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Review - Ell Bee Leather Bags.

Hello girls!

Today the post is about FASHION rather than MAKEUP :) What comes to your mind when I say Fashion? 

Shoes? Dresses? Accessories? Bags? Whatever is in-style! All you need to know is what looks good on you and how you carry it. This post is about a LEATHER BAG, which looks good on everyone and stays in-style all year round. Style and function are two main reasons for which leather bags are so popular.

The quality of leather varies. So, if you are looking for genuine leather, do check properly. If you are looking for genuine leather online? I have a place for you, where you can order online and also have a bag of your style, design and choice. And, you will get your bag on your door steps. Yes! I am talking about ELL BEE- Leather Bags.

Ell Bee - Leather Bags :
We deal in fine quality leather bags / clutches. We are an online business for made-to-order leather bags. This page is for all the women who want to buy the best brands with the best quality. We guarantee you all that [e…

GARNIER takes care of your skin!

Hey beauties!
Summer heat has started already. What are you doing to keep your skin healthy and glowing? Are you protecting it from Sun-light? You all know how bad the sunlight is for our skin. Sun light after 8:00 a.m till 5:00 p.m. Between this time, you need a good SPF moisturizing cream, which will keep your skin hydrated and protect it from sun rays. 
Garnier is launching their cream in mid - June! Which has SPF 15 and they claim, that with this cream your skin will change 2 tones fairer in just 28 days! So, let's try it :D
 In keeping with Garnier's motto 'Take Care', launching this summer is a cream for your skin - Garnier Skin Naturals Light which is as the name suggests a natural cream enriched with skin effective ingredients like Lemon which helps to gently exfoliate and remove dead cells and also SPF 15 which protects skin from darkening in the sun. With this cream experience skin two tones fairer in just 28 days! Measure and see for yourself soon…

Review - Olive Handmade Cosmetics - Almond Joy

Hey girls!

After reading reviews about OLIVEHANDMADECosmetics Soaps, I couldn't wait to try them. I wanted to try atleast one of the soap and it was on TOP of my list. Since I got to know about LUSH, I was a huge fan of LUSH products and I am still. I will try them one day. But, they are not available in Pakistan. Which is sad :(. After I got to know about OLIVE Handmade Cosmetics, it felt like LUSH is in my country :) Ofcourse, it is not! But, for US who cannot get hold of LUSH products, now Olive handmade soaps are here. Thanks to OLIVE Handmade, for introducing natural soaps.
Olive Handmade Cosmetics (OHC) is a handmade soap and skin care product manufacturing company with a range of products. Our main line of natural handcrafted soaps includes different natural ingredients, imparting unique characteristics to each bar of soap. We also manufacture shower gels, body scrubs, and massage oils. Olive Oil is a key ingredient that is included in…

240+ Followers Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Hey girls!!

Another INTERNATIONAL giveaway for my lovely readers. Thank you all for all the LOVE and SUPPORT! Special thanks to those, who read my blog and comment. I love reading your comments. They make me HAPPY :)  I LOVE YOU all! <3

Now, for the giveaway and the prize. This Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!

I am giving out Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki. (Sponsored by SIGMA MAKEUP)

If you want to be a sigma affiliate, you can become one too. Click HERE 
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Contest starts today, 21st May 2011 and Ends 21st June 2011. 

Important part. RULES :D

Rules: (MUST entries)

1. Comment below and write anything with your GFC name, Facebook name, Twitter name and Tweet link.
2. Follow my blog through GFC (Google Friend Connect), PUBLICLY. (+2 entries)
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NOTE [extra must entry] :After liking my FACEBOOK page, mention your GFC name and Facebook name on my Facebook Giveaway section (it is in NOTES). Comment on t…

GUEST POST - GlamaDazzle - Juicy Summer Lips!

It's already blazing Summer in Bangladesh, and for ladies of the West, Summer's just a bit away. With all the heat and humidity, it's difficult to rock out full face makeup during the day for most of us, so why not use minimal makeup and do a fresh look? Lip gloss is perfect for Summer because it creates a fresh, glowy look.

One of the parts of your face you can accentuate during this time are your lips. I'm always wearing lip gloss all year round, so I have a different color preference for each season. For Summer, lip gloss colors should be different. I'm not saying they MUST be bold, but they should make you look beachy and fresh!
For light skin tones, try peach lip gloss. If your skin is warm-toned, you should go for a warm peach shade, like Balmshell's Hair-apy. For cool undertones, opt for a more frosty shade of peach, like MAC's Prrr. Peach creates a fresh look and will definitely make you look great. Just make sure it's not too light, or it could …

Review - Bhcosmetics 88 Color Cool Shimmer Palette.

