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HAUL - April!

Hey lovely ladies,

As I promised last month that  I will not go for shopping for the whole month, because I shopped a lot last month :D And, I kept my promise :D Though still I didn't shopped that much this month. This is what I got.
This post is more like an OBSESSION Post :D Because I am obsessed with all the things in this Haul.
I ordered some of the products from Cosmeceutique. It is a brand which has natural products. I have very bad under eye circles. One of my followers suggested me to use Under Eye Gel from this brand. Thanks to her! I ordered Under Eye Gel and Hairfall Hair Tonic. 
Uptill now I am loving both of the products and I am sticked to them. I use the gel everyday and the hair tonic/oil every alternate days.

After this, I always wanted NYX Cream Rouge Blush in BOHO CHIC. Since the day I heard about the reviews about this blush, I wanted it so badly. I ordered it from one of the website and yayyy it came in less than 10 days from LA. Which is quite amazing. And, I am LOVING that blush. I am obsessed with it. Though it came broken, but I still can use it. I will be doing a review on it very soon :) This is what I got from NYX.
Cream blush in Boho Chic, Lipstick in Iris and Lip Laquer pot in Night in Manhattan. I got 2 more lipsticks which I am selling out and 2 more cream blushes which are not mines. They were ordered to me by one of my followers. 

I went to shopping on Saturday. I didn't went to shop for myself, but then who doesn't shop for themselves when they are out for shopping? :D

I saw this Juicy Couture (fake) bag on a website, and I wanted it badly from so long. But, that website was giving that bag very expensive. I don't prefer ordering bags or shoes online as you can not actually see the size or material or quality of that particular thing. Then, I got to know from my cousin that a shop at Zamzama has Juicy Couture's bags. Ofcourse! I wanted to go. When I went I was going all crazy on which bag to buy and which one to leave and the prices were Rs.1000 less than that website, hmm waiting was good for me. :)
This is what I got. I wanted it in black, but they were out of stock. Half of the stock finished within a week. There were so many colors and styles and shapes. I was going crazy. I took almost 30 minutes or more to decide which bag to buy :D The guy was like why don't you buy all three of them, as I was confused between 2 Juicy bags and 1 Chloe's bag. The shop was so colorful with all the Juicy bags.
I already have in blacks and whites and I wanted a funky color, but in this style they had only 3 colors left in which this one was the best. Hmm..I still LOVE it! :D

I got it for Rs.2100, original price is Rs.2250. I was given Rs.150 discount (don't know why). I got it from Stella! I was shocked to see Juicy bags in other shops in the same lane for Rs.3000. Girls, if you are looking for this bag. You should check Stella. They have amazing copies of branded bags from Juicy Couture, LV and Chloe.

Oh! I also bought a dress and a pair of flat flip flops. I forgot to take the picture of the flip flops. It's a casual flats for Rs.290, from a new shop opened a week back at Zamzama.

That's it! I hope you liked my things. Are you crazy about bags? Real or fake? I am not a brand conscious girl. If I find the same thing for cheaper price and good quality, I will go for it :D 

If you want me to review any of the products, (except bag ofcourse) do let me know. LOVE you all.


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