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Yellow eyes !

I was requested to do a mehendi / mayun makeup by one of the girls on my facebook fan page. Sorry, for the delay.
I decided to do this post/tutorial makeup for mehendi / mayun and it is good for spring too. 

It looks like I used only 2 colors, but actually I used 5 colors :D
What I used as a base :
1. Tony & Teena paint stick in FS-36.
2. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - 010 Ivory.
3. Etude compact powder in B3.

For Blush : 

1. Luscious Blush - Nightlife.
2. Luscious Blush - Sparkle.

For eyes :

1. Artdeco Eyeshadow base.
2. Glamorous 48+48 Palette. ( 3 colors of yellow - matte, 2 shades of brown- matte, white- matte, hot pink - matte)

For lips : 

1. The Body Shop lipstick - No 14.
2. Sally Hansen Lip Inflation.

I am adding the picture of the palette with the names on every color which I used for the particular area. If you don't have this palette, you can use colors similar to it or a little different from it. It's not necessary you have to have the same palette. 

As you can see, the base color is what I used first on my eye lids. The highlight is for what I used on my brow bone, tear duct for tear duct area. The crease color is for the crease area, first I used the lighter crease color which is 3rd right on the bottom. It actually looks light, but it was dark :D. Then on top of that color and on the outer crease I used the other crease color next to yellow on the top.On  outer V I used the hot pink color, with the same brush go on, under your water line area. And in the end, white highlight on brow bone and tear duct to make your eyes look bright and opened up.
And, ofcourse liner, kajal and mascara :)
I contoured my cheeks with Night life and on the apples of my cheeks I applied  Sparkle to make them look bright and pink. I LOVE pink cheeks.

For my lips I used the lipstick, it is pink + plum color and on it I used the nude color lip inflation ( plumper).

I also used my Sigma E25 Blending Brush for the first time today. And, I am totally in LOVE with it. It is worth having. You want to check what brush I am talking about? Check here : Sigma E25 Blending Brush
I will do a review on this brush pretty soon! And, I have a BIG SURPRISE planned for you in my next 100+ followers giveaway :) So stay tuned.

I hope this tutorial + review was helpful for you and I hope you liked it. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to let me know :) I LOVE your requests. Till next time, take care of yourselves.

-Rabeeyah :)


  1. Wow, you look gorgeous, amazing makeup =)

  2. loved the whole look....very neat and beautiful :)

  3. Thank you for liking it girls :)

  4. very nice rabyeeah, i really like it. will definitily try this look on MY maiyun :)

    btw, could you please share the price of maybelline dream matte mousse foundation?

  5. Thank you for liking it Sidra :)
    Do try and share your picture :) I would love to see.
    Umm... I guess between 800 to 1000. I saw the price 2 years back which was 800. I will confirm it and let you know :)

  6. thnx rabeeha and yah u are looking awsum :) hope i'll look too :D

  7. hye, nice yaara

    looking cooooolll, yellow is v refreshing na. :)

  8. Thank you Maria and Fakhra for liking it :)
    I never tried yellow before, thanks for requesting me to do so Maria, I will try this look in some mehendi function as well :D And, yes you will look beautiful :)
    Yellow is very beautiful and refreshing :)

  9. what is your opinion about dream matt foundation?
    i dont knw why but i am being fascinated by this dream mousse collection of maybelline. i recently bout 2 of their mousse blush.
    what do you think, is this foundation worth buying or not?

  10. It's a good coverage foundation. Though I have a very light color. that's why I don't like it that much. I gave one to my cousin and she really loved it. As it covers everything. It gives full coverage. If you find the perfect shade, it is good.
    How is their cream blush?

  11. i love the yellow eyes!!!! well done!

    great blog!

    <3 megan

  12. Thank you Megan :D
    Will check your blog too and follow you too :)

  13. oh they are really nice,with really nice shades.and sooooo pigmented!!! you hardly need any of the product. i have two of them, peach satin and rose bud. the only problem is that they are not long lasting.
    but for me it really doesnt matter, coz i keep that jar in my bag when i go out, and re touch it if color fades out.

    one more thing, i bought both of these shades from gulf. and i even saw these shades on maybelline's website. but in agaha's they dont have any of these shades,they have other shades. dont knw the reason. :s

  14. Really? Thank you for sharing it.My skin is oily in summers so I can not use cream blushes. Plus they are highly priced and it is sad if they do not stays long.But, I think I might check them :D And, also I will check these colors in Naheed next time I visit. For how much you got it?
    And, I checked the price of Dream Matte Foundation Mousse for you. It is for Rs.1350 at Naheed. Also I think you should buy it from some supermarket, as the shop keeper sometimes give you fake things or the ones which are made in Korea. Do check them before buying :)

  15. i knw they are bit pricy for such little amount of product, but i kind of like them. its for 850 rupees each.
    i also have extremly oily skin. what i do is i apply pancake foundation first and then i use this blush to bring out the glow. trust me girl, pancake foundation in combination with cream blush is damn good.
    liquid foundations are not as matte as pancake one
    i met my fiance few days back n i was wearing this same combination, he ACTUALLY noticed the glow on my cheeks and he thought i was blushing all the time..haha :D

  16. Oh which pancake foundation do you use? I get attracted to it everytime I go, but then I think I will see it next time :D
    Lol @ your fiance thought you were blushing. Aww that's so cute :D

  17. these days m using maxfactor water activated foundation. my momani gv this to me as a gft and she bought it from UK (love her for this :P)

    and before tht i was using a local brand's pancake dnt really remember the brand name but i do remember the packaging :S

  18. Oh lucky you :D
    LOL @ packaging.


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