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100+ Followers Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Finally I have reached 100+ Followers on my BLOG and 200+ on my facebook page. 

First of all I would like to thank all of you, who are following me since day 1 and have always supported me with your lovely comments. I always enjoy reading your comments, suggestions as well as the requests. You all are like my BLOGGING FAMILY! <3

To thank you all for following me and for all the LOVE, I am starting a Giveaway. It's my first giveaway and yes, it is INTERNATIONAL! Yayiee! :) 

This giveaway has been sponsored by Sigma Makeup.

I am giving out this Sigma F80 - Flat Top Kabuki brush. It is an amazing brush to blend your liquid foundation, cream blush and much more. Sigma has amazing range of brushes and they are all of very good quality. Brushes are the key to good and flawless makeup! :) That is why I want to give this brush out to one of you. I wish I could give to all of you :)

Please read the rules carefully. I will be checking all the entries. Fake entries will not be included. If you miss out anything from the MUST rules, that entry will not be counted. I want all of you to enter this contest to win :)

For the girls, who entered my 1st contest. I promised you all that all of you will be getting 5 extra entries :D So, yayie! Please mention in the comment below with the name you entered in the contest. I have the names written with me who entered, so no cheating :D

Rules for entering this GIVEAWAY! 

MUST entries
1. Follow my blog. (publicly) +2 entries
2. Write "ENTER ME", along with your GFC name and email Id. +1 entry
3. 'LIKE' my Facebook Page and write your facebook name with which you have liked my page, so that I can check. +1 entry. Facebook Page

Optional Entries.
1. Do a blog post about my GIVEAWAY and add the picture too. (paste the link of the blogpost) +7 entries
2. Add my Giveaway with the picture on the Side bar of your blog. (paste the link of your blog) +4 entries.
3. Follow me on Twitter.( mention your name with which you are following) +2 entries.
4. Tweet about my Giveaway, mentioning my name @Rabeeyah. (paste the tweet link) +2 entries. 
Important note: Please copy the following TWEET and you have to add my name in the tweet so that I can check back, if you will not mention me in the tweet, I can not see it and check it. The tweet will not be counted and also add the correct URL. Copy  the following TWEET which I have written under this:
 [ Enter Rabeeyah's Blog 100+ Followers Giveaway! @Rabeeyah ]
5. Mention your one makeup product you like and why? +1 entry.
6. If you don't own a blog, invite your 5 friends to FOLLOW my blog with GFC and tell them to mention their names in the comment. ( no fake id's). +5 entries. (entry will be counted after your name has been mentioned 5 times)

In total there are 20 entries for everyone and 25 entries for the girls who entered my contest. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.

Please check that you don't  miss out anything from the MUST entries. If you do, your entry will not be counted. If you miss out anything, you can always delete your comment and write again. If you follow me on twitter, I will inform you on twitter that what you have missed, so that you can correct it. I will not delete it myself, as it will be rude.
Write everything in ONE comment. 

Once again, READ THE RULES CAREFULLY. If you will not provide me with the correct links, your entry will not be counted.

Rules are very simple, just read carefully and enter. I don't want to disqualify any of you :) If you have any questions regarding this Giveaway, you can always ask me on twitter or on my facebook page. I am here to help you out :)  I LOVE you all.    

      GIVEAWAY starts today, 23rd March 2011 and will end on 23rd April 2011.

Winners will be chosen via

Enjoy the GIVEAWAY!



  1. Enter me please :)
    I follow you as Lipgloss And Leopard Print :) +1
    I follow you on Twitter! (@Sriya_P) +2
    I love the Urban Decay Naked Palette! Perfect for any occasion and has a selection of beautiful colours all of which are so wearable! :) + 1

    Thank you x

  2. Hyeeeee...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!lovely giveaway :)
    ENTER ME please!
    Follow you with GFC = Tayyaba
    I like Maybelline Intense XXX Mascara as it gives enhanced and gorgeous look to lashes!:)
    I have invited my friends to join you :)
    On facebook page = Tayyaba Seher Naqvi
    Love & regards!

