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Are you going BOLD this season? [Review + Swatches]

This season is all about BOLD and Beautiful! I always loved bold lips, but was scared to wear it, as it is really hard to carry the color and look good in it at the same time. Have you ever tried going bold? See my first BOLD color.

Medora Matte Lipstick - Beloved
Medora of London (PVT) Ltd, was established in 1961. It has a network of more than 200 distributors, all over Pakistan.

My experience:
I was looking for a good CORAL shade, this summer and I was looking for a light coral lipstick. But then, my love went a little darker. Yes! More towards reds and dark oranges. I was confused, whether it will look good on me. So, I thought not to spend too much money on an expensive lip product, which I can end up throwing. I searched for different brands and colors and thought of trying Medora, as I found the color I was looking for, that too for affordable price.

The shade I bought is, BELOVED - 559. "Beloved" is a a bold orange shade, somewhat similar to Morange by MAC. Morange is a brighter shade, whereas Beloved is a deeper and a matte shade of orange. This is my first ever matte lipstick, and I must say I am impressed with the quality, texture and pigmentation of this lipstick. It glides effortlessly, without leaving streak marks. One swipe, and you are good to go. I thought it might dry out my lips, but it doesn't. For girls with dry lips, I would suggest to use a lip balm incase.

The texture of the lipstick is soft, creamy and stays put for good 5 to 6 hours. As it is matte, it stays longer than the glossy or satin finishes. You can also dab a little and smudge it with your finger for natural stained lips. It has that lipstick scent which might be a turn off for some, but the scent is not bad or over-powering.

The packaging is not flimsy considering the price. It's sturdy, but nothing attractive. On the bottom you will notice the shade sticker, which makes it easier to pick while searching for a certain shade.

The conclusion is, I LOVED the texture and how it applies, would definitely pick some more colors. Medora lipsticks costs PKR 80 and are available nationwide.

Do you LOVE bold colors? Also share some good bold colors with brands, if you own some. I will love to try them too! 



  1. i have used madora lippies and they r good..i love Glamour..its pretty tea pink shade..try that one 2..
    Love this shade on ur lips

  2. it is such a gorgeous shade,medora is good but the lipsticks dry out very quickly...sometimes i wish i had these Scarlett Johnson lips...they look so much better with bold lipsticks.

  3. Try viva glam by medora. I love this shade. It's a pinkish nude colour.

  4. I DO use bold colors and I love them =D I have two, one is red(Fleura) and one is maroon(Medora). :)

  5. That looks great on u Rabeeyah.Bt I would think a couple of times before trying it on myself:8

  6. That looks great on u Rabeeyah.Bt I would think a couple of times before trying it on myself:8

  7. Thank you girls for sharing the color shades and brands with me <3

    Thank you for liking the post :) <3

  8. Great review. I'm also going through this red lipstick phase, but scared to wear it publicly :P

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi Rabeeya :) this color looks nice on u. I have heard that Medora lipsticks stain lips. So be a bit cautious..just in case.

  11. This shade looks lovely on you. Is it possible to get swatches of the other colors available???

  12. wowww i did'n know medora has such a beautiful shade

  13. @ Remy, I was scared too, but once I started wearing it, I just can't look back to nude shades :D

    @ Ruqaiya, thank you for liking it and for sharing it. Never heard it before :)

    @ Sudha, Thank you! Sure, as soon as I buy some more I will share it :)

    @ Sadee, thank you for commenting :)

  14. I never thought they'd look that good. You pull if off BEAUTIFULLY! love it on you! <3

  15. Ooooh will definitely have to check these out! Thanks for letting us know :)

  16. I really like Medora's lipsticks, they arent drying at all! I will have to hunt down this shade, i love it!

  17. Thats bold girl! I really wanna try this color too, hopefully when I stop being sucha scaredy cat. I am a nude, pink lips type of girl too, so yeah.

    loved your blog!
    check mine out too:

  18. My my your lips look amazing ! I love medora shades and been using personally . They do not last long but are great .I love bold colors . and i was looking for such color. I am definitely getting BELOVED tomorrow :)))

  19. Thank you girls for liking the post and the color. xx

  20. ill try soon...i love medora matt lipsticks....fav color shade is 225


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