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Review - NYX Cosmetics Lip Products.

Hey girls,

Today I will be reviewing lip products from NYX Cosmetics, which I recently bought from a website. To be honest, since I received my first product from NYX Cosmetics, I am loving each and every product I bought. I was so in LOVE with them that I ordered again. You already saw my 2nd purchase on my Facebook Page.
These 3 lip products I own from NYX Cosmetics. I wanted to try everything from their collection. So, I ordered one product from every line.
1. Round Lipsitck.
2. Lip Laquer Pot.
3. Mega shine Lip Gloss.
 Let's begin with NYX ROUND LIPSTICK.

NYX Cosmetics: This velvety lipstick formulated with mineral oils provides moisturizing benefits and rich colors. NYX’s top selling lipstick, the Round Lipstick offers long-lasting, non-smudging color.

My Views:  I agree with what NYX says about this lipstick. It is super-moisturizing, which is the best thing about this lipstick. It hydrates your lips. It is non-smudging too. It is long lasting too. I am a lipstick eater, so mines does gets off quickly :D But, for those who doesn't eats it. It will stay on for quite a long time.
For the price of it, it is an amazing product and I am really happy to have this lipstick in my collection. What I didn't like about this lipstick is the taste and smell of it. It feels like a washing surf. I like lipstick which has no taste or sweet taste. Personally, I didn't liked the taste. But, to ignore the taste, I apply lip gloss over it to avoid the taste (ofcourse you should not eat the lipstick, but you do feel the taste). I noticed that after sometime the smell and taste does disappears. I asked some others to try it, but no one had taste issues.
Iris is a nude color, with gold sheen in it.
 I will give 10 out of 10 for the packaging of the lipstick. I like how the color of the lipstick shows behind, which really helps when you are in a hurry and you have to select a lip color.
Lip Laquer Pot

NYX Cosmetics: The Lip Lacquer Pot holds high impact lip gloss with a rich formula that delivers gorgeous color and luscious shine. Makeup artists’ favorite.

My Views: This was something I was really excited about. It comes in a cute little jar. I personally loved the packaging. What I noticed in all the lip products of NYX is that they all have sheen in it. This lip laquer pot has silver sheen in it. Night in Manhattan will come under nude / neutral shade, from a brown family. It has very little brown shade in it, which doesn't not shows up that much. It is like a lip gloss and lipstick mixed together in a jar.
It is non-sticky. It does stays for sometime. You need a brush applicator to apply this product. You can use fingers too, but I would prefer a brush for a fine application. It has no taste or smell.
Mega Shine Lip Gloss

NYX Cosmetics: NYX’s signature lip gloss has a creamy, lacquer finish with high-impact color pay-off and beautiful shine and sheen. Best selling NYX lip gloss and makeup artists’ favorite. Contains mineral and lanolin oils to condition and moisturize lips.

My views: I will agree with what NYX has to say about their Mega Shine Lip Gloss. It has sweet bubble-gum flavour and sweet smell, which I like.I felt like eating it (ofcourse you should not eat :D). It also has little sheen in it, which makes your lips shine. Sheen helps your lips look shiny and plumpy. I noticed, after applying the gloss, lips looks plumper and fuller. It does stays on the lips for quite a long time, compared to some glosses.It is non-sticky like most of the glosses. It is creamy and shiny. It does mositurizes and makes your lips conditioned. It is a must have and I really loved the gloss.
The Smokey Look is a nude peachy color, with sheen in it. You can see the sheen in the bottle. The applicator is just fine. Over all, I loved this gloss.
These are the swatches of all the lip products. They are all neutral or nude colors, with lots of sheen in them.

From all the three, I personally loved the Megashine Lip Gloss, which I wanted from so long. Truly loved it. I will buy some more too :D

I hope the review was helpful. I will definately recommend you guys to buy these products.They are worth buying.



  1. So happy I found your blog from Twitter! Love the review! NYX is one of my favorite make-up companies for sure! And Ulta always has a sale!
    I actually bought a lip product from them as well for the first time and did a blog post yesterday!
    I follwed :)

    Hope to have you follow back!


  2. Lovely products!!! Love all the shades <3fr

  3. Great review Rabeeyah :) Love the lipstick and the gloss. I ordered smokey look for myself just recently :D yaay

  4. Thank you Amy, Rakhshanda and Sara.

    Yayy Sara, it is lovely shade and I LOVE the gloss

  5. Great review!! I haven't tried NYX yet... will do soon :))

  6. Really nice products.And i agree with you about nyx lipsticks.they are the best:)

  7. Hey! Me again! I nominated you for the Kreative Blog award!


  8. I love NYX Round Lisptick and Mega SHine Lipgloss! I have a lipstick in Tea Rose and a gloss in Lala and they are amazing. The ligploss smells so great and it's insanely pigmented x

  9. Thank you girls!

    Yes, the gloss is very pigmented. Want to grab some more of them :D

  10. Hi Rabiyah,

    Great post! You chose some lovely shades :)

  11. I love all these colors and think the swatches came out really well. Have you entered my necklace giveaway yet hun?

  12. Smokey Look is one of my favs! It smells so yummy and looks absolutely gorgeous ^_^ I like the Megashines as they're not so drying compared to the normal round lip glosses

  13. Thank you girls for liking.
    Thank you Isabel, for letting me know about the round lip glosses :D

  14. awwwwwwwww so lovely colors,,, gonna kill me....yawwwwwwwwww... ;-)

  15. The lipstick kinda reminds me of the beautyuk one...

    Pretty shades!

  16. wow! im totally in love with NYX esp the megashine lipglosses!! love ur haul!!
    my blog:

  17. hey rabiyah plz tell me the price of each 1 of them.....

  18. Maya, you can check the prices on :)


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