  3. Hello!

    1. I follow as G A B Y
    2. Please enter me!
    3. I "like" your Facebook page as Gaby Fauchon

    Optional Entries.
    1. I posted about your giveaway:
    2. I added your giveaway to my sidebar:
    3. I follow you on Twitter as GabyFauchon
    4. I tweeted:!/GabyFauchon/status/50317856184864768
    5. Currently, my favorite makeup product would be Natural Collection Lipstick in Pink Mallow. It's such a pretty pink! I'm sad we don't have this brand here )=

    And finally, honestly, I'm not sure if I have entered your first giveaway or not... anyway!

    Thank you!

  4. Must entry:
    1. Follow your blog publicity +2
    2. Enter me, GFC is hhhnp12, +1
    3. Like your facebook as hanh nguyen +1

    Optional entry:
    3. Follow you on twitter as hhhnp12 +2
    4. tweet!/hhhnp12/status/50327079526469632
    5. I like the Urban Decay eye primer because it keep my eyeshadow stay on longer. +1
    Total of 9 entries!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  5. I am following your blog. +2

    I would love to be entered in this awesome giveaway, my name is krunnil and email! +1

    I have liked your facebook page and my name is Kristina Stone. +1

    My blog post is here about your giveaway +7

    I follow you on twitter and my twitter name is krunnil +2
    I tweeted about your giveaway! +2

    The one makeup product I like is my MAC fix + because it is awesome at setting my makeup.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I have 15 entries.


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  7. enter me: hareem javaid.
    1 My gfc is hareem j.
    2 Im also on you facebook blog page as hareem javaid.
    3 Shared your giveaways news on my profile.!/profile.php?id=100000128745944

    4 i have invited my friends.
    5 also my favourite product is glamorous girl palette you recommended and blush: sparkle.
    6 On twitter as hareemj.!/hareemj
    7 tweeted about your giveaway as well.

  8. ENTER ME!!!!

    Follow as Gondor Tari.

    'LIKE' THE Facebook Page as Laura Sánchez Murillo.

    Add your Giveaway with the picture on the Side bar of your blog:

    Follow you on Twitter: @LauraSanMur



  9. enter me :)
    facebook username:mehak sheikh
    twitter: mehak_sheikh

  10. Must entry:
    1. Following your blog publicly
    2. GFC is c4cinderella
    3. Like your facebook page as Nausheen Sheikh

    Optional entry:
    3. Follow you on twitter as @imNaushi
    4. tweeted abt ur give away

    5. I like the Urban Decay eye primer because it keep my eyeshadow stay on longer nd helps in blending colors so well:).
    Total of 10 entries i think!!
    I hope i win :(

  11. Congratulations hun on over 100 followers on the blog :) also with regards to the giveaway.. awesome! may the best 'girl' win! :)

  12. Hello Rabeeyah :)

    1.Follow ur blog by name Areej Usman.
    2.Enter me : GFC Areej Usman
    3.Like fb page:Areej Usman
    4.Blogpost here:
    5.Sidebar here:
    6.Follow on Twitter by Areej Usman
    7.Tweeted here:!/AreejUsman
    8.fav Product:Maybelline Gel eye liner bcoz its long lasting and intense:)
    Oh yes and
    9.I entered ur contest: Areej Usman.

    Thanks a lot Rabeeyah


  13. Enter me please! I'm a new follower via GFC.
    Following on FB (Ana Belén R M).
    Following on twitter (@Fisigiveaways)
    I love YSL touche eclat. I think it's perfect for everyday.

    Ana Belén R.M

  14. Enter me, please!!

    nick: drissing
    Sidebar in my blog:

    Kissess and thanks!!!

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  16. m following u as saniya baig n like ur pages as saniya baig email i d is

  17. 1.Followed ur blog with the name: Aaliya Akhter
    2.Enter me : GFC Aaliya Akhter
    3.Like fb page:Mahrukh Khan
    4.Blogpost here:
    5.Follow on Twitter: Mahrukh Hayat
    6.Tweeted here:
    7.fav. Product:Luscious HD Mineral foundation because it really give flawless finish
    Oh yes and
    8.I entered ur contest: MahRukh hyat
    Love You Rabeeyah

    It Me Mahrukh

  18. Hi,
    Follow publically(+2)
    Enter me plz.GFC name(shahtaj)
    "likes" on fb(shahtaj) +1
    Added to blog sidebar.(+4)
    Followed on twitter.(@lilitezlo)+2
    Tweeted ab the giveaway.+2
    Good luck:)

