there was SO much to write, but I had to sum it up. If you want to take a course from her, keep checking her facebook page. Or just ask about the next dates, so that you don't miss it out because her course gets booked really fast. It took me long to write this post, because I didn't want to miss out any point. 
In short, I had an amazing and wonderful time learning makeup at ANAM, with all the lovely girls and Anam as the teacher :)



  1. i LOVE Anam's makeup. Her looks are soo modern <3
    Did u take the course with the brushes and eyeshadow palette?

  2. Wooww Love to see those looks that you have created during the course <3

  3. I never heard of her until you mentioned that you were taking her course! She is really amazing, I love her work

  4. @sidra
    me niether!!
    she does amazing work without a doubt, thanks to you for introducing her to us:) waiting for your looks post!! x

  5. Beautifully written ... Rabiyah ... And I agree On each word u wrote... She is just amazing ... And I too had a wonderful experience learning from her ... Xxx

  6. Beautifully written ... Rabiyah ... And I agree On each word u wrote... She is just amazing ... And I too had a wonderful experience learning from her ... Xxx

  7. I was waiting for this post! Thanks for sharing each and everything in detail. Very helpful! Can't wait for your looks now <3 :) xx

  8. Thanks for liking the post girls <3

    @Madame, I took without brush roll and eye shadow palette.

  9. lovely photos & pix.Come up with urs soon too :)

  10. Hi rabeeya.. i also want to learn makeup from anam... can u pls mail me the details of her.. like address n all fees structure.. im from delhi.. i have my salon and makeup studio in delhi..
    Here are my details..

  11. Where is her salon please tell me the complete address ..


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