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Review - NYX Cosmetics Lip Products.

Hey girls,

Today I will be reviewing lip products from NYX Cosmetics, which I recently bought from a website. To be honest, since I received my first product from NYX Cosmetics, I am loving each and every product I bought. I was so in LOVE with them that I ordered again. You already saw my 2nd purchase on my Facebook Page.
These 3 lip products I own from NYX Cosmetics. I wanted to try everything from their collection. So, I ordered one product from every line.
1. Round Lipsitck.
2. Lip Laquer Pot.
3. Mega shine Lip Gloss.
Let's begin with NYX ROUND LIPSTICK.

NYX Cosmetics: This velvety lipstick formulated with mineral oils provides moisturizing benefits and rich colors. NYX’s top selling lipstick, the Round Lipstick offers long-lasting, non-smudging color.

My Views:  I agree with what NYX says about this lipstick. It is super-moisturizing, which is the best thing about this lipstick. It hydrates your lips. It is non-smudging too. It is long lasting too. I am a lipstick eater, so mines doe…

And the NEW winner for my Giveaway is....

Hey ladies,

I am announcing a NEW WINNER of my giveaway, because the previous winner was given 48 hours to reply or mail me her contact details. I mailed her and tweeted her couple of times. But, she didn't replied. According to the rules, I have to announce another winner.

And, now for the winner. THE WINNER IS....

                 " Gaby Fauchon "

Congratulations GABY. I hope you reply me within 48 hours too. I have sent you an email :)

She says about her favourite makeup product:
Currently, my favorite makeup product would be Natural Collection Lipstick in Pink Mallow. It's such a pretty pink! I'm sad we don't have this brand here )=

For others...I STILL LOVE YOU! I will be hosting another giveaway very soon :)

And the winner for my SIGMA F80 Giveaway is...


I know you all are waiting for the results. I took a little long, but there were so many entries. First of all, a big thank you to all of you for entering my first international GIVEAWAY! Winner is always ONE! But, don't lose hope. Soon, I will be hosting another International giveaway for all of you :)

And, now for the winner!



A big HUG and Congratulations girl! Please contact me withing 48 hours and send me your details on :)

For other girls, stay tuned for another GIVEAWAY :)



NOTD - Luscious Cosmetics [Tango]

Hey girls,

Today I have another NOTD and yes, again it is from Luscious Cosmetics. I like Luscious Nail Laquers, because the way they dries so fast, when you apply on the nails. I don't have a big collection of nail polishes, but soon I am going to collect from different brands :)

This is my first nail laquer from Luscious collection. It is TANGO and it is one of my favorite color, because it is PINK :D

It is a nice spring / summer color. Though for me, I like to wear what my mood says :D
This particular color has a big brush applicator, which makes application very easy. I wished every nail color from Luscious had the same applicator.

Price: Rs.225/-

I hope you liked it :)


Soft Summer Look!

Hey girls,

Today, I have a soft summery look for you. You can call it a natural look as well. Summers is around the corner. Go nude or little light on your eyes, with a liner and lots of Mascara. Glowy sunkissed cheeks and neutral or nude lips. Perfect for SUMMERS! 

It looks like I have done nothing, but I have :D It's a soft look with light pink shades and little bit of darks on the ends. You can coat 2 to 3 layers of Mascara for heavy eyelashes. But, that doesn't mean you end up with an untidy lashes. 
Side braids are very much in style this Spring and Summer. Play with your hair by making different style braids, specially on the side. It looks neat, decent and stylish too.
I made a mohawk/poof at the front and made french side braid and took it all over to the other side. I love braiding my hair in different styles.
I have emphasized my eyes with eye liner on upper lash line and lower lash line. I have blended and smudged the liner on the lower lash line with a black eye shadow.…

Product Review - NYX Rouge Cream Blush in BOHO CHIC

Hey beauties!

How are you all doing today? How is the weather at your side of the world? As you know I am from Karachi, and summers have already started in Karachi and most parts of the Pakistan. Dewy and sun-kissed look is all about SUMMERS!

Now, lets get to the review :D This review was requested to me the most by my followers. Yes! It is NYX Rouge Cream Blush in BOHO CHIC. It is the one product which was on my wish list since months. And, now I am totally in love with this product. I am obsessed with this blush. I don't go out without it on my cheeks since I bought it. I love pink blushes all year round. I am not a big fan of bronzers. 
NYX Rouge Cream Blush comes in 12 different shades. From natural shades to beautiful pinks and browns, as well as red. I love almost all the colors from the Rouge Cream Blush collection. The one I have and I am going to review is BOHO CHIC.

NYX says:
Rouge Cream Blush offers radiant, long-lasting color in the form of velvety smooth cream. Infused wit…

Brushes for Cake or Gel Liners

Hey beauties!

I was asked by one of my follower to help her out about the brushes used for cake or gel liners. I thought of doing a blog post about it. Sorry to her, I am kind of late in this post. But, not too late :)

These are some of the brushes which can be used for cake or gel liners. 
This is an angled brush. It is one of the easiest brush to work with while applying gel liners or cake liners. Specially, for those who are new to liners. It is very easy to apply with this brush. Just dip in the product and on to your lash line and you have perfect liner. This brush is best for winged eyeliners too. And, also to create a smokey effect on the upper lash line with any eye shadow. This is one of my favorite brushes, which helps in many ways.
This is the thin liner brush which comes in every brush set, and also with some of the liquid liners. It is good for precise liner. For those who like to apply very thin liner, this one is the best. Though, I find it quite hard to work with, because …

HAUL - April!

Hey lovely ladies,

As I promised last month that  I will not go for shopping for the whole month, because I shopped a lot last month :D And, I kept my promise :D Though still I didn't shopped that much this month. This is what I got.
This post is more like an OBSESSION Post :D Because I am obsessed with all the things in this Haul.
I ordered some of the products from Cosmeceutique. It is a brand which has natural products. I have very bad under eye circles. One of my followers suggested me to use Under Eye Gel from this brand. Thanks to her! I ordered Under Eye Gel and Hairfall Hair Tonic. 
Uptill now I am loving both of the products and I am sticked to them. I use the gel everyday and the hair tonic/oil every alternate days.

After this, I always wanted NYX Cream Rouge Blush in BOHO CHIC. Since the day I heard about the reviews about this blush, I wanted it so badly. I ordered it from one of the website and yayyy it came in less than 10 days from LA. Which is quite amazing. And, I am L…

Bright Pink Eyes!

Hey lovely ladies!

Today, I have [ Eyes of the Day ] post for you! Usually I do a whole tutorial guiding how to do the look. But today it's just a look I am sharing with you that I created from the same Glamorous USA 48+48 eyeshadow palette. For the first time I used the makhmalli colors from that palette. I just used one makhmalli color, and the others are matte ones. Personally, I don't like Makhmalli colors. I feel they look too bright on my eyes. That's why I prefer matte shades :)

Here is the eye makeup:

As you can see I have used white color on my tear duct, which makes my eyes look bright and open. I kind of love it now! :) I have used all the colors from PINK family. The colors are Pink, Plums, Maroons, White and a little bit of brown color :)

I hope you liked the eye makeup! You can use a nude lipstick with it or something very light pink. Or you can even go a little bit brighter, but not too dark. For blush, you can use coral, bronzer only, pinks and peach. But don&#…