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What's in my Travel Makeup Bag?

Hey beauties!

Today, I am going to give you girls a look into my TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG. Though, I don't travel and go outside my city that much. Just once in a blue moon. But, I do move around in my city for sleep overs and stay for a week or so. For that too you need a bag with all your makeup essentials.

FYI: One of my sweet blogger friend SARAH ALI has started a very interesting contest on her blog and facebook page. She was kind enough to choose me as one of the judges. Thank you Sarah! Here is the link to her blog and giveaway : Glossicious Beauty Blog

The giveaway is about the post I am doing right now. Yes, " what's in your travel makeup bag? ".

So, let's get started!

This is my travel makeup bag in which I carry all my stuff. It looks small, but it carries a lot of things. It is by Candy Couture. But, I got it from Sunday Bazar for Rs. 50 :D 

These are my face stuff that I carry along with me.
1. Luscious HD Mineral Foundation.
2. Luscious Compact Powder.
3. Luscious Face Ultra protective whitening base.
3. Rimmel Concealer.

I don't like to carry full coverage foundation. I carry full coverage foundation, only if I am going for any wedding.

These are my all time favorite blushes and bronzers for NOW! 
1. Nyx Cream Blush in Red.
2. Etude blush in # 20.
3. Rimmel natural bronzer.
3. ELF duo blush and bronzer.

Lip stuff includes :
1. Sleek pout polish - Electro peach.
2. Beautyuk Lipstick - In the buff.
3. Rimmer Lipstick - Airy Fairy.
3. Nyx Megashine lipgloss - Smokey look.
4. Elf Mineral Lipgloss - Fierce.
5. Magic Lip balm.
6. The Body Shop lip butter.

My face brushes include:
1. Sigma F80 - Flat top Kabuki.
2. Luscious Blush brush.
3. Aqua powder brush.
4. Aqua contour brush.
5. Aqua angled liner brush.

These are some random eye liner pencils I carry. They vary accordingly. Three main essential eye products I carry everytime are:
1. Kajal.
2. Eye liner. (any kind)
3. Mascara.

And, ofcourse makeup wipes, mirror and hand sanitizer.

I do over pack sometimes (that's natural I guess) ;). IF I am going for a wedding, there will be lot more things in it. Which will include eye shadows brushes, eye shadows , more lipsticks and glosses etc.

These are my few stuff that I will carry in my travel bag. What do you carry? Share the pictures or do a post and enter the contest. 



  1. You got some really cool stuff :) I as usual loved the cheek stuff the most . Thank you for the shout out :)

  2. hey hun ur link is wrong, it goes to your giveaway winner :/

    i really like the variety of products but usually i use one product for more than one purpose!

  3. Thank you Sarah! <3

    Thank you Sidrah for letting me know, just changed the link :D

  4. I love everything in ur travel make up bbag I love the bag as well :D

  5. Great picks for your travel bag. The NYX red cream blush is of such an awesome colour. ^^

  6. love love love the nyx cream blushes :D

  7. Thank you Areej! :)

    Thank you Shang J :) It surely is a pretty color.

    Thank you Sugar! LOVE the cream blushes by NYX too :D

  8. very nice Travel Makeup Bag like it :)

  9. you have got a great make up bag out of which i like airy fairy the most as its always in my hand bag too ;).

  10. Ohhhh Airy Fairy i am sooo jealous :)

  11. oooh! Very nice collection. I`m curious about the red blush. Have posted any look done with it?

  12. Oooh NICE!!! Great post Rabeeyah. You've got amazing stuff :) <3

  13. Thank you girls <3

    @ Pandora's box, no I haven't done any look with this blush yet. But soon! :)


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