  19. 1. Follow your blog publicly. +2
    2. ENTER ME, GFC: Monik, email: +1 entry
    3. 'LIKE' your Facebook Page as Monika Lintang Retnani. +1

    Optional Entries:
    1. Add this giveaway on my sidebar here. +4
    2. Follow you on Twitter as @monikaretnani. +2
    3. Tweet about this giveaway here. +2
    4. I love Maybeline Magnum Mascara. So great and so affordable. +1

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  21. hi :)

    enter me

    gfc follow u as billi

    facebook as javeria hussain

    twitter as jiya222

    thank you :)

  22. Enter me!
    GFC: Sophie
    Facebook: Sofía Pérez (sofia.perez)
    Twitter: sofps
    Mail: sofia.perez.salvo+ga(at)gmail(dot)com

    My favorite makeup product is NYX blush in pinky.

    Thank you!

  23. Hi Rabeeyah!!


    I am a GFC follower as ktun
    My email is
    I liked your fb as Krispy Tin Can

    I did a blogpost about your giveaway
    I added you giveaway to my blog side bar
    I am following you on twitter as KrispyTinCan
    I tweeted about your giveaway

    I really like Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream in #31. It covers so beautifully. It is very beneficial for the skin as well. It lightens the skin such as scars, and it just feels awesome.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway :)
    and congrats on the 100+ followers

  24. hi enter me please
    I follow your blog as rmartinez53
    my email is
    I follow you on facebook as rosa maria
    I follow you on twitter as @romar98y, and I tweeted your giveaway!/romar98y/favorites

    My fave beauty product is russian red mac lipstick because it covers wonderfully and i love the colour.


  25. I follow your blog :)
    Enter me GFC Mehak Aslam
    email id
    FB Mehak Khan
    Follow you on twitter: mehakaslam
    I have retweeted abt your giveaway but i dont know what link is to copy paste :(
    I like so many makeup product but this summer i am liking Revlon Color stay 12 hour eyeshadow pallete. The colors are so natural for summers eveyday and no matter how hot is there outside they stay fresh! :)
    I have taken part in your inspirational makeup contest! :)

  26. PLEASE enter me! My Name is Hershley's Sweet Kiss! My Email address is: hoge06 at yahoo dot com
    I am following your blog!
    I added your giveaway to my sidebar at :
    Im following on twitter! And I tweeted! @rayoflight3
    I like your facebook page as Hershley O

  27. enter me please
    my gfc name is matrioska
    on facebook maria rosa martin
    I really like coralista from benefit because the colour is very natural and sweet and it´s amazing!

  28. Hi:)
    GFC as mhoward +2
    Enter me+1
    I like you on FB as M Howard Reviews +2
    I need mascara. I have skimpy lashes +1
    Thank you. FANtastic giveaway.
    howardreviews at gmail dot com

  29. Following you on GFC: Daniela Ramirez
    Enter me!

  30. Hi!
    I follow your blog publicly (+2)
    ENTER ME, please. GFC name: Carole Petci
    E-mail: carolepetci[at]gmail[dot]com (+1)
    I also like your Facebook page: Carole Petci (+1)
    I like False Lash Effect Max Factor mascara, because is amazing.

  31. Enter me please. I follow your blog.
    GFC: Damla (Sweepstake Lover).
    Like your facebook page:


    Follow you on twitter:


    I like Sheida kohl powder, the colors are very nice.

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  32. Count me in too!

    GFC follower: vickyvak
    Twitter follower: vickyvak
    Like FB: Vicky Vakouftsi
    I love my MAC lipsticks!They're amazing!


  33. +2 gfc follower

    +1 enter me - gustosa giveaways - gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

    +1 gustosa giveaways fb follower

    +7 blog post -

    +4 sidebar -

    +2 @gustosagiveaway - twitter follower

    +2 tweet -!/gustosagiveaway/status/53180510754705408

  34. i am now a follower and a fan! :D (+2)

    ENTER ME: (+1)

    i liked your FB page (+1)(jena kristia)

    I posted your entry in my blog and added the picture too :D (+7)

    i also posted your giveaway in the side bar of my blog with the picture! (+4)

    i love MAry kay concealer... it covers all the flaws on my face.. luv luv! (+1)

    16 entries total!!! hope to win

    thanks much rabeeyah! stay pretty!

