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Product Review - NYX Rouge Cream Blush in BOHO CHIC

Hey beauties!

How are you all doing today? How is the weather at your side of the world? As you know I am from Karachi, and summers have already started in Karachi and most parts of the Pakistan. Dewy and sun-kissed look is all about SUMMERS!

Now, lets get to the review :D This review was requested to me the most by my followers. Yes! It is NYX Rouge Cream Blush in BOHO CHIC. It is the one product which was on my wish list since months. And, now I am totally in love with this product. I am obsessed with this blush. I don't go out without it on my cheeks since I bought it. I love pink blushes all year round. I am not a big fan of bronzers. 
NYX Rouge Cream Blush comes in 12 different shades. From natural shades to beautiful pinks and browns, as well as red. I love almost all the colors from the Rouge Cream Blush collection. The one I have and I am going to review is BOHO CHIC.

NYX says:
Rouge Cream Blush offers radiant, long-lasting color in the form of velvety smooth cream. Infused with mineral oils, this blush is creamy in texture and provides a dewy glow for natural, fresh color. 

My review: 
I agree with what company say about this product. It is very smooth and velvety. It looks very thick in consistency when you first see it, but actually it is not. It is very light in texture. You can see that from the picture. The product on my finger shows the consistency of the blush. It is very light and when you touch it, it gives a watery feel. 
It blends very easily on your skin, making your skin look naturally fresh and glowy. It does gives dewy look to your cheeks, because it has silver sheen in it (perfect for summers). You can apply very little amount for natural look, to a little bit darker as well. The color is itself a lighter shade of pink. It is actually a natural pink, which gives natural pink look. It does last little bit long, but not too long.
You can see from both of the pictures above, I have swatched the product on the back of my hand. The first shows the light color due to light application of the product where as the second picture shows a little darker than the first picture, as I applied a little bit more of the product. You can also see the silver sheen which actually make it looks dewy. You don't have to work a lot with this product. It depends on you that how you much you want to build it up. You can apply with fingers, and then use brush on the cheeks. That's what I prefer. If you will dip the brush in the product, it does not pick up the product that much.

* Not oily as compared to other cream blushes.
* Not too pricey.
* Doesn't give cakey look.
* Comes in gorgeous colors.
* You can now order it in Pakistan too.

* The packaging of the blush is very low quality. 
* Does not last too long.

The only thing I don't like about this blush is the packaging. The packaging is very low quality. It can break very easily. My top casing came broken in the parcel. But, all in all the product is amazing. I will definitely recommend each one of you, specially those who love cream blushes. Oh! BEST part, it didn't break me out YET. :D

NYX does not ships to Pakistan, but there are many website which deals in NYX cosmetics and ships to Pakistan. The price of this blush is $6.50. Which is quite affordable for a product like this. I think it will last long, as you don't have to use that much product.

Tip: If you want your cream blush to last a little long, apply same color blush on it or light champagne color blush on it. It will last couple hours more than it actually does.

That's all from the review. I hope you liked it. If you have any questions. Feel free to ask me :)
Love you all!



  1. Wow Rabeeyah it is great I wish NYX would somehow be available to paki girls as we love it's products quite a lot.

    Great review :)Thank U

  2. Oh wow thanks for such a fantastic review - the colour is absolutely gorgeous! Adding to my extremely long list of things to get!!!! x

  3. Thank you Areej! And, you can get the NYX products. There are many websites who ships NYX products to Pakistan :)

    Thank you Joanna for liking it :) I have a long list too :D

  4. Nice Rabeeyah...

    Me getting this one in GLOW

    waiting for it anxiously..


  5. Thanks Dipti. I am getting another one in RED CHEEK :D

  6. I love the color of boho chic but hate the stupid glitter in it :/ apply a powder blush over this it won't budge all day ;)

  7. very pretty shade :) great review Rabyeeyah

  8. Yes Rabeeyah I know they ship here bt its different to try different products & then buying :)....The true essence of retail therapy ;)

  9. @ Madiha, Yeah, sometimes glitter is annoying :)

    @ Sara, Thank you for liking it :) Indeed it is a pretty shade.

  10. hey rabeeya, do try exciting products of ORIFLAME naturat sweedish cosmetics company! they offer wide variety of products with great texture and finishing.. view my facebook page

  11. Ooh it is such a lovely shade. And thanks for the last tip ;)

  12. Thank you Navera! I would love to try it too :)

    @ Shang, Indeed it is a lovely shade and thank you :)

  13. such a nice review....... n i love the shade,....i too dont like bronzers :) i wanna buy this :)

  14. Thank you Parisa :) You should buy this

  15. Oh nice review but personally i liked powder blusher without glitter.... anyways, color is really coool na....:)

  16. love that shade, its so pretty and spring like!

  17. @ Fakhra, I too love powder blush. But, this one is amazing :)

    @ Fashion Ice, yes it is very spring and summer like :)

  18. plz tell me the website for orderin in pakistan!!!!!!!

  19. @ NiFtY^LaSs : If you dont want the order of doing online shipping and all, because i know it can be an issue with the credit cards and what not, you can order from international makeup in pakistan. Thats an FB page. Heres the link:

    She offers a few other brands as well so check it out!


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