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Review - The Body Shop - Body Butter

Hey girls,

Today, finally I am doing a review on this Body Butter by The Body Shop. For all those girls, who were waiting for this review; I have a good news with this review. All the girls from Karachi, there is an in-store discount upto 50% is going on at The Body Shop - The Forum.
The Body Shop - Strawberry Body Butter:
Our famous Body Butter with a delicious strawberry scent. Quickly absorbed, it provides round-the-clock hydration.

Happy feet with Purple Patch!

Hey girls!

It's summer time, and everyone loves strappy sandals and flip flops. Moreover you look for something that is comfortable too, with being pretty and stylish. Yes! Today's post is about SHOES.

I was sent these lovely pair of flat sandals by Purple Patch. The owners Nyssa Razzak and Sumaiya Lawai, were kind enough to send me these pairs. Thank you girls! I love these sandals :)

Tour of PORT GRAND - Karachi

Hey girls,

Last Sunday, I visited Port Grand - Karachi. I hope everyone in Karachi knows about it. It is under the popular Naitive Jaity Bridge. It is a place worth visiting. So, if you haven't visited that place, you should definitely check it out. And, you can check a little bit from my pictures too.

What I loved about Port Grand is, the proper arrangements and security. There is a facility of valet parking, so you don't have to worry about parking. Entrance ticket is Rs. 300 per person. You get Rs.200 coupon back. Which means, the entrance per person is Rs.100, which I think is good for keeping a place maintained and clean. 

Yeah, that's me :D

When you enter Port Grand, you will feel you are somewhere out of Karachi. It is beautifully designed, with beautiful architecture. There is a Gallery at the entrance, and right in front is the shopping area and kids area. 

On the left side to the shopping area is where the food street starts. Where you can find stalls of bun kababs ,…

L’Oréal Professionnel launches X-Tenso Moisturist : A Straightening Revolution.

x-tenso®Moisturist™ L'Oreal Professionnel Guarantee Formaldehyde-free  By the Best Hairdressers in the World

L'Oreal Professionnel has made onE of its greatest successes even better and HAS launched a STRAIGHTENING revolution: STRAIGHTENING SERVICES that thoroughly nourish hair.
[Karachi: 09 June 2011] L’Oréal Professionnel Pakistan proudly introduced their exciting technological revolution in haircare, the formaldehyde- free X-Tenso Moisturist. With the new X-Tenso Moisturist Nutri-Cationic innovation, hair can be both straightened and nourished from lengths to ends. 
High levels of humidity is one of the greatest enemies of straight hair, since it increases volume and favours frizz. Pakistani women particularly suffer from it given the most of the country has an extremely humid climate. X-Tenso Moisturist's revolutionary Nutri-Cationic technology protects straightened or relaxed fibers from Pakistan’s extreme humidity. Comparative studies on sensitive hair, performed after 8…

Review - Beautyuk Cosmetics Day & Night Palette.

Hey girls!

Today's review is on Beautyuk Cosmetic's 10 color eye shadow palette in Day & Night.

The 10 color palette comes in 6 different color shades. Every palette has 10 amazing colors. From too shimmery to earth tones. You can pick one according to yourself.

Beautyuk Cosmetics:
Make fresh statement everyday with our best selling 10 eye shadow combo palettes - as featured in Vogue.

Price: £3.99 including VAT

Day & Night palette has 5 cool colors; perfect to create a look for day time and 5 warm colors to create a look for a party at night. It has combination of matte and shimmery colors. They are silky and smooth at touch. 

It comes with a dual end sponge applicator, with a small mirror under the applicator. As for the price, the packaging is of good quality. It came bubble wrapped in a small box and the box was in the bubble envelope. There is no risk of damage, if you order it online. 

Here are the swatches:

As you can see, the matte colors needs an eye shadow base to buil…