  35. Im your newest follower!! :) I love the people who I can share my same interest with!! ♥

    Enter Me!
    GFC: Margielyn Lozada Vidamo
    Facebook: Liked it! My name there is Marge Lozada Vidamo
    I posted your giveaway details in my blog:
    Im your twitter follower! :nyleigram
    I tweeted about your giveaway:!/nyleigram/status/53332955984171009
    I'm just starting in getting into make up so i have a really minimal info about other products. But i love Maybelline BB cream. :)

    Wee, that's about it!!Congrats to your growing number of followers!! :)

  36. Enter me!
    GFC Ivana N.
    Facebook:Ivana Nikolova

  37. Hey Raiyahtungekar
    I followed your blog :0
    GFC name Uzmee
    FB followig your page as Uzmah Hussain
    I like Rivas shimmer,it really gives smooth affects of shine & glittery shimmer in night make ups
    love you too

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. plz enter me!!!
    *gfc follower shadab
    *email shadab_muslim at yahoo dot co dot in
    *face book fan shadab tahir
    *twitter follower @jozeeandleeb
    *my tweet!/jozeeandleeb/status/53497631099453440
    *favorite makeup pro...mac mascara

  40. 1. Follow your blog publicity +2
    2. Enter me, GFC iswolfsrain, +1
    3. Like your facebook as antonella mazzariol+1

  41. ENTER ME please!
    Follow you with GFC = bluewinx15
    fb fan :sana siraj

  42. ENTER ME: Izna Naseem Ahmad

    Facebook page like: Izna Naseem Ahmad.

    Follow you on twitter: @Izzy1604.

    Tweeted about your giveaway.

    L’Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara. I love the length and precision it provides and finishing effect it gives to my face.

  43. enter me please
    gfc name rose
    facebook fan rose gracia
    twitter fan @viaggioroma
    I tweeted the giveaway!/viaggioroma/favorites
    I love chanel ballerina nail polish, perfect for summer and winter, and it´s a lovely colour!

  44. enter me please :D

    MY GFC NAME : Slavica Grgic / fashionista
    my email :
    follow you on twitter : @slavicagr

    Best wishes and keep up the good work :*

  45. i liked on fb, but forgot to write -.- sorry...

    my fb name : Slavica Grgić [my real name :]

    best wishes and sorry once again :$

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. ENTER ME please!
    Follow you with GFC = katt alvi
    fb fan :kAtt alvi (power full )

  48. Thanks for a great giveaway, I really need to graduate from applying foundation with my fingers!

    GFC: Nicola B
    FB: Nicola Blatherwick
    Twitter: @heylinguine

    email: heylinguine(at)gmail(dot)com.

  49. OMG How can I forget to enter your giveaway =/

    Enter me hurry :D

    I follow your blog publicly
    Enter me, GFC: nZ!

    FB page liked as: Nazrat Naeem

    Blog sidebar:

    Twitter: nznaeem

    There are so many products that I absolutely love, but my favorite would be plumping lipglosses from Luscious for that cool tingling sensation that they give when applied =)

    I did not enter your contest =(

  50. Enter me
    GFC name: Peach crush

    follow you on facebook under: Momal Khalid

  51. What a nice giveaway sweetie :) Enter me please :)

    GFC Name : Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover
    E-mail :
    Facebook : Stavroula Plag
    Blog sidebar post :
    Twitter : @DrugstoreBLover
    One makeup product I like : Revlon Colorstay Foundation, because it gives me great coverage and it controls shine! ;)

    Total entries : 11

    Thank you so much! :) x

  52. hi enter me
    1. I follow you publicily, as ixilda
    2. enter me!
    3. email
    4. I am a fan on facebook, isabel ro
    5. I follow you on twitter, as @ixilda
    6. I tweeted the giveaway!/ixilda
    7. my fave makeup product is nyx watermelon lipstick because it´s a fantastic summer coral, I´m in love!

  53. Enter me please!
    i liked your facebook page under the name Christine Foo

  54. Enter me please!
    GFC follower as Sweetshenanigans
    girl23rocks at hotmail dot com
    liked your facebook page as Alice X.


    added to sidebar:

    twitter follower @Alliegal101


    I love NYX jumbo eye pencils because they don't cost a lot but they have beautiful colors!

    Thanks so much!

