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Tour of PORT GRAND - Karachi

Hey girls,

Last Sunday, I visited Port Grand - Karachi. I hope everyone in Karachi knows about it. It is under the popular Naitive Jaity Bridge. It is a place worth visiting. So, if you haven't visited that place, you should definitely check it out. And, you can check a little bit from my pictures too.

What I loved about Port Grand is, the proper arrangements and security. There is a facility of valet parking, so you don't have to worry about parking. Entrance ticket is Rs. 300 per person. You get Rs.200 coupon back. Which means, the entrance per person is Rs.100, which I think is good for keeping a place maintained and clean. 

Yeah, that's me :D

When you enter Port Grand, you will feel you are somewhere out of Karachi. It is beautifully designed, with beautiful architecture. There is a Gallery at the entrance, and right in front is the shopping area and kids area. 

On the left side to the shopping area is where the food street starts. Where you can find stalls of bun kababs , shawarmas, golas, limca and much more. There is a Coffee shop - Bistro, Italian food at Aylanto, Japanese food at Ushi Sushi, OPTP, Barbeque at Ghaffars, Mr. Cod, Mr. Burger, Pizzeria and much more. You can find whatever food you are looking for. 

And ofcourse, ICE CREAM too :D

There is a place for kids too, where they can do pot painting and drawing and other more activities. 

Few restaurants are still closed, they are almost ready and I think will be open soon. Sea Food restaurant - Mermaid is still under construction. It is very beautifully designed like a boat. The architecture is beautiful and so is the interior. The food street over a sea, with a view of port makes your outing even more happening. 

People come there and relax, while enjoying the cool breeze and the view. At night it's even more beautiful, with beautiful lightning. 


The popular BBQ food by Ghaffar at Port Grand, with beautiful interior.

 You can also find some cold stuff, like Golas(crushed ice pops) and Limcas (flavored sodas) in many flavors. 

And some coffee at Bistro too.

The prices are bit higher. 

The view of Port Grand and the food street at night is just amazing!

This thing changes the color, which looks really beautiful.

I hope you liked the pictures.

Photography by :

Taha Tungekar - Taha Tungekar's Photography
Fariha Tungekar. 

Have you been to Port Grand yet? If yes, share your experience. I LOVED that place, and I will recommend everyone of you to visit that place.



  1. hey i love reading and watchng pics of ur wonderful day out..nice photographs must say..

  2. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.

    It looks like a really nice place and in some pictures I'm thinking this doesn't look like Karachi at all, lol.

    How are the restaurants are they reasonably priced?

    I may visit next time I'm in Karachi :)

  3. ahh loved the tour <3
    ..i can't wait to come back and visit port grand..i've been hearing so much good about it :)

  4. Thank you girls for liking it. Do visit it, it's worth visiting.

    @pyari beauty, the prices are bit high. But, that's fine. Who goes everyday?

  5. Isloo me bethe bethe Port Grand ki sair ho gai When i was there in Dec it was under construction.

    Great Photography & Great post :)Thanks Rabeeyah:)

  6. Amazing amzing place . Now I so wanna go there . Loved the photos :)

  7. You're welcome Areej :) Thank you for liking the pictures and the post :)

  8. This was such a nice post! thank you for sharing your trip with us! I really want to visit this place..

  9. how does this place appear so calm in the pics?maybe i went their at night and that was a weakened felt like the whole Karachi was there...but i really enjoyed the food... thanks for the made me want to re visit this place and now i'll go there in the evening to enjoy the beauty:)

  10. Thank you for liking it Sidrah! :)

    Benish, I went there on Sunday as I mentioned in the post :) It is a bit calm in evening. Do visit it in the evening :)

  11. Lovely post. It was about time someone took an initiative to use the sea as an entertaining strip. Great pics. The entry ticket is pretty reasonable too.

  12. Awesome photography!! Port Grand is exactly what us Pakistani's needed!! Hope we maintain it too !! :)

  13. Thank you Pandora's Box :)

    Thank you JJ :) I hope that too, that WE maintain that place. :)

  14. nice blog gal. I was looking for Zoya's pics in your blog :P

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Thank you! :) Oh! I didn't add her pictures because I don't like adding pictures of people without permission. :)

  17. thats great place i will definitely visit it in my next visit to Karachi


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