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Contouring and Highlighting

Contouring and Highlighting is about re-shaping your face and enhancing your features. It is very easy, you only need to keep some steps in mind. All you need to know is your face shape. Once you know that, you can contour and highlight your face to balance the shape. Everyone has different face cuts and needs to understand it and to know what they need to hide and what to enhance. 
Contouring and highlighting, helps to enhance your cheek bones, slim out your nose, hide your double chin and slim your face. Contouring is shading and highlighting your face to create a shape.

Where to Contour?
There are four areas that need to be contoured to make your face look slim. Those four areas are:
1. Cheekbones.
2. Nose.
3. Temples.
4. Jaw line. 

Where to Highlight?
Highlighting colors are applied at the place on which the light falls directly. Those are the places to highlight. The areas are:
1. Apples of the cheeks.
2. Top of the nose.
3. Chin.
4. Forehead.

How to Contour and Highlight?  
You can see in the picture graph, the darker areas are for contouring and the lighter ones for highlighting. This graph will help you out to know the areas more. Begin with contouring first. Always use darker colors to contour. Shades of brown are ideal and preferable for contouring. If you want to have a pink plum look, you can always contour with plum shades. But, in that too use a little bit of lighter color of brown.
Begin by building up your cheek bones. Add a little bronzer on your cheekbones and work upwards, towards your hairline, in a wedge like shape. Or to find the cheek bones and place to contour, say O and the line you see on the cheeks are the one you need to contour. Contouring cheeks are ideal for those women who has a round face, it will help them have high cheek bones and will make the face look a bit slimmer and longer.
To make the round or wide forehead look narrow, shades with the same color the temples or the sides of the forehead. And, to slim down the nose, use the bronzer on the sides of the nose. Want to show your nose shorter? Apply the bronzer on the underside of the tip. 
Now the double chin, a problem most of the girls / women's faces. Shade the area under the jaw line. Blending is the key in contouring, because you don't want to show where your contouring starts from and where it ends. So, you have to blend very nicely, to give a very natural look.

To bring areas of your face forward, thus emphasizing them, do the opposite to the contouring and use a highlighter ( a color lighter than your skin tone or any shimmery color or shimmery powder). And apply the highlighter on the areas I mentioned. And, the contouring and highlighting is done. To find the apples of your cheeks, smile and you will see the cheeks going up and  highlighting up :D Isn't it easy?

All you need is a little practice and the right brushes. I have helped you out with the techniques and the areas to contour and highlight. Once you will start practice, you will be perfect in it very soon. Because, nothing is hard.

Brushes used for Contouring and Highlighting:
After techniques, brushes play an important role for good contouring and highlighting. Here are some of the brushes which can be used for contouring and highlighting. It's not necessary you buy the same brand brushes. If you don't have these or you cannot buy these, look for an alternative.

Sigma F40
 This is an angled brush, which is best of contouring. It contours the cheekbones, temples, jaw line and nose so perfectly. Angled brushes are ideal for contouring. Take the product on the brush and hold the brush in the position, when the longer side of the brush faces towards the nose, whereas the smaller side towards the temples. Pat the brush and go in the upward direction. When applying to the temples, keep the longer side upwards and vice versa. You can buy this brush or get a similar one like this. You can get this brush for $14, HERE

Small contour - F05
Sigma says, this brush is ideal to apply, blend or contour powder products. Softly rounded dome tip  smoothly blends color into the face. If you don't have an angled brush or if it is hard for you to understand how to use angled brush, you can always use this brush or similar brush like this. I will recommend a starter for this brush so that, you can work in small strokes and easily with it. You can get this brush for $14, HERE

Tapered highlighter F35
This is a Tapered Highlighter brush, to brush highlight colors on the top of the nose, apples of the cheeks, chin and forehead. The precise tip in this brush enhances enhances cheek highlighting and contouring. Get this amazing brush for $16, HERE



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  4. very nice have all required details.
    but please tell abt which product to use as contouring powder?? like which bronzer is good

  5. Thank you girls for liking it :)

    @Maryam, I did a last post about the contouring powder from Chrisitine. Please check that. Else you can use any bronzer or brown blush shade for contouring :)

  6. great post! lol i look evil when i only contour and dont highlight! lol

  7. Thank you!
    Hehe.. if you contour too much, ofcourse you need a lil bit highlight too :)

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