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Are you surrendered by SWEETS?
Few days back I was craving for Macarons. After watching 'Gossip Girl' and some YouTube Gurus talking about it and having it, I wanted to try them out badly. I thought and wished for it and it was granted, when I came to know about Macarons from a friend on facebook. Thanks to her for sharing the picture on her wall :D 
It was a picture and the link a Cafe in Islamabad named " MOCCA COFFEE ". I had to check the page and when I saw the album filled with the pictures of mouth watering deserts,food and MACARONS,
I was drooling and I wanted them even more badly. You guys in Islamabad are lucky! You should check out their page and the album, but only when your stomach is full *advice*, if you are not from Islamabad *wink wink* 
I was SO excited to see these little colorful babies! And I had to get them, but... before I could buy them, Mocca Coffee was kind enough to send me a bunch of yummiest Macarons. Yes, they ship country wide. And you get them the next day they are shipped.
The Blue and Yellow Macarons are the ones I ate and it is this way to show the inside of the Macaron :)
Just look at them, aren't they tempting and mouth-watering?
They have them in 6 different yummy flavors, which are :
1. Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle.
2. Lemony Philadelphia Cream Cheese.
3. Caramelised Peanut & Sea Salt.
4. Blackcurrant with French Vanilla.
5. Blueberry & Mohito Mint.
6. Pistachio with Amaretto.

If I have to pick one favorite*which is quite hard* that would be Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle. I am a sucker for chocolate flavors, so it has to be in my favorite list. Else Pistachio with Amaretto is my second favorite (I love pistachios) and then Caramelised Peanut  & Sea Salt. And the rest are on equal level and in my favorite list too :D
They came all packed up nicely in a box, which was in another box and wrapped in a cardboard. But some how it was little bit crushed * thanks to courier guys * , but seriously it doesn't matters to me. They all were in full piece, just a little crumbs came out.

The Macarons have soft creamy filling inside, which tastes YUM! You can taste every little flavor which is in it. They were as fresh as you will get them at Mocca Coffee. When the courier guy arrived, I could smell the smell of the Macarons outside the package and I couldn't wait to open the box and eat them. They are quite rich, you can not eat the whole at once. But if you are SWEET lover, you can.
All in all, the wait and wish for Macarons was worth it! I really enjoyed eating them. And I will order some in future too. 
Highly recommended! Do try them out. You can find "Mocca Coffee" on Facebook and email them and let them know what flavors you would like to have.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post. If you have tried Macarons, do share your views.
Will you order some for yourself? :)



  1. woww you ppl are so lucky! what i enjoy most in reading such reviews is this that you all get so amazing stuff for FREE :D thats most exciting part :P i wish i cd get them too :P

  2. ReeBz, not everything is free :D Thank you :)

  3. I know =) but i am of the view point that the thing you get as a gift/courtesy is more precious than the things you buy yourself :)

  4. I am from Isb and these Macarons are yummy but look disgusting. They are not supposed to look like this. Macaron or macaroon making is an art and some people, me included :) feel very touchy when it comes to badly made stuff which is then marketed as authentic French recipe only cuz ppl in Pak don't know much about how macaroons are supposed to look or taste like.These are discolored and haven't developed their 'feet' as its called in macaron lingo :).I hope you don't think of my comment as rude, it's just that there are some things I'm passionate about, macaroons being on of them if you read my latest post you will know hehe! :D

  5. You are right! But this happened because of the courier people. Even Mocca Coffee people were disappointed how they showed up after being sent. They said themselves that they are not the way they are looking. Thanks to delivery guys! :)

  6. But, they are not disgusting as you think they are :) You live in Islamabad, you should go and check at their Cafe :)

  7. woww yummy so colorful can you please confirm how to order online?

  8. interesting! they dont LOOK tempting but with all the flavors u've listed they must taste good! Im a frequent visitor to isb,would defo try it!
    nice post btw x

  9. Whoa! Mocca Coffee here - we're glad you enjoyed the 'earthly remains' of our Macarons, but we're going to have a serious word with our Courier...

    @Pandora: We totally agree with you! Macaron making is indeed an art - one we've spent a very long time learning and developing. But try telling OCS that... :/

    If you are in ISB, drop by our outlet in Kohsar Market - you'll find perfectly coloured Macarons with 'feet' and without crackled 'domes' - just like these

    @ Rabeeyah: We're developing new shipping packaging and will be sending a new box - we just can't live with the above depicted delivery massacre! Macarons are incredibly delicate and fragile but we're not ready to give up on sending them out just yet. You'll be hearing from us :)

  10. OMG. You should'nt have posted it ;O :O :O Now what i am gonna do :p seriously want to eat em right away..looks so yum yum

  11. Thank U Rabeeyah for this post.I ll check them out def :)

  12. Thank you everyone for the comments and liking the post <3

    @Sadee, you can email them with your order. You can check their facebook page for more info :)

    @Areej, girl you are one lucky person to go and eat all the yummy food at Mocca Coffee :D Do try and let me know :)

    @Sahrish and Madame, I can understand. I had the same feeling when I first saw them :)

    @Adam, thank you! I know and I can never trust OCS people. They are my biggest enemies :D Thank you anyways for these Macarons. I seriously enjoyed every bit of it.

  13. Yum Yum Yum.... mujh ko b chahiyeeeee... lolzzz....
    thanks for sharing Rabeeyah <3<3<3

  14. broken or not,they look really yummy:)

  15. I have never tasted macarons before, they don't seem to be very popular here in Canada. These look yummy though!

  16. Thank you Fuchsia, Shahtaj and GABY! :)
    @GABY, they are famous in Paris :)

  17. I went to Mocca Coffee today with a friend and had this chocolate Hazelnut Macaron and it tasted sooooooooooooooo good!!!! but it was too small :((

  18. Yayie good to know that you went and liked the Macarons, Ambreen. I know they are small, but that's the actual size of them :) They are quite rich :) I'm glad you liked it.

  19. @Rabeeyah, this is how our Macarons look delivered by Mocca Coffee staff in ISB today:

    You can imagine why we're really >:( with OCS! Hope the next box looks better... :)

    @GABY: Macarons are often called Macaroons in North America - they are huge in Europe and now coming up in the States. It's the next big thing after Cupcakes, only much more delicate, exquisite and much, much more demanding to prepare authentically... You'll find many odd attempts :)

    @Ambreen: Glad you enjoyed it! Mocca's Macarons are actually on the larger side - just over 2 inches. But we agree - a Macaron is always 'too small' particularly the Chocolate-Hazelnut Truffle Macaron! ;)

  20. Thanks Adam! I saw Jiah's picture :D She is my friend and the one who introduced me to Mocca Coffee. I was really happy to see what she received. I am sure delivery will get better and soon you will be delivering nation wide :D I am still happy with what I received and ate :D


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