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Must entry:
    1. Follow your blog as Rabia Raza
    2. Enter me,GFC Rabia Raza
    e-mail id
    3. Like your facebook as Rabia raza
    Optional entry:
    5.Strippling brush bcoz it gives flawless reults and Ck foundation..just bought it n in love with it totally ...:)

  57. Enter me! :)

    ♥ GFC follower - aine
    ♥ Liked Facebook page - Melaine Garcia
    ♥ Email - lovintheprizeoflife(at)gmail(dot)com

    ♥ Sidebar giveaway button -
    ♥ Twitter follower - luvndprizeoflyf
    ♥ Tweeted about your giveaway -!/luvndprizeoflyf/status/54869940611710976

    ♥ aine ♥

  58. enter me pls!

    gfc follower - kathlynn
    email -

  59. Enter me. My gfc name is sid najam. I like your facebook page, My Facebook name is Sidra Najam.
    MY email id is :
    Favourite makeup product Glamorous face 48 + 48 eyeshadow palette. Offers a variety of different shades :)

  60. hey enter me my gfc is ramsha aslam ...i also liked ur page on fb as ramsha aslam email id is

  61. Hello!

    1. I follow as adthenshesmiled
    2. Please enter me!
    3. I "like" your Facebook page as Junella Tu
    4. I absolutely can't livewithout my Smashbox limitless lipgloss in forever!


  62. ENTER ME!
    1. I followed you publicly. (+2)
    2. GFC: JesRoque
    Email: (+1)
    3. I liked your Facebook page as Jessa Roque (+1)

    Optional Entries:
    1. I blogged about the giveaway: (+7)
    2. I added a picture on my blog's sidebar: (+4)
    3. I followed you on twitter as Jesroque (+2)
    4. Tweeted about the giveaway:!/jesroque/status/56075144627625984
    5. I like the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I think that is way too awesome!

  63. Enter me please! :)
    Follow your blog through GFC: Elaine
    Liked your Facebook page: Elaine Yeung

    Twitter: @elaineyeung

    I love lipsticks and nail polish. Can't get enough of colors! :)

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  64. Enter me!
    Followed you via GFC
    GFC name: cristina_sunga
    Email: cristina_sunga(at)ymail(dot)com

    Liked you on Facebook as Cristina Vergara Sunga

    Followed you on Twitter as @cristinavs24

    Tweeted the giveaway -!/cristinavs24/status/56391032367091712


  65. Please enter me! Thanks for entering my giveaway :)

    GFC: Charlene
    Twitter: @acosmeticaffair
    Facebook: Charlene Mifsud

  66. gfc
    kashish ahmed
    foloowin on tweeter!/kashish_ahmed
    i love my clinque blushstick

  67. gfc : szkjan
    fb: sadaf qureshi
    i just love Nars orgasm blush!!!!

  68. Enter me!
    Enter me, GFC is E and my email is
    Like your facebook as eunice esteves.
    Optional entry:
    Follow you on twitter as eunicetwits.
    I love too face eyeshadow insurance because it makes may shadow last all day...
    Total of 7 entries!

  69. enter me please~
    GFC: Jer
    Email: jaekayy@gmail(dot)com
    FB: May Li

    Twitter: themoobinator

    My favorite makeup product would be Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. It has good enough coverage for me & has a nice kind of "glow" ^^

  70. hey enter me,my GFC is maryam ahmed
    email id
    i liked fb page wid name maryam ahmed

  71. Hello,
    Enter me...
    facebook:joana silva.
    My gfc is rosamorangos.
    My favorite product has to be Double wear foundation Estée Lauder!Its lightweight anda no trnafer!
    5 entries


  72. Hey
    I follow your blog
    Enter me please!
    GFC: SammiBx

    I follow you on twitter- @SammiBxxx

    I have tweeted about your giveaway ->

    My fav makeup product is collection 2000 concealer as it cover my blemishes and dark cirles under my eyes!

  73. Hii.
    I am a follower of your blog through GFC as Rida Rohail :) Enter me! :D

    I Like your facebook page as Rida Rohail!

    I follow you on twitter as coolgal304 :D

    I tweeted about this giveaway!/coolgal304/status/57443360864079872

    The makeup product that i like is Loreal True Match Mineral Foundation and ive been using it these days, its great for the oily weather in pakistan :)

    Thanks :)

  74. I'm a follower and my GFC is Whitney. I liked your FB page (I am Whitney Krainock on facebook). I tweeted about your giveaway and included you twitter name. My twitter name is Whiterz. My favorite makeup product is mac strobe cream because it highlights my face and makes me look refreshed and awake.

