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NOTD - Purple Rain

Hey beautiful girls,

How are you doing today? Today, I am sharing one of my favorite color from the Luscious collection. 

It is PURPLE RAIN from Luscious Cosmetics. It is a very pretty Lilac color, as you can see.
When I first bought this color, it had pink sheen in it. I used this after long time. May be 2 months. This time when I used, the pink sheen almost disappeared and it looked more like greyish lilac. That pink shade gave this color a little bit purple effect. But now it doesn't. Still it looks pretty and the best part, the applicator is good. It doesn't crease while applying the color. 

If you own this color and your nail color changed the color too after some months, do share it with me. Or it just happened with me :) Still, I love this color :)

I hope you liked the post. LOVE you all! 



Contouring and Highlighting

Contouring and Highlighting is about re-shaping your face and enhancing your features. It is very easy, you only need to keep some steps in mind. All you need to know is your face shape. Once you know that, you can contour and highlight your face to balance the shape. Everyone has different face cuts and needs to understand it and to know what they need to hide and what to enhance. 
Contouring and highlighting, helps to enhance your cheek bones, slim out your nose, hide your double chin and slim your face. Contouring is shading and highlighting your face to create a shape.

Where to Contour?
There are four areas that need to be contoured to make your face look slim. Those four areas are:
1. Cheekbones.
2. Nose.
3. Temples.
4. Jaw line. 

Where to Highlight?
Highlighting colors are applied at the place on which the light falls directly. Those are the places to highlight. The areas are:
1. Apples of the cheeks.
2. Top of the nose.
3. Chin.
4. Forehead.

How to Contour and Highlight?  
You can see in the …

100+ Followers Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Finally I have reached 100+ Followers on my BLOG and 200+ on my facebook page. 

First of all I would like to thank all of you, who are following me since day 1 and have always supported me with your lovely comments. I always enjoy reading your comments, suggestions as well as the requests. You all are like my BLOGGING FAMILY! <3

To thank you all for following me and for all the LOVE, I am starting a Giveaway. It's my first giveaway and yes, it is INTERNATIONAL! Yayiee! :) 

This giveaway has been sponsored by Sigma Makeup.

I am giving out this Sigma F80 - Flat Top Kabuki brush. It is an amazing brush to blend your liquid foundation, cream blush and much more. Sigma has amazing range of brushes and they are all of very good quality. Brushes are the key to good and flawless makeup! :) That is why I want to give this brush out to one of you. I wish I could give to all of you :)

Please read the rules carefully. I will be checking all the entries. Fake entries will not be included. If you…

Donna Dell Giveaway!

Hey girls,

Donna Dell is having amazing giveaway on her blog. She is giving out BH Cosmetics 120 palette.

It is open INTERNATIONALLY. It will end on 25th March, so enter now :D Click HERE  to enter.

Glamorama Giveaway

Pretty girls,

Fizza of GLAMORAMA MAKEUP AND BEAUTY is hosting a giveaway, in which she is giving out Sigma's MAKE me Cool Kit. It is open Internationallly. 

It will end 20th April 2011. So, what are you waiting for? Enter now! Click Here and ENTER

PRESS RELEASE - L'Oreal Paris New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening cream


This post is a PRESS RELEASE. L'Oreal Paris launched their new product.

L’Oréal Paris introduces their latest Skin Care innovation
New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening

If you like gemstones… now you will love what they will do to your skin!!

The New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening cream is the perfect addition to the pampering skin care range by L’Oréal Paris – it is rather glamorously enriched with powdered tourmaline, which in addition to many other qualities, also helps in blood stimulation which is what makes it extra attractive for me, because I have always believed that beautiful skin is an incredible asset and also the best makeup :)” 
– Meesha Shafi, L’Oréal Pakistan Spokesperson

(Karachi, 15 March 2011)L’OréalParis, the world’s largest beauty brand, extends its technical expertise within their acclaimed Skin Care portfolio by introducing the New White Perfect  Transparent Rosy Whitening Fairness Control Moisturizing Cream for both …

Review - Christine's Face Contouring.

Hello pretty girls!

Today, finally I am going to review about Christine Face Contouring powder. You girls have been requesting it for so long, but I wanted to try it and go out for hours, so that I can actually talk about it.
Let's get started!
This is the packaging of the contouring powder. It is available at Naheed Supermarket for Rs.250/
It will be easily available at any cosmetic's store, because it it not a high-end brand. 
This is how it looks like, it comes in different shades. At the back of the box, the sticker is of no.2, and at the back of the casing as you can see, it's no.1 :) Check the shade you want. I picked another one which had too dark brown shades. This one was the lightest. You can use this as a bronzer as well. I hardly use bronze because I look dark. But, for some reason, I am obsessed with bronzers these days and I want to try them from different brands. This is the first one I have and I kind of like it, as it is not too dark for me.

About the product:

Guest post by SIDRA KHALIL - Nose Pore Strips!

Hello every one!

I am Sidra Khalil. I am so glad and thankful to Rabiyah for giving this wonderful offer to write a guest post for her blog. Thank you so much Rabiyah, because it always make me feel like dance when somebody ask me to write something about my favorite stuff  :)
It took me a little time to decide about the product, so I thought of writing a review for a product which I recently found and absolutely satisfied with the result. This product isPretty Smooth Nose Pore Strips. Who doesn’t like to have her face completely clean and free of blackheads and unclog pores? These strips are the best way to get rid of them. They are the worst blackheads enemy.

What are pore strips and how do they work?