Looking for a palette, with many beautiful shades? And is affordable too? You don't have to look for it anymore. Bh Cosmetics have some really nice palettes.Today, I am going to review the palette I always wanted to buy and try. Yes! It is Bh Cosmetics palette. These palettes always attracted me for some reason. The palette I am going to review today is, 88 Color Cool Shimmer  Palette.

Whether you're a professional makeup artist or the most stylish girl on your block, you'll love our 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette. Sweep your eyes with eye-catching glimmer: deluxe pinks, moonlight shiver greens, and honey yellows. Lustrous bronzes, twinkly turquoises, and pearlescent plums dazzle like jewels. This wonderful palette is as entrancing as you are!

Case size: 9" x .5" 

Bhcosmetics 88 Cool shimmer palette comes in a shiny black casing, with mirror inside and 2 sponge applicators. It is worth $19.95 and you can get this palette online on their website BHcos…

Grey Eyes and Side braid!

Hey girls,

Finally, the blogger is working. The first thing I did was to write a post :D

So, I asked you all a question on my facebook page, about my next blog post? This is it! A blog post of a makeup tutorial, using Bhcosmetics 88 Standard Matte Palette. I ordered it when they were having 25% off on their website. I will come up with the palette's review in my next blog post.

This is the look I created using Bhcosmetics Matte palette.

The eyes are little dramatic and smokey. That is why I have kept rest of the face neutral.

For face I used:
1. Luscious Flawless Foundation - Sand.
2. Luscious Compact Powder - No.2.
3. Rimmel Concealer - Natural Beige.
4. Christine Contouring powder.
5. Luscious Blush - Sparkle.

For eyes:
1. NYX Jumbo pencil - Milk.
2. Bhcosmetics - 88 Standard Matte Palette.
3. Gel eye liner.
5. Karaja - Lash Design Mascara.

For lips:
1. Maybelline Lipstick - Tasseled Taupe.
2. NYX Mega shine lip gloss - Smokey Look.

I have used 2 shades of grey, lighter one for tear duct, darker …

March and April Favorites!

Hey lovelies!

I haven't done favorites post since 2 months, and still I am bit late :D I didn't posted about my March favorites because most of the things were same as February and April has some of the things that were from March. So, I decided to do it together.

Face routine products are the same, there is no change in cleanser, face wash and toner. Though, I have stopped using the moisturizer. I have to get a new one which will not break me out.

These are some of my favorites, which I used almost daily and weekly.

Yes, I am obsessed with this little thing. This is Lip Butter from THE BODY SHOP. I can not sleep without using this on my lips. For some reason my lips get dried at night, I guess they are addicted to lip butter :D This is something I have been using since the day I bought. It comes in my daily favorites. It has started to melt a little because of the heat. I have done a review on it HERE

This is another thing I use daily for my under eye circles. I haven't seen b…

Review - Christine Cake Eyeliner


Today, the review is of Christine's Cake Eyeliner. This review was requested to me by many girls since I bought it. I think it is the cheapest eye liner anyone can have. 

Christine is a local brand. They have a good range of products. I haven't tried other things yet. I always wanted to try the cake liners, as I heard good reviews about them. Most of the makeup artists use cake eye liners too.

I bought this liner 2-3 months back. Since then I am using it where ever I go. I am very picky about eye liners, because I have oily eye lids. And, the liner area touches my brow bone, because of that my liner smudges or sticks to the brow bone, which is quite annoying. That is why I have to be very careful while choosing an eye liner. Gel liners never works for me.

I bought Christine Cake Eye liner for Rs.190 only. Which is quite reasonable. That is why I picked it up to try it out. It is a water based ofcourse. You have to dip the brush in the water and then work with the liner. You …

Review - NYX Cosmetics JUMBO Eye Pencils


Today, I am going to review  NYX Cosmetics Jumbo eye pencils. I have been hearing good reviews about it. I always wanted to try them out, but then I had an eye shadow base already. Now, I know the difference between an eye shadow base with no color and a colored eye shadow pencil, which can be used as a base. These pencils can be used as an eye shadow and eye liner. But, they can be used as an eye shadow base too. Trust me, it looks amazing! 
The Jumbo pencils are one of the top selling item from NYX Cosmetics collection. I bought two of them. MILK and PURPLE. Milk is one jumbo pencil from NYX that every girl has it and who doesn't, should have it.
NYX COSMETICS : A blend of both worlds, an eye shadow and eye liner in one! Jumbo eye pencils glide on like silk, blends easily and lasts all day.

They come in 28 beautiful colors.

I will agree with what NYX has to say about their jumbo pencils. They are really creamy and pigmented. Glides on very easily on your eyes and blends very w…