  75. Hi! Enter me!
    name: sziszka629
    gfc name: sziszka629
    thank you! :))

  76. Enter me please!

    I follow your blog publicly via GFC as Bec.


    Liked your FB page (Bec San Diego)

    Posted your giveaway in my blog sidebar:

    Followed you on twitter and tweeted about your giveaway:!/wednesdei/status/57501827100446720

  77. -I follow your blog
    -ENTER ME - Cynthia Richardson
    -I 'LIKE' your Facebook Page - Cynthia M Richardson

    -I follow you on Twitter @hofken
    -I tweeted about your Giveaway!/hofken/status/57507578988605440
    -One makeup product I like is Blinc mascara because I use it as a "topcoat" to keep my other mascaras from smearing

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Hi!
    Enter me!
    GFC: Lu
    liked your FB page: Lu Gaspar
    I'm following you on twitter as Lucianittaa and I tweeted:!/Lucianittaa/status/57885534676205568
    I like Risqué Viena nail polish. It's a lovely colour :)

  81. Enter me!
    My GFC is cominhos and my email is
    Like your facebook as verónica piu
    Follow you on twitter as alpercedourado.
    I love Maybellin False lashes!It`s awesome.
    Total of 7 entries!

  82. Hi! Lovely giveaway!
    Enter me, please :)
    Nick GFC: Maribel F.
    I liked your facebook page, as Maribel Fuentes
    I follow you on twitter, as makeupmb
    I retwitted!/makeupmb/status/58170725609115648
    CCB pearl, because it's the perfect illuminator!
    Thank you! xoxo

  83. Enter me pls

    GFC: miha.ela
    mihaela.mihordea(@) gmail(.) com
    'LIKE'Facebook: mihaela pojogu


  84. Hi,
    Enter Me :)
    1- Old Follower + 2 entries
    2- Enter Me, GFC: Fakhra Rafique + 1 entry.
    3- Like ur Facebook with "Fakhra Khan" + 1 entry.

    1- Blog Post + 7 entries

    3- Twitter @Fakhra07 + 2 entries

    4- Tweet Link + 2 entries!/Fakhra07

    5- Fav product is Maybelline Khol Express and Rimmel mascara, i feel empty without them.

    Good luck to all

  85. i follow via google under the name of either tina:) or tina vincent or
    i follow via facebook - tina vincent
    and twitter - tinapanda
    thank u x:)

  86. Thanks for this lovely giveaway Rabeeyah!

    ♥ Followed your blog publicity
    ♥ Pls enter me, GFC is tixxxxx,
    ♥ Liked your facebook as Tix Mateo

    ♥ I Blogged your giveaway
    ♥ Put your giveaway on my blog
    ♥ Followed you on twitter as iamtix
    ♥ Tweeted about your giveaway!/iamtix/status/58525368537194496
    ♥ I am really inlove with the UD NYC Palette because I love the packaging and the colors!


  87. Lovely giveaway :) enter me please..
    i'm following as hannah.
    my email is

    I've liked your facebook page as Hannah Paton

  88. enter me please! i follow as i love mochi, and my email is TKL225 at gmail dot com, thanks!

  89. Enter me:)
    GFC: morphine
    Mail: winnie_thebest(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Facebook:KKinga Kinga

  90. Enter mee plxxxxxxxx:)
    facebook:Rabiya Akhter

  91. Hi,

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway

    Please enter me

    MUST entries
    1.Follow ur blog : Luciole
    2.Enter me : GFC Luciole
    3.Like fb page: Jessica SHUN

    Optional Entries
    1.Blogpost here:
    2.Sidebar here:

    5.fav product: Sleek palette STORM i love the colors

    I have 16 entries


    Xoxo, Luciole

  92. enter me
    gfc name : KOVA KADINIYIM BEN...
    my mail:
    also ı fallow on twitter
    cornuscornus my name in there here twitter link:!/cornuscornus/status/59200906633289729

  93. Congrats!!! :-)
    Enter me please

    1. I follow on GFC as DalaLuz
    2. "like" you on Facebook as Dala Luz
    3. My favorite item right now is my Benefit BellaBamba Blush :-)

  94. I follow your blog with the name adilac
    enter me please
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