Blackhead strips is a product made especially for blackheads (pore clogs) on nose, forehead, chin, and cheeks removal. There’s a glue coating element which binds all dirt, oils and sebum when pore strips are applied on the skin. As soon as the blackhead strips dries out it is being peeled…

Review - Luscious Nail Laquer in VALENTINE

Hey pretty ladies!

Today I am reviewing about one of my favorites of February as well as March :) Yes, my favorite nail color - Valentine.

If you are a dark bold color lover, you will definately love this color. Though it is not actual red. It is orange red. When ordering it online, I thought it will be blood red, which I wanted. But, when I received it, I was kind of disappointed. I didn't liked the orangy color. I thought it will look too bright. But when I applied it, it looked so gorgeous. It is a red orange color. It looks RED in the pictures. I thought the name valentine will be blood red. But anyways, I love this color. It is bright red orange and it look super cool.

Pros : 
* The formula is amazing.
* Can be ordered online.
* Bright color.
* Dries fast
* Does not get scratched.
* This particular nail color has good applicator. ;)

* Bit too pricey. (costs Rs.225)

I think for this color and bottle, price is the only con. Apart from that, this color has good applicator. I …

February Favorites

Hey ladies!

I know I am pretty late in posting my February Favorites. This post will not be too long. Because it will be about my favorites only, I hope  you enjoy it :)

So, these are my favorites or the things I used alot in the month of February.
I am in LOVE with the Boots Body scrub. I know it looks like I haven't used that much, but I have. Tiny amount of this scrub is enough and makes you feel so good. It was best for winters, but I guess I will use it in summers too because of it's refreshing smell. Next, I am obsessed with my nail color Valentine by Luscious. Next post will be about this color. It is so gorgeous. I love dark pinks and reds on my nails.
And, as you know Etude's blush in No 20 is my all time favorite :) And, since I have bought the contour blush palette by Christine. I am in love with it too. It is one of the products now without which I don't go out :)

 List of the things in this picture:
1. Jergens Shea Butter Body cream.
2. Ponds White Beauty cream.

Starters - How to use Makeup Brushes!

Hello pretty ladies!

Today another post for starters. The kit I showed you in my first starters post, I am using the same makeup brush set to show you all how to use it. Many of the girls have it and those who doesn't have it, you SHOULD get it. I recommend you all to buy it. It is a Luscious Cosmetics 7 piece essential kit. I have the old packing of it, they have now come up with the new packaging. It is now for Rs.850/-

This is the old packaging.

Now it comes in black case with pink logo on it. Anyways, let's move further to the brushes. There are 7 brushes in it. They are :

1. Blush / Powder Brush.
      It is actually a blush brush, but it can be used as multi-purpose. You can use it to dust powder on your face, dust shimmer on your face and ofcourse blush on your cheeks. Hold the brush side ways and apply the color on the apples of your cheeks. To find the apples of your cheeks, smile and you will see them. To contour your cheeks with brown color, you have to pout to find yo…

Review - Watsons Repairing Treatment Wax

Hello pretty girls!

Today, I am going to review the most  requested product after my 2nd Haul post :) Yes, it is Watsons Repairing Treatment Wax.

I went to Naheed Supermarket and found this little jar. I had alot of time that day to go through something for my haircare. I picked up a jar from Boots, which was more like a conditioner to me. But, when I saw this, I picked up this and read about it. I thought of giving it a try. This one is for Dry or Permed Hair. And it is in flavor HONEY. 

It says : Enjoy a salon treatment for your hair at home!
Watsons Honey Treatment Wax is formulated with natural honey. It deeply nourishes your hair whilst repairing each hair strand from root to tip. Enriched with panthenol and hydrolzed wheat protein, it leaves your hair healthier and more manageable.

Hydrolzed Wheat: Film-forming agent which retains water, promotes healing processes and improves hair manageability.

Panthenol : Is a provitamin B5.

I am using this since 2 weeks and I started loving it fro…

Review - Femina Nail Polishes

Hey pretty ladies!

How are you doing today? How was the weekend? I hope you all had something exciting to do :) 

Today, I am going to share my views on the Femina Nail Polishes, I recently bought. I bought 3 of them. Maroon, Tiffany / Mint green and Light pink. I applied 2 of them, maroon and tiffany / mint green. I was actually requested to do a review on them. Let's get started with the pictures and review :D

I was really excited to use the maroon color, because I was looking for this color everywhere for long, but couldn't find one. I LOVE bold and dark colors. It's very rare that I fall for light colors. Even today I am wearing Valentines by luscious :D It's pretty bold color. Anyways, I kind of loved the maroon color but I was not that happy with the mint green color. I was looking for this color too and I thought it would be a darker color, like it shows in the bottle. But it was not.

It is very pretty color, as you can see. The color is same as you can see in…

Bronzy Look - Smokey Eyes

Hey lovely ladies!

Today I am going to show you how to create Smokey Eyes and Bronzy look. Today I will talk less and show you more with the pictures. Do let me know what is easier for you! Today's method of explaining or like earlier, teaching by words. :) I hope you enjoy this :)
The pictures are posted in a step by step method. 

I have already applied my foundation, concealer, compact powder and contoured my cheeks with Christine's Contouring Powder . Contoured the cheek bones, nose, temples and jaw line with the darkest color from the palette, then used the lighter color on the apple of my cheeks and for little bit of peachy pink look, I have applied very little amount of Etude's No 20 blush in peach pink color.

Eye makeup steps are showed in the pictures. I will list the things below that I have used in this look. So, let's get started with the look first.

Use any black gel eye liner and apply with a flat brush, roughly on your eye lids and on the lower lash line.

Then …