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Happy feet with Purple Patch!

Hey girls!

It's summer time, and everyone loves strappy sandals and flip flops. Moreover you look for something that is comfortable too, with being pretty and stylish. Yes! Today's post is about SHOES.

I was sent these lovely pair of flat sandals by Purple Patch. The owners Nyssa Razzak and Sumaiya Lawai, were kind enough to send me these pairs. Thank you girls! I love these sandals :)

What is Purple Patch?
Purple Patch is a home based business owned by two young ladies of Karachi (Pakistan) dealing in ladies footwear and jewelry. The owners (Nissa Razzak & Sumaiya Lawai) originally started out exhibiting their footwear designs at their house and now they have a small section at Studio S (A multibrand store) where you can get these shoes. Till now Purple Patch deals in flat shoes and jewelry but soon it will expand to heels and clutch bags.

Purple Patch:
"Whether you are a glamorous party lover or a stylish business woman,a trendy student or a fashionable house wife, Purple patch recognizes and caters to the specific fashion needs of your personality. Our shoe line is of high quality,high fashion and is equaly comfortable to bring out the diva in you." 
My experience:
Indeed, they have stylish and beautiful collection. All the sandals are very trendy and stylish, with amazing quality. 
Totally LOVE the sandals. I am not saying it because they were sent to me. I actually love them. They are neatly made, with good quality material and all the details on it. I am really impressed with the quality. These sandals have soft cloth material on the sole to make it comfortable to walk in. Seriously, they are so COMFY! I wore them on Saturday for the whole day shopping, just to see how it feels after wearing them and going out. Trust me, I have issues with flats while shopping, my feet hurts. But, these sandals are so comfortable and easy to walk in. 

These are made of shiny plastic material. But, material of every pair of sandals is different. The one I received is of plastic material and are the newest one, from their sample collection. I was so excited and happy to receive them.
The color combination is best for the Summers. Yellows and corals are the colors which is in-style for summer time. I love bold and colorful flip flops and strappy sandals for summers.

These sandals are for PKR 1150. The code number is P791
Best thing about Purple Patch is, you can get a home delivery. For those girls who has size issues at the store like me, or they can not reach the store because they think it is far, can always order them online and they will deliver it on your door steps. After ordering, give them sometime to make it ready for you. 
You can see the tiny details on this sandal. I actually wanted to show you the little stud on the buckle, which is cute and makes it more girly and trendy. This shows how much attention and effort they put in little things. I love the cut at the back.

My shoe size is 5 and it's usually hard to find shoes for me, especially heels. But now Purple Patch made it easy for me :) I just wish they start making shoes in heels. 

You can find Purple Patch at the following stores:

Karachi : Red Tree - 2nd Floor - Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road.
Islamabad: L'atelier - 1A , Main Kohistan Road, F-8/3.

You can also find them on facebook here --> Purple Patch

Let's sum it up, I love these sandals and I ordered two more :D I would definitely recommend you all to buy one for yourself too.

If you own any of the sandals from Purple Patch, do share your views too.

I hope this review was helpful.



  1. Looks great. Very pretty detailing on the clasp. Will check out their facebook page.

  2. hi there rabeeyah.
    read your blog on purple patch.i also have two pairs from purple patch and when i was buying them the response was very good, and reply to my mail was very quick.
    i got my last pair with in two days.and i love them, and love to showoff, cause i live in interior, so no one here has seen the purple patch design, and when i wear them, every one asks "kahan say liye".
    will buy only from purple patch, and recommend to you all

  3. beautiful shoes, love choco with yellow combo. :)

  4. Hey this is beautiful but I wanna see it on ur foot :)

  5. Thank you girls for the lovely comments.

    @Pandora's Box, yes do check their facebook page and all the collection.

    @ash1975, thank you for sharing your views and experience :)

  6. Gorgeous shoes. I love the detail and they look well made. :)

  7. I LOVE your brand :)

    Thank you for the comments :)

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  9. CHI Professional Pakistan is glad to announce our “FACEBOOK” users that now we can also stay in touch on facebook, our link is provided blow just click on it and you will land on our FACEBOOK page.

  10. CHI Professional Pakistan is glad to announce our “FACEBOOK” users that now we can also stay in touch on facebook, our link is provided blow just click on it and you will land on our FACEBOOK page.


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