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Review - Garnier skin naturals - Light

Hey girls,

In summers everyone has the problem of acnes and the marks left by acnes, dark spots and dark skin, due to exposure to direct sunlight. Everyone looks for good SPF creams, to protect their skin from harmful sun rays and dark spots.

Garnier Skin Naturals brings you Garnier LIGHT.

Garnier's Philosophy:

  • Garnier uses, whenever possible, carefully extracted nature-based active ingredients.
  • Our products are dermatologically tested for their tolerance.
  • The efficacy of our products is proven.
          Your skin is visibly fairer, more even-toned and naturally radiant. Existing dark spots are reduced and the outbreak of new dark spots is prevented.

In keeping with Garnier's motto 'Take Care', launched this summer is a cream for your skin - Garnier Skin Naturals Light which is as the name suggests a natural cream enriched with skin effective ingredients like Lemon which helps to gently exfoliate and remove dead cells and also SPF 15 which protects skin from darkening in the sun. With this cream experience skin two tones fairer in just 28 days! Measure and see for yourself!
Garnier claims, that you can see the result in 4 weeks.
We need SPF moisturizing creams to keep our skin hydrated and also protected from sun rays, which is harmful. 

Garinier Skin Naturals Light is a SPF 15 [dermatologically tested] , with pure lemon essence and herbal extract. It is a fairness + anti dark spots cream.

My experience: 
Garnier creams never works for my skin type. It always ends up breaking me out. This cream was sent to me in May, to try for 28 days. But as I said, Garnier creams breaks me out, that is why I was a little scared to use it. One should use this cream twice a day, but I used once a day and that too very little. It feels heavy on my skin. I have combination to oily skin.
As I was using very less amount of it, and only once a day, it took me longer to experience it. No creams can make you visibly fairer in 28 days. If they do, they are harmful for your skin. Garnier Light did what it says, but not that quick, which is good. I am already fair, which is why I can not actually see much difference. But, I used it on my red spots which were left by pimples. It became a bit lighter. 
You can see how thick it is. I would prefer and recommend you to use it in winters. But if you have dry skin, you can always try it out now. I didn't use it when I was going out, as I said earlier, this cream feels heavy and after applying I feel hot and sweaty. But, it did work for my dark spots *thumbs up* for it.
It comes with a Fairness Scale on the box, which you can cut out and measure before and after using it.
I am not wearing any makeup on my face. You can see the dark red spots, which were red earlier, became light. 
I would recommend you to use very little amount, and at night if you have oily skin. You can also use only on dark spots, like I do, if it breaks you out. Gently rub on your face and it absorbs into the skin easily.

  • Lightens dark spots.
  • Affordable.
  • Too heavy for summers.
  • Broke me out, if I use twice a day and on the whole face.

Price: PKR 299.00

I hope this review was helpful for you guys. If you are using this cream, do share your views too.



  1. I have tried this too Garnier doesnt suit my oily skin :( Loreal works better for me.I love the Garnier Eye Roll on though :)Great honest review:)

  2. I wanted to buy this but now I think I wont lol

  3. i really like this product but i used it only on dark spots and not all over my face...and only at night i used it so my face wont get too greasy during the day. And the dark spots did decrease! Its pointless to use it for its spf thou

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nice review. :) I have tried this product out but lost my patience. lol Usually creams start showing results in two weeks, but this one is four. I didn't see that much of a noticeable change either. :)

  6. Thanks for the honest review. I love loreal white perfect.

  7. Thank you for the lovely comments girls. I see, most of the girls like L'oreal. Even I prefer some of the L'oreal creams.

    @Sidrah, yes it is best to use only on the spots.

  8. Where is it from? I'm going to post a review on Garnier light as well but it's the moisturizer. Packaging is exactly the same. Has the formula changed a bit or this one is from somewhere else?

  9. Great review :) you look super pretty without make up on too

  10. @Pinkish, this is a LIGHT cream. For fairness and dark spots. If you have the same one, than the formula is the same.

    @Sara, thank you so much <3

  11. i m having same thoughts abt it :S

  12. Oh crap, i just bought this! And i have oily skin...! =/ Realli oily!!

  13. Zainab, try it but at night and that too very little

  14. i have used this but it didnt do anything to my skin.. no good no bad. so i jus stopped using it and gave it away.

  15. Is it works on men's oily skin? Is harmful on this type of skin.?


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