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It's HAUL time!

Hey girls!

After eid I had to go for shopping :D Most of the things are the things which were on my wishlist since long. Somethings are still on my wishlist, which are not in this haul. Maybelline Drama Gel Liner is on my top list since 2 months, but it is out of stock. :(

As you know, I always shop from Naheed Supermarket. It is my favorite place and I can literally spend hours shopping at Naheed Supermarket. I know CRAZY! It has expanded more and there are even more things, so I need even more time to shop and look through things :D Anyways, let's start with the HAUL post. 

I know quite a lot of stuff! I am going nail polish crazy. Finally I got some good colors I was looking for.

Beauty Products  - I didn't buy too many beauty products, because I don't need anymore, at least for the time being. I was looking for some good lip pencil colors, but didn't find any good color. Wanted a red lip pencil, so picked one from Christine - you know my growing love towards bold colors. :D And some eye pencils. I was checking new Luscious plumping lip glosses,when Cherry Biscotti (which is an old shade, in new packaging) attracted me because of the plum color and I picked it up. And some random nail polishes.
Luscious Plumping Lipgloss - PKR 395
Golden Rose Nail polish - PKR 130
Sweet Touch Nail polishes - PKR 90 each
Jenny Nail Polish - PKR 65
Medora Nail polish - PKR  85

Hair Products - I saw this TRESemme shampoo and dry shampoo 2 months back at Naheed and wanted to buy, but I already shopped a lot. So, this was my 2nd pick. I actually wanted to buy the dry shampoo, but they were not selling it seperately. Another value pack had shampoo and conditioner.
TRESemme Value Pack - PKR 650
Sunsilk Pink Conditioner is what I use, so I bought it because I was running out of my conditioner. I was also looking for good leave-in conditioner, and I found this. Which is not for my hair type :D So I might give it to someone.
Sunsilk Pink Conditioner - PKR 170
Sunsilk Anti Frizz Lotion - PKR 195

Random things - These are some random picks. I always keep back up of the things I use on daily basis. Only Callus balm and nail filer is not a back up. Rest of the things are.
Uni Deo Active Wipes - PKR 125

Cool & Cool Refreshing Wipes - PKR 60
SHE deo roll - PKR 150
OralB floss - PKR140
Nail Filer - PKR 55
Cool & Cool cotton pads - PKR 90
Olive Handmade soap - PKR 180
Freeman Bare Foot Heel & Callus Balm - PKR 285

Yes, this is the main reason, that I went to Naheed Supermarket :D I was looking for 'The Express Tribune Magazine', then I thought of searching the magazines at Naheed and this was the first one I picked and I had to buy it :D For those who doesn't know; yes, we (Sara Hassan, Sarah Ali and Fizza Ali) were featured in L'Oreal Print Ad. 
She Magazine - PKR 200

Last but not the least, M&Ms. I LOVE M&Ms like anything. I have to pick it up every time I go :D

This was the not-so-big Haul. I hope you liked the things I picked up. Let me know which product you want me to review first.



  1. ooh m&ms yumm ;) your HAUL, tempting..i wanted a dry shampoo too, good to know TRESemme has one at naheed <3

  2. I love to shop from Naheed, too!! :D And just like you; I can spend hours there.

    I have those cotton pads, but I'd love to know about the refreshing wipes and Luscious Plumping Lip gloss.

    (Also, do visit my blog and comment. I don't bite :D )

  3. Love the haul!! I also like the christine pencils, they're cheap and have great pigmentation. OMG and that SHE deodorant is great! I've ran out of 2 bottles of that :D

  4. I want m&m's :D :D

    Nice haul btw! =)

  5. wowww!!!You got really nice stuff.
    I want to know about TRESemme shampoo and dry shampoo.

  6. That TRESemmé value pack is interesting! I have the dry shampoo and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, it's strange, but I still like it (:

  7. nice haul, loved to see all u guys on She magazine.... Wowwwwwwww... :)

    Rocking ladies....\m/

  8. guess what ? i got the sweet touch turquoise nail polish couple of weeks ago and its gorgeous :) Great haul was waiting for this post. i love to shop at alfatah and ccan spend whole day there

  9. Awesome stuff.Happy that u found a copy of SHE for urself :)

  10. Thank you girls for liking the stuff that I bought <3

    Thank you for the requests, I will try to review things requested very soon :) <3

  11. Hey Rabeeyah i want to know about this sunsilk anti frizz solution, its purpose and price.
    Thanks :)

  12. Reebz, I have mentioned the price. And it is like a leave in conditioner :)

  13. However small, I think the hall is very interesting. I like the value pack. I am also looking for a good dry shampoo.

  14. yay love your haul! temptations.. waaah

  15. keep in touch hun!

  16. cool haul!!! will buy the she mag!!!
    check out my blog:

  17. cool haul!!! will buy the she mag!!!
    check out my blog:

  18. Great haul.....its been a long time since I took a look at your looks nice

    COngrats on appearing in SHE :)

  19. what r the numbers of nail polishes from sweet